March 1-15 2019 Astrology Forecast: Uranus Enters Taurus For Real

Uranus In TaurusUranus makes its definitive entry into Taurus – where it will stay for over seven years – in the first half of March. We also have Mercury turning retrograde under strong influence from Chiron, a powerfully aspected Pisces New Moon, and much more!

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3/1 (Fri)

Which of your relationships, artistic directions and financial approaches need a paradigm shift? The ones being challenged are being lit up by a Venus-Uranus square (29°7′ Capricorn-Aries). With Venus in Capricorn, take a practical, down-to-earth, results-oriented approach to any issues that arise.

3/2 (Sat)

It’s a blessing that yesterday’s Venus-Uranus square is followed by today’s Venus-Chiron sextile (0°38′ Aquarius-Aries). If you need help, reach out to those who can provide mentoring or healing for your challenged relationships, creativity and finances. Venus just moved into Aquarius, so an outside-the-box approach might work best. And heed your intuitive flashes!

3/5 (Tue)

Louvre 2775429 640 MercuryMercury Retrograde

Mercury turns retrograde today (3/5) at 1:18 PM EST (29°38′ Pisces). The winged messenger will turn direct again on 3/28 at 9:58 AM EST (16°5′ Pisces).

This Mercury retrograde takes place entirely within Pisces. While Mercury is backpedaling, reflect on how you’re doing with your spiritual awakening practices, expressing your inspired creativity, and meeting the world with unconditional love and compassion. Note if the dark side of Pisces is coloring your experience: substance abuse, excessive escapism, aimless drifting or playing the victim.

Mercury stations about 1° from Chiron. Contemplate whether you’re putting enough attention on doing shadow work to heal your old wounds. Are you acting as a healer or mentor to others?

As always, the standard Mercury retrograde guidance applies. If possible, avoid signing important contracts or making major purchases. Make sure you’re understanding and being understood. Double check travel plans and back up important data.

Mercury retrograde is a wonderful time for reflection and contemplation on anything. It’s also ideal for completing projects already started and making repairs.

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Serving a higher cause from a space of flowing inspiration is supported by a Neptune-Vesta conjunction (16°7′ Pisces).

3/6 (Wed)

Uranus enters Taurus

An outer planet changing signs is always astrological headline news! Uranus spends about seven years in each sign, and today (3/6) completes its transition from Aries to Taurus. Uranus first entered Taurus on 5/15/18 and retrograded into Aries on 11/6/18. Uranus will stay in the Sign of the Bull for over seven years before entering Gemini in late April of 2026.

At first blush, the differences between Uranus and Taurus would seem to make this a difficult placement. Uranus loves revolution, paradigm shift and quick change. Taurus can be stubborn to a fault. Its motto can be, “The devil I know is better than the devil I don’t know.”

Undoubtedly, we will experience some of this “irresistible force meets unmovable object” dynamic with Uranus in Taurus. But harmonious common ground can always be found between astrological archetypes. Here are some life-affirming combinations of these energies:

  • Fly your freak flag,” bringing the fullness of your unique human self into grounded everyday manifestation.
  • Follow the guidance of your intuitive flashes in your daily life.
  • Take a fresh look at your relationship with money and possessions. To me, it now seems insane to have a life or society primarily motivated by the accumulation of wealth. What would your life look like if you prioritized your authentic individual expression, followed your intuitive flashes, and served others using your special gifts that you most love to use?
  • Most of us do need income to survive. Can you revolutionize your livelihood to align more harmoniously with your life purpose? Even if you earned less money, would you be happier doing what your soul sent you here to do? (I made this trade-off 17 years ago. I’ve loved what I’ve done for a living ever since, and have never regretted my departure from that soul-deadening corporate job!)
  • Revolutionize sensuality. What outside-the-box approach would maximize the pleasure you enjoy in sight, sound, scent, taste and touch? Physical pleasure is profoundly healing. And, of course, it feels wonderful!
  • Awaken to the living earth. Every tree, stone and stream has a living consciousness that you can connect to. Are you not yet awake to this shamanic “middle world,” where every physical being has a perceptible energy field and consciousness? Sit quietly with an object that attracts you. Ask to be aware of its living consciousness. It could be your first step into a larger world!
  • Globally, climate change has already set the stage for much of the earth’s land to be radically transformed over the next seven years – accompanied by large-scale disruption and suffering. With any luck, this will persuade the global powers-that-be to make their own radical shift: to increasingly prioritize sustainability over short-term gain. This is also a time when major changes in farming, to eco-friendly, high-yield methods, are more likely.

I’m excited about Uranus coming into Taurus. Which of its numerous high side potentials will you cultivate?

Pisces New Moon

2019 03 06 New Moon Pisces

A Pisces New Moon aligns today (3/6) at 11:04 AM EST (15°47′ Pisces). Any Pisces New Moon is great for new beginnings in spiritual awakening practices, inspired creativity, and opening your heart more fully to unconditional love and compassion.


This New Moon features a very tight Quadruple Conjunction of the Sun, Moon, Neptune and Vesta. These four planets are less than 1° apart! Neptune has the same meaning as Pisces, so it makes the energies mentioned above even stronger. Vesta‘s fundamental meaning, selfless service to a higher cause, is a natural fit with the Neptune/Pisces theme of unconditional love and compassion.

The next-strongest New Moon influences are sextiles from two planets. Taurean Mars contributes long-lasting energy to your New Moon endeavors. Capricornian Saturn supports you in realizing your dreams by using discipline, focus, skillful planning and good time management. The planets mentioned so far harmoniously and energetically support the Law of Attraction and embodied awakening.

There are also three squares to the luminaries in the mix. A square from Jupiter can give all the other aspects a boost, as long as you don’t scatter yourself too thin or think that there’s only “one true way” to get something accomplished. A square from Ceres can amplify abundance or bring up sorrow to be healed. Finally, a square from Juno invites you to contemplate whether your committed partnerships meet your ideals.

Sabian Symbol

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “In a quiet moment, a creative individual experiences the flow of inspiration.” Set aside some quiet time and call in your genius!

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The meaning of today’s Sun-Neptune conjunction (16°9′ Pisces) is explained within the New Moon interpretation above.

3/9 (Sat)

Your Law of Attraction juju, as well as your ability to “walk between the worlds” in embodied awakening, is supported by a Sun-Saturn sextile (18°25′ Pisces-Capricorn). This harmonious, energizing aspect also supports the manifestation of your creative visions and routinely expressing divine love and compassion.

3/10 (Sun)

Your everyday actions can be directed by a constant flow of intuitive guidance as Mars sextiles Neptune (16°17′ Taurus-Pisces). This smoothly energizing aspect also supports sacred sex, “in the flow” athletic performance and inspired leadership.

3/11 (Mon)

2 Cradles Begin

Cradle #1: Sun-Mercury-Mars-Lunar Nodes

2019 03 15 Cradle Su Me Ma Nn Sn

Clear, intuitively inspired thinking can be smoothly supported by unstoppable action … in alignment with your heart-resonant soul purpose … thanks to a Sun-Mercury-Mars-Lunar Nodes Cradle. It begins on 3/11, peaks on 3/15 and ends on 3/20.

Clear, intuitively inspired thinking is supported by a Sun-Mercury conjunction in Pisces. Taurean Mars contributes the unstoppable action. And the North Node in Cancer contributes the heart-resonant soul purpose.

Cradle #2: Mars-Vesta-Saturn-Pluto-Lunar Nodes

2019 03 22 Cradle Ma Ves Sa Pl Nn Sn

A second Cradle, which shares three points with the first one, also begins today (3/11). It will peak on 3/22 and end on 4/2. Its six members are Mars, Vesta, Saturn, Pluto and the lunar nodes.

Vesta, the asteroid goddess of selfless service to a higher cause, focuses the interpretation in compassionate Pisces. Taurean Mars provides Energizer Bunny persistence.

Pluto contributes abundant power and access to resources, while Saturn can help you organize your efforts. The lunar nodes ask you to do all this in alignment with your soul purpose. You can identify this based on the resonance you feel in your heart (North Node in Cancer).

3/13 (Wed)

Yod Begins

2019 03 22 Yod Ma Ju NnPerseverance and alignment with your heart-centered life purpose can lead to joy, breakthrough and wisdom. That’s a great way to work with a Mars-Jupiter-North Node Yod that starts today (3/13), peaks on 3/22 and ends on 3/29. Stick-to-it-iveness and following your True North can also support foreign travel, higher education, and sharing life-transforming wisdom.

Hard Rectangle Peaks

2019 03 12 Hr Ce Jun Nn SnIs a committed partnership bringing you more abundance or sorrow? Keep an eye on this while a Ceres-Juno-Lunar Nodes Hard Rectangle is active. This aspect pattern, composed of challenging oppositions, sesquares and semi-squares, started on 2/26, peaks today (3/13) and ends on 3/19.

The lunar nodes indicate life purpose, while Juno stands for committed partnership. But Ceres is the pivotal planet in this configuration. She’ll bring up sorrow to alert you to challenges in a committed partnership, or can shower you with abundance if the partnership is going well. If your partner is good at holding space, this Hard Rectangle can bring up shadow material to be processed within this safe container.

To work through issues with your partner, try the 4-Part Nonviolent Communication Process. To heal challenging emotions and their root causes, try my free Healing Invocation.

Would you like to amplify your wealth and power? Hold your specific vision strongly, perhaps by using the Law of Attraction, as the Piscean Sun makes two aspects: a Sun-Pluto sextile (22°43′ Pisces-Capricorn) and a Sun-Jupiter square (23°10′ Pisces-Sagittarius). Wealth can be anything that you value, while “power with” is more harmonious than “power over.”

3/14 (Thu) & 3/15 (Fri)

Smooth persistence is supported by a Mars-Saturn trine (18°48′ Taurus-Capricorn) on 3/14. This aspect is built for productivity, but trines only go so far on their own. The more effort you add, the more rewarding your outcome will be!

Mercury makes two aspects on consecutive days: a Sun-Mercury conjunction (24°11′ Pisces) on 3/14, and a Mercury-Jupiter square (23°19′ Pisces-Sagittarius) on 3/15. Taken together, these aspects can supercharge your ability and desire to learn and communicate. If you have information to absorb or a message to broadcast, consider doing it now.

With Mercury in Pisces, don’t restrict yourself to logic and rationality. Lots of intuitive information may be pouring down the pipeline!

Cradle Peaks

The Sun-Mercury-Mars-Lunar Nodes Cradle that started on 3/11 peaks today (3/15) and ends on 3/20.

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

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