March 1-15 Astrology Forecast: The Lovers Transform

loversThe lovers (Venus and Mars) transform (conjoin Uranus and square Pluto) during the first half of March. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring life-affirming revolutionary transformation to your relationships, creativity, finances and more!

Other “skylights” include a Virgo Full Moon, Saturn turning retrograde, and supportive Jupiter trines to Mars, Venus and Uranus.

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3/1 (Sun)

Inspired thinking is smoothly and dynamically energized with Mercury sextile Uranus (14°29′ Aquarius-Aries). Take time to stop and listen for flashes of inspiration – they could be lighting up your inner sky like a lightning storm!

Mercury also opposes Jupiter today (14°45′ Aquarius-Leo). This amplifies the effects described in the prior paragraph, and can illuminate your thinking with joy, abundance and exuberance!

3/2 (Mon)

No major astrology events.

3/3 (Tue)

Revelations in the areas of religion, philosophy and the meaning of life can flow to you easily and naturally with Jupiter trine Uranus (14°35′ Leo-Aries). It’s also a great time to expand your worldview by gaining insights from other cultures. With Jupiter in Leo, quantum leaps are also smoothly available to leaders and performers.

You have plenty of time to reap the benefits of this aspect. This Jupiter-Uranus trine came into orb on 1/12, and remains active all the way through 8/4!

Your thinking can be inspired, practical and productive with Mercury quintile Saturn (16°49′ Aquarius-4°49′ Sagittarius).

3/4 (Wed)

3-4-15 ve-ur-plYou can take advantage of a potent opportunity for revolutionary transformation in relationships, creativity and finance as Venus conjoins Uranus (14°38′ Aries) and squares Pluto (15°4′ Aries-Capricorn). If it’s over and done with, let it go. If it needs adjusting, fix it. If it’s already working great, remember that “it always gets better than this” and take it to the next level!

Venus also trines Jupiter today (14°28′ Aries-Leo). As if Venus’ intense Uranus-Pluto aspects weren’t enough already, the Jupiter trine amplifies those potent effects even further! It also adds a helpful dose of hope and optimism into the mix.

3/5 (Thu)

Spirituality and creative inspiration can be amplified under a Sun-Jupiter quincunx (14°23′ Pisces-Leo). But some conscious adjustment may be required to activate this connection – such as deciding to focus some extra time and energy in these areas!

3-5-15 full moonVirgo Full Moon

A Virgo Full Moon illuminates the night at 1:05 pm EST (14°50′ Virgo). It’s an ideal time for adjustments (a favorite Virgoan activity) in the areas of health, service, systems and procedures.


Virgo enjoys making lots of incremental improvements. But the Moon’s very tight trine to Pluto and very tight quincunx to Uranus indicate that even radical change might be appropriate now. With the Moon also tightly quincunx Venus, these changes might relate to relationships, creativity or money.

The Moon also opposes Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. This welcomes the energy of healing, mentoring, creative inspiration and spiritual awakening.

Sabian Symbol

This Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A fine lace ornamental handkerchief.” You could also blow your nose into a Kleenex, but it wouldn’t feel the same, would it? This symbol asks: how can you uplift your life’s vibration by bringing beauty, grace and craftsmanship into your ordinary everyday activities?

3/6 (Fri)

No major astrology events.

3/7 (Sat)

On the challenging side, a Sun-Chiron conjunction (17°16′ Pisces) can trigger all sorts of old wounds from childhood and past lives. But this is also a fantastic aspect for consciously focusing on healing and mentoring, especially if spirituality and creativity are consciously incorporated.

3/8 (Sun)

No major astrology events.

3/9 (Mon)

No major astrology events.

3/10 (Tue)

Expansive energy smoothly fuels leadership and new beginnings with Mars trine Jupiter (13°56′ Aries-Leo). This uplifting vibe also supports sexuality, invention and fighting for a worthy cause. This aspect is active 2/28 thru 3/19.

3/11 (Wed)

3-11-15 ma-ur-plProceed with caution or go for broke? You can play Mars’ conjunction with Uranus (15°0′ Aries) and square with Pluto (15°12′ Aries-Capricorn) either way. This can be a time of extreme volatility and unpredictability. It also can fuel quantum leaps to the next level! Its effects can be felt 3/2 thru 3/21.

My advice: take immediate action on your intuitive flashes, release all that doesn’t support your rapid evolution, and let the huge power unleashed by these aspects be guided by your inner wisdom. Let the breakthroughs begin!

3/12 (Thu)

Mercury transits Pisces today through 3/30. Inspired thinking can come more easily under this placement, and intuitive certainty can increasingly replace rational decision-making.

3/13 (Fri)

Juno, retrograde since 12/15, turns direct today. This is a good time to begin implementing any plans you’ve been making in the area of committed partnerships. These significant relationships can be romantic, platonic or business-related.

3/14 (Sat)

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn turns retrograde today at 4°55′ Sagittarius, and will retrace his steps until 8/2. While Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius (thru 6/14), evaluate how you can make structural improvements in your life in the areas of religion, philosophy, higher education, interactions with foreign cultures and “getting the word out.”

As Saturn completes its retrograde in Scorpio (6/15 through 8/2), look for how you can create more solid structures in the areas of occult practices, sacred sexuality, psychological healing and shared resources. Shared resources can include romantic or business partnerships, as well as areas such as insurance, taxes and investments.

3/15 (Sun)

No major astrology events.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

  • 3/3, 3:47:28 am – 3/4, 6:57:30 am (Virgo)
  • 3/5, 1:36:25 pm – 3/6, 7:51:59 pm (Libra)
  • 3/8, 9:23:54 pm – 3/9, 9:09:44 am (Scorpio)
  • 3/11, 3:46:03 pm – 7:30:20 pm (Sagittarius)
  • 3/13, 7:11:12 pm – 3/14, 2:39:41 am (Capricorn)

Whatever your Sun Sign, Benjamin’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you will be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

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