March 16-31 2018 Astrology Forecast: Powerful Spring Equinox Chart

Winter Into SpringA multifaceted Spring Equinox Chart, which I interpret in depth, highlights a busy second half of March! We also have Mercury turning retrograde in Aries, as well as two lunations: a Pisces New Moon and a Libra Full Moon. Read on for all this and more!

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3/17 (Sat)

2018 03 17 New MoonPisces New Moon

A New Moon lines up in the morning sky at 9:11 AM EDT (26°53′ Pisces). Any Pisces New Moon is great for new beginnings in spirituality and inspired creativity. You can also scrutinize Pisces’ more challenging areas: substance abuse, excessive escapism, aimlessness, or playing the victim in a relationship.

Major Aspects

This New Moon’s strongest aspect is a tight conjunction to Chiron. This puts the themes of healing and mentoring front and center, so have a self-healing tool such as my free Healing Invocation ready. I recommend using a healing technique that permanently clears whatever old wound got triggered, rather than just providing temporary relief.

This lunation’s next-strongest aspect is a square from Mars. This can fire you up with the leadership, raw energy and assertiveness you need to carry out your New Moon objectives.

This square can also inject a strong dose of sexual energy into the mix. Mars combined with Pisces supports sacred sexuality. In this experience, the lovers combine spiritual awareness with erotic pleasure, taking their ecstasy to a whole new level.

Jupiter’s trine to the luminaries can smoothly amplify everything else described here. It can also add luck, joy and abundance!

Minor Aspects

Three additional aspects add more subtle influences to this New Moon. A tight Uranus semi-sextile encourages you to be your authentic self and follow your intuitive flashes. A trine from Pallas Athena can support your feminine assertiveness and practical creativity.

A square from Vesta encourages you to act on behalf of a higher cause. Vesta’s conjunction to Mars highlights the potential for sex magic: using the energy of arousal and orgasm to empower your Law of Attraction manifestations.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is, “Light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism.” If you’re of a certain age, this may bring to mind Dark Side Of The Moon Album Coverthe cover of Pink Floyd’s classic “Dark Side of the Moon” album. But to me, this image represents something quite different than that moody masterpiece: the movement from unity into diversity, from the one source into its infinite expressions.

This New Moon forecast offers specific archetypally supported life expressions. Do you want to “colour your world” with this pallete, or do different colors stir your muse? Are you going to operate in “coloring book consciousness” and stay within someone else’s predestined lines? Or are you bold enough to start with a blank sheet, and boldly color in ways that no one has colored before?

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3/20 (Tue)

2018 03 20 Spring EquinoxSpring Equinox

The four seasonal charts marking the solstices and equinoxes give a sense of each new season’s astrological energies. I’ll interpret today’s Spring Equinox on two levels: universally, then specifically for the US. This equinox happens at 12:15:23 pm EDT. I’ve run my chart for Washington, DC, but won’t include houses in my interpretations until I get to the US section.

Universal Interpretation

This universal interpretation applies to everyone, no matter where they live.

As always, the Spring Equinox is marked by the Sun’s entry into Aries. This moment, the official beginning of spring, opens a new 12-month cycle of fresh life (spring), maturation (summer), harvest (fall) and death (winter). You can partner with the Sun’s Aries energy to support you in leadership, assertiveness, sexuality, and striving for a worthy cause.

Sun-Chiron Conjunction

A tight Sun-Chiron conjunction (0°0′ Aries-28°24′ Pisces) in the Spring Equinox chart can trigger challenging emotions. If you point your index finger out at the person or situation that catalyzed it … be sure to notice the three fingers pointing back at you!

If you blame the catalyst for your suffering, you give away your power. With this mindset, whether or not you suffer is up to them. But if you take responsibility for your own emotions, you gain the power to heal them within yourself … no matter what the catalyst does or doesn’t do. (My free Healing Invocation has helped thousands do this essential self-healing work.)

If you’ve done enough of this shadow work, this Sun-Chiron conjunction can help you step forward to help others as a mentor or healer … perhaps even as a shaman or awakener!

Mars Square Sun and Chiron

Mars (1°42′ Capricorn) makes a strong square to the Sun and Chiron. Mars and Aries mean the same thing, so this square boosts the Aries energies I already mentioned: leadership, assertiveness, sexuality, and striving for a worthy cause.

This 90° square gives you extra energy to “turn the corner.” Mars’ placement in Capricorn (and Mars’ conjunction to Saturn at 8°29′ Capricorn) creates a strong Energizer Bunny effect. This will help you not only get something started, but keep it going!

Mercury-Venus Conjunction

This Spring Equinox chart features two planets even closer together than the Sun and Chiron: a Mercury-Venus conjunction (16°32′ Aries-16°59′ Aries). The joining of these two personal planets supports inspired thought, harmonious communication, and creative writing. Their placement in Aries encourages you to start maximizing their possibilities ASAP!

Juno-Neptune Conjunction

The conjunction of Juno and Neptune (11°36′ Pisces -14°32′ Pisces) can strongly affect your committed partnerships. Those that serve your highest good, whether they’re romantic or platonic, can enjoy a deeper level of soul connection and intimacy. Those that don’t serve your highest good will naturally want to dissolve and flow out of your life.

Moon-Saturn Trine

We’re all having our emotional equilibrium challenged in these chaotic times. But a super-tight trine between the Moon and Saturn (8°35′ Taurus-8°29′ Capricorn) offers you a lifeline of emotional stability. Stay grounded by spending plenty of time in nature. Also, include practices in your daily routine that help your heart stay open.

After this message: the US Equinox Interpretation!

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US Interpretation

In the Spring Equinox chart run for the United States (3/20/18, 12:15:23 pm EDT, Washington, DC, as noted and pictured above), the 10th house is strongly energized. In mundane (global) astrology, this sector represents a country’s reputation in the international community.

The 10th house of the US Spring Equinox chart contains five planets, including three that are personal: the Sun, Mercury and Venus. In a country chart, the Sun represents the nation’s ruler – for the US, that’s currently Donald Trump.

It’s hard to not notice what Trump is doing, since he excels at commanding media attention. Rather than give you my opinion, I’m going to offer both low- and high-side interpretations for each of the following aspects. I invite you to predict which way it’s going to play out under his leadership.

As always, an aspect can simultaneously manifest both more and less desirable outcomes. But which of each pair do you consider more likely in the next three months?

Sun and Chiron Squaring Mars

In the US Spring Equinox chart, the meaning of the Sun-Chiron conjunction squaring Mars interpreted above takes on new possibilities.

  • Option 1: The US could be seen as inflicting damage upon other countries. Given Trump’s wild-card personality, this could happen through his impulsive or violent behavior.
  • Option 2: The US inspires the world as it takes bold steps to nurture global healing and offer wise counsel to other nations.
Juno-Neptune-Midheaven Conjunction

The 10th house cusp, or Midheaven, is bracketed by the Juno-Neptune conjunction discussed above.

  • Option 1: Important US relationships are clouded by confusion, obfuscation or deceit – all happening in plain view of the global community.
  • Option 2: The US takes an inspired, visionary approach toward creating harmonious and interdependent relationships with other countries.
Mars-Saturn-Descendant Conjunction

The relationship theme is stimulated again with the Descendant (seventh house cusp) bracketed by Mars and Saturn.

  • Option 1: The presence of all three points in Capricorn could support a cold, unfeeling approach to important relationships with other countries. The final outcome is all that matters, no matter how much collateral damage is created en route.
  • Option 2: This triple conjunction represents bold, well-planned initiatives toward creating more stable and productive international relationships.


As I was writing this forecast, I was reading the March 2018 edition of The Atlantic Magazine online. In one of its outstanding feature articles, “America is Not a Democracy,” the author discusses a 2014 study by two political scientists: Martin Gilens of Princeton and Benjamin I. Page of Northwestern. This paragraph jumped out at me:

Gilens and Page [tracked] how well the preferences of various groups predicted the way that Congress and the executive branch would act on 1,779 policy issues over a span of two decades. The results were shocking. Economic elites and narrow interest groups were very influential: They succeeded in getting their favored policies adopted about half of the time, and in stopping legislation to which they were opposed nearly all of the time. Mass-based interest groups, meanwhile, had little effect on public policy. As for the views of ordinary citizens, they had virtually no independent effect at all. “When the preferences of economic elites and the stands of organized interest groups are controlled for, the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy,” Gilens and Page wrote.

If this is true, there may not be much you can do to dramatically influence the current Trumpian trends in American government. But I do recommend that you use the high-side opportunities in the universal section of this Spring Equinox forecast to make your own life more wonderful!

Also remember the big picture. The current rising of the New Golden Age is happening mostly on an unseen stage, in the inner dimensions. All the craziness in the world is just the last gasp of the darkness, rising up in a futile attempt to snuff out the dawning light of love … whose time has finally come.

Never forget that we’re all connected. The energy you embody radiates out to everyone and everything else. Your choice to nurture love and light within yourself – not matter what’s going on in the world – helps your fellow beings more than you can imagine. Shine on!

3/22 (Thu)

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury turns retrograde today at 8:19 PM EDT (16°54′ Aries). The winged messenger will backpedal 12° before turning direct again on 4/15 at 5:20 AM (4°46′ Aries).

Mercury retrograde is an ideal time for reflection. With its entire retrograde in Aries, consider reflecting on your leadership, assertiveness, and sexuality, and to what degree you’re striving for a worthy cause. Are you having any issues with anger, impulsiveness or inappropriate sexual behavior? Stand ready to take action on the insights you gain from this contemplation after Mercury turns direct.

If possible, avoid signing important contracts or making important purchases while Mercury is retrograde. Double check travel arrangements, back up important data, and make sure that you’re understanding others and being understood. And remember that Mercury retrograde is a wonderful time to make repairs and complete projects that were already started.

Your service to a higher cause can be smoothly supported by intuitive insights as Uranus trines Vesta (26°57′ Aries-Sagittarius).

Spirit-guided action is magically supported by a Mars-Neptune quintile (2°35′ Capricorn-14°35′ Pisces). This aspect also supports sacred sexual connection and Law of Attraction work.

3/23 (Fri)

You could experience some relationship challenges as Venus squares Pluto (21°4′ Aries-Capricorn). If you think the relationship can be transformed for the better, then work with your partner to make that happen. If the relationship has run its course, let it go.

This square also broadcasts plenty of energy to support creative expression and passionate sexual connection!

3/24 (Sat)

It’s time to get physical as the Sun squares Mars (3°57′ Aries-Capricorn). Exercise and athletics are front-line options for this fiery aspect. It can also energize leadership, sexuality, and advocating for a worthy cause.

3/27 (Tue)

As I noted in the Spring Equinox forecast and repeat here, the conjunction of Juno and Neptune (14°46′ Pisces) can strongly affect your committed partnerships. Those that serve your highest good, whether they’re romantic or platonic, can enjoy a deeper level of soul connection and intimacy. Those that don’t serve your highest good will naturally want to dissolve and flow out of your life.

3/28 (Wed)

Gut feeling. Hunch. Intuitive flash. Whatever you call it, with Venus conjunct Uranus (27°19′ Aries), listen for it now. It could help you take your relationships, creativity and finances to the next level!

3/29 (Thu)

Don’t be surprised if you face more obstacles than usual with the Sun square Saturn (8°50′ Aries-Capricorn). First evaluate if it’s wise to persevere. If so, the Sun’s placement in Aries will give you plenty of fiery energy.

It will also help if you embody the positive attributes of Saturn. These include maturity, responsibility, good time management, and the ability to “plan the work and work the plan.”

3/31 (Sat)

2018 03 31 Full MoonLibra Full Moon

A Full Moon shines forth at 8:37 AM EDT (10°44′ Libra). Any Libra Full Moon is good for release or adjustment in your relationships and creative pursuits.

T-square Aspects

The most significant aspects to this Full Moon form a tight T-square. (This is the red triangle shown in the illustration.)

A tight Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, which I also discuss in my Spring Equinox forecast, squares the luminaries. This conjunction combines Mars’ raw power and Saturn’s endurance to create sustained energy. This will help you stick to whatever intentions you make to use the energy of this Full Moon.

This square from Mars-Saturn could also represent strong, determined opposition to your plans. One choice is to be a people-pleaser (low-side Libra) and acquiesce to the other party’s wishes. Or you could draw on the power of the opposing Sun and Mercury, both in the warrior sign of Aries, and stick to your chosen path.

Remember that you don’t have to surrender the energy of Mars and Saturn to anyone else. You’re perfectly within your rights to claim their power for yourself!

Retrograde Mercury’s opposition to the Moon energizes reflection. This could be contemplation on the themes contained in this interpretation, or anything else that teases your attention. While retrograde Mercury tends to be more yin, it could still represent you communicating an important message out to the world.

One Additional Aspect

The Moon also receives a loose sextile from Ceres. This can provide flowing, energetic support for abundance and shadow work.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is, “A professor peering over his glasses at his students.” To me, this suggests that no matter how wise you are, there’s always a new perspective available. The professor is looking at his students with new eyes. Could they have something important to teach him?

Be careful about thinking you have a lock on the truth. The Work of Byron Katie, a powerful, life-transforming system of self-reflection, would first invite you to ask, “Is it true?” Then there’s the follow-up question: “Can you absolutely know that it’s true?” If you can’t honestly answer yes to this second question, maybe it’s time to “peer over your glasses” and reconsider that belief.

My own inner shamanic and spiritual work has shown me that mind, by its very nature, is a pathological liar. I’ve learned not to trust anything I think! I have to function as a human based on certain beliefs, but stand ready to revise them if they turn out to be false.

When it’s time to make an important decision, I get still, rest in my heart chakra, and request the answer from my higher self. My experience has shown that this is the only source of wisdom I can absolutely trust.

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    A small error occurred re new and full moon,easy to correct,it’s in the first part,thanks for all you do.

    • Benjamin says:

      Thanks so much for the heads up on my New/Full Moon errors on the March 17 Pisces New Moon, Su. I think I’ve now made all the necessary corrections. I’m always grateful to be notified when something needs to be fixed! :-)

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