March 16-31 2019 Astrology Forecast: Potent Spring Equinox Chart

Spring Wildflowers

The second half of March is loaded with juicy astrological events. The Spring Equinox seasonal chart is bursting with opportunity … and aspect patterns! Mercury turns direct. A Libra Full Moon is strongly influenced by its aspects. And four interweaving “Fingers of God” combine to form a potent Quadruple Yod mega-aspect pattern!

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3/16 (Sat)

2019 03 30 T Sq Me Jun Ju NeT-square Begins: Mercury-Juno-Jupiter-Neptune

How clear is the communication in your committed partnerships? This is the theme most strongly emphasized by a Mercury-Juno-Jupiter-Neptune T-square. It begins today (3/16), peaks on 3/31 and ends on 4/15.

Muddled communication, deception, or the withholding of important information are challenging possibilities raised by Piscean Mercury and Neptune. If you think this might be happening, it could be worth exploring. But the same planets can also express much more positively, as a soul-deep connection that supports an easy flow of communication. Telepathy might even be possible!

This T-square also supports joining with your committed partner in a creative or spiritual adventure. Sharing information that makes life more wonderful can also be stimulated. This could be one of the committed partners enlightening the other, both of you learning from someone else, or the two of you pairing up to do the teaching yourselves.

A mental deep dive is harmoniously and energetically supported by a Mercury-Pluto sextile (22°46′ Pisces-Capricorn). This aspect is great for investigation, research or detective work. With Mercury in Pisces, stay tuned in to your intuition. Mercury’s sign placement gives special support for spiritual or creative probing.

3/17 (Sun)

Magical inspiration in your creative work, as well as in your relationships and finances, is fairy-dusted by a Venus-Uranus quintile (18°30′ Aquarius-0°30′ Taurus). With Venus in Aquarius, follow your intuitive flashes and be ready to veer onto a path less traveled!

Your mental energy gets a flowing, energetic boost from a Mercury-Mars sextile (21°17′ Pisces-Taurus). Piscean Mercury can help your thoughts feel “in the zone,” and your inspirations can move smoothly from thought into action.

3/18 (Mon)

Triple Yod Begins

2019 03 23 Trpl Yod Ma Pa Ves Ju NnDedicated action (Taurean Mars) in support of a higher cause (Piscean Vesta) is supported by a Triple Yod featuring Mars, Pallas, Vesta, Jupiter and the North Node. It starts today (3/18), comes to an extraordinarily tight peak on 3/23, and ends on 4/2.

You’ll get the best outcome by the skillful use of strategy and negotiation (Pallas) as you pursue this goal in alignment with your heart-directed life purpose (Cancerian North Node). Sagittarian Jupiter represents the joy and celebration you’ll feel as you do this deeply fulfilling work. Jupiter also suggests that the work might involve sharing information that makes people’s lives more wonderful.

Quadruple Yod Begins

2019 03 23 Quad Yod Ve Ma Pa Ves Ju Nn

The addition of one planet – Venus – transforms the Triple Yod just mentioned to a Quadruple Yod. Yowza! Like the Triple Yod, it begins on 3/18 and peaks on 3/23. But this Quad Yod is much shorter-lived, ending nine days earlier than the Triple on 3/24.

The addition of Venus doesn’t fundamentally change the Triple Yod’s interpretation. But it suggests that supporting a higher cause with dedicated action might be more effective with a partner.

With Venus in Aquarius, let your approach be unconventionally creative. If extra funding is needed, think outside the box for how to raise money and where you might procure it.

3/19 (Tue)

Your service to a higher cause is smoothly and strongly energized by a Pluto-Vesta sextile (22°50′ Capricorn-Pisces). It remains in orb through 4/5. This aspect also supports sex magic: using the potent energy of sexual arousal and orgasm to empower the manifestation of your vision. This takes the Law of Attraction to a whole new level!

3/20 (Wed)

It’s a huge astrological day, with the Spring Equinox and a Libra Full Moon within four hours of each other!

Spring Equinox Chart

2019 03 20 Spring Equinox Chart

This Spring Equinox Chart, marked by the Sun’s entry into Aries, gives a sense of the astrological energies for the next three months. Several emphatically emphasized planets, points, and aspect patterns make this a powerful seasonal chart!

Sun Aspects

The Sun’s entry into a cardinal sign creates any seasonal chart, so its aspects are especially important. The Sun’s tight conjunction to Chiron can trigger old emotional wounds. If so, my free Healing Invocation has helped thousands clear such painful energies quickly and effectively. This conjunction can also help you step more powerfully into your gifts as a healer or mentor.

The Sun also conjoins Vesta. This asteroid goddess is present in most of the Spring Equinox chart’s aspect patterns, highlighting the theme of selfless service. Vesta aspects every commonly used planet except Uranus, and even make soft aspects to the lunar nodes. (Only the North Node of the Moon, discussed below, is more heavily aspected in this chart.) Vesta’s extraordinary level of connection is like shouting, “Serve a higher cause!” from the rooftops.

The Spring Equinox is less than four hours shy of a Full Moon. This gives a sense of being just short of completion. Can you identify some things in your life that need one final push to cross the finish line?

Heavily Aspected Points

The number of aspects to the North Node of the Moon is stunning. It connects to all 11 commonly used planets, plus two asteroid goddesses!

The message couldn’t be more clear: align your daily activities with your life purpose as closely as possible. With the North Node in Cancer, follow the resonance of your heart, and spread love and nurturing as widely as possible.

Vesta, discussed in the Sun Aspects section above, is almost as heavily aspected as the North Node.

Pluto is also loaded with aspects, and fortunately most of them are harmonious! This can help you do shadow work more easily, and be less resistant to embracing change and releasing what no longer serves you. Pluto can also help you open to increased wealth and power.

The final standalone planet of note is Jupiter, which aspects all five personal planets, the three outer planets, and more. Most of Jupiter’s aspects are hard, which stands as a caution not to overextend yourself, or arrogantly assume that your way is the only right one. If you can avoid these pitfalls, these intense Jupiter aspects can help you launch exciting new adventures, gain new wisdom, and share your life-enriching insights with others.

Aspect Patterns

The Spring Equinox chart contains four noteworthy aspect patterns. Since I’ve already interpreted the three most important ones, I’ll link to them instead of repeating myself:

Grand Cross: Pallas-Uranus-Pluto-Lunar Nodes

Quadruple Yod: Venus-Mars-Pallas-Vesta-Jupiter-North Node

Cradle: Mars-Vesta-Saturn-Pluto-Lunar Nodes

The remaining aspect pattern is hand-drawn in the lower right corner of my Spring Equinox chart, shown above. It’s an Envelope, also known as a Double-Pointed Kite. The core of this aspect pattern, a Grand Trine, is made up of the Moon, Mars, Pluto and the South Node. The Kite points are the North Node and Vesta. This aspect pattern repeats one of this chart’s main messages: serve a higher cause, passionately and persistently, in alignment with your heart-resonant soul purpose.

As you can see, this Spring Equinox chart offers a large variety of themes. Focus on the ones that resonate most for you and ride those waves for the next three months!

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Libra Full Moon

2019 03 20 Full Moon

A Full Moon illuminates the sky today (3/20) at 9:43 pm EDT (0°9′ Libra). Is a relationship just not working out? Is a change of creative direction in order? Could you do a better job managing your money? Any Libra Full Moon is great for release or adjustment of whatever isn’t serving highest good in your relationships, creativity and finances.


Most of this Full Moon’s aspects are part of aspect patterns. But one stands alone: a tight Moon-Uranus quincunx. Untamed, this could provoke emotional instability and shock you with unpleasant surprises in your relationships, creativity and finances.

That’s why you’d be wise to lift this aspect into positive territory. Embrace your authentic self, follow your intuitive flashes, and serve others with the special talents you love most. You’ll experience fewer surprises, and any that do happen are more likely to be pleasant!

Aspect Patterns


This Full Moon features two powerful aspect patterns. The first is an Envelope, also known as a Double-Pointed Kite. The core of this aspect pattern, a Grand Trine, is made up of the Moon, Mars, Pluto and the South Node. The Kite points are the North Node and Vesta.

This aspect pattern also appears in my Spring Equinox forecast above, and retains the same meaning: serve a higher cause, passionately and persistently, in alignment with your heart-resonant soul purpose.


The second aspect pattern is a T-square that includes the Moon, Sun, Vesta, Jupiter and Chiron. But before we get into the entire pattern, I want to focus on the tight Moon-Chiron opposition at its heart.

In my Spring Equinox interpretation above, I noted that the Sun’s conjunction to Chiron can trigger old emotional wounds. With Chiron strongly aspecting both luminaries, this effect is even stronger!

The Healing Invocation I mentioned above can help you with your internal emotional processing. To work out the challenge that could arise in an important relationship, I recommend the 4-Part Nonviolent Communication Process. This conjunction can also help you step more powerfully into your gifts as a healer or mentor.

We complete the T-square by including Vesta and Jupiter. This invites you to contribute your wisdom in service to a higher cause. Perhaps your service will involve foreign travel, or involvement with a different culture than yours. If your offering somehow includes mentoring or healing (Chiron), so much the better!

Technical note: are you wondering why I’m not including aspect patterns under this Full Moon that were present less than four hours earlier during the Spring Equinox? In looking at seasonal charts, I include all important aspect patterns. When interpreting lunations, I only include aspect patterns that involve the Moon.

Sabian Symbol

This Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A butterfly preserved and made perfect with a dart through it.” Ouch! There’s certainly a place for this sort of thing in museums and science collections, but I mainly see this image as a warning.

Life is about flow and change. The butterfly in this image is dead, and thankfully feels no suffering from the dart. But any attempt to freeze-frame living beauty will dart it to death. Too much Botox will make you look like a mannequin … and an obsession with external appearances will distract you from the vastly more important inner beauty radiated by a compassionate heart.

Your leadership, sexual prowess and athletic endurance can be smoothly augmented by a Mars-Pluto trine (22°50′ Taurus-Capricorn). This harmonious aspect can also support entrepreneurship, persistence and acting as a warrior.

Turning dreams into reality is energized by Piscean Mercury sextiling Saturn (19°12′ Pisces-Capricorn). This smooth, robust aspect is also great for creative work.

3/21 (Thu)

All four of today’s aspects are part of the Triple Yod and/or Quadruple Yod that started on 3/18. But since their effects aren’t entirely bound to those aspect patterns, I’m also giving them simpler interpretations here.

Venus is part of two powerful aspects today: a Venus-Mars square (23°24′ Aquarius-Taurus) and a Venus-Jupiter sextile (23°43′ Aquarius-Sagittarius). Both Mars and Jupiter provide powerful catalyst, supporting unconventional approaches to relationship, creativity and finances. Listen to your intuitive flashes in these areas!

If the Venus-Mars square brings up relationship challenge, the 4-Part Nonviolent Communication Process may help the two of you brainstorm a win-win solution. With Mars in Taurus, take care that the partner with more masculine energy (regardless of their gender) isn’t unreasonably stubborn. Their persistence toward a mutually beneficial solution makes better use of this energy.

The Venus-Jupiter sextile can bring great luck, especially if you follow your intuitive flashes and are willing to chart an adventurous course.

Jupiter is the shared planet in today’s other two aspects. The meaning of a Jupiter-Vesta square (23°43′ Sagittarius-Pisces) is at the heart of the Triple and Quadruple Yod interpretations: amplified desire to serve a higher cause. A Mars-Jupiter quincunx (23°44′ Taurus-Sagittarius), if consciously focused, can amp up the power and pleasure of your sexuality, leadership, athletic performance, and overall persistence.

3/22 (Fri)

Cradle Peaks

2019 03 22 Cradle Ma Ves Sa Pl Nn Sn

The six-member Cradle that started on 3/11 peaks today (3/22) and ends on 4/2. It’s made up of Mars, Vesta, Saturn, Pluto and the lunar nodes.

Vesta, the asteroid goddess of selfless service to a higher cause in compassionate Pisces, focuses the interpretation. Taurean Mars provides Energizer Bunny persistence.

Pluto contributes abundant power and access to resources, while Saturn can help you organize your efforts. The lunar nodes ask you to do all this in alignment with your soul purpose. You can identify this based on the resonance you feel in your heart (North Node in Cancer).

Yod Peaks: Mars-Jupiter-North Node

2019 03 22 Yod Ma Ju NnThe Mars-Jupiter-North Node Yod that peaks today is part of the Triple and Quadruple Yods that peak tomorrow. But I’m interpreting this Yod separately because it started five days before its more complex cousins, on 3/13, and has a significantly different interpretation. It ends on 3/29.

Perseverance and alignment with your heart-centered life purpose can lead to joy, breakthrough and wisdom. Stick-to-it-iveness and following your True North can also support foreign travel, higher education, and sharing life-transforming wisdom.

The Sun makes two aspects today. First up is a Sun-Saturn quintile (1°18′ Aries-19°18′ Capricorn). This can inspire you to new levels of creativity, productivity and perseverance, especially in new ventures.

But the stronger aspect by far is a Sun-Chiron conjunction (1°50′ Aries), mentioned above in my Spring Equinox and Full Moon interpretations. This can be a powerful catalyst for the next level of psychological and emotional healing in your shadow work queue. If you get triggered, many people find my free Healing Invocation to be a tried-and-true tool for the quick and lasting release of unpleasant energies. This Sun-Chiron conjunction can also energize you into deeper mastery of your healing and/or mentoring skills.

3/23 (Sat)

Triple Yod and Quadruple Yod Peak

The Mars-Pallas-Vesta-Jupiter-North Node Triple Yod that started on 3/18 peaks today (3/23) and ends on 4/2. And the Venus-Mars-Pallas-Vesta-Jupiter-North Node Quadruple Yod that also started on 3/18 also peaks today (3/23), but ends tomorrow.

Will Neptune’s square to Juno (16°47′ Pisces-Gemini) bring challenge or bliss to a committed partnership? A less savory possibility is that one or both of you could be tempted to lie or withhold important information. But if you have an open and honest relationship container, there’s a wonderful opportunity for deeper soul connection. This aspect’s influence continues through 4/15.

3/24 (Sun)

Your mind can be unusually porous as Mercury conjoins Neptune (16°49′ Pisces). Neptune and Pisces help dissolve boundaries. Their effects on Mercury, the mental planet, can make you more open to the thoughts of others, as well as information from your higher self. Quiet your mind to maximize this opportunity!

3/25 (Mon)

Amplified vitality, as well as fresh inspiration regarding leadership, entrepreneurship, sexuality and “fighting the good fight” are available as the Sun quintiles Pluto (4°56′ Aries-22°56′ Capricorn).

3/27 (Wed)

Breakthroughs in creative inspiration and deepening your soul connection to a beloved are available with Venus sextile Uranus (1°3′ Pisces-Taurus).

3/28 (Thu)

Mercury Direct

Louvre 2775429 640 MercuryMercury turns direct today at 9:59 AM EDT (16°5′ Pisces), ending its retrograde that started on 3/5 at 29°38′ Pisces. If you’ve been waiting to sign an important contract or make a major purchase, do so if you must. But astrological support for new ventures is better under a waxing Moon. So it would be even better if you can wait about a week, until the next New Moon on 4/5, 4:51 AM US Eastern time.

In my 3/5 Mercury retrograde forecast, I suggested that you …

  • reflect on how you’re doing with your spiritual awakening practices, expressing your inspired creativity, and meeting the world with unconditional love and compassion.
  • note if the dark side of Pisces is coloring your experience: substance abuse, excessive escapism, aimless drifting or playing the victim.
  • contemplate whether you’re putting enough attention on doing shadow work to heal your old wounds. Are you acting as a healer or mentor to others? (I suggested this because Mercury stationed retrograde about 1° from Chiron.)

It’s interesting that both of Mercury’s stations, retrograde and direct, involve tight conjunctions. Mercury turned retrograde about 1° from Chiron, which prompted the previous paragraph’s recommendations. And Mercury stations direct less than 1° from Neptune! This supports a new or renewed mental focus on spirituality, inspired creativity, and deepening your unconditional love and compassion.

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3/29 (Fri)

Your ability to act “in the zone” – that flowing, timeless space in which the right action seems to come automatically – is enhanced as Mars quintiles Neptune (29°0′ Taurus-19°0′ Pisces). This magical aspect also supports embodied awakening, Law Of Attraction manifestation, and sacred sex.

3/30 (Sat)

How fully have you developed the qualities of the female warrior, diplomat, negotiator or strategist? With Pluto square Pallas Athena (23°0′ Capricorn-Libra), you can more deeply cultivate any or all of these abilities. If someone else is trying to use their prowess in these areas against you, consider it an invitation to step up your game!

3/31 (Sun)

T-Square Peaks

The Mercury-Juno-Jupiter-Neptune T-square that started on 3/16 peaks today (3/31) and ends on 4/15.

A special magic that can wonderfully amplify the positive aspects of relationships and creativity is provided by a Venus-Jupiter quintile (6°12′ Pisces-24°12′ Sagittarius). This is also a great time to visualize the financial reality you desire.

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least a week before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart. Discover how these transits will personally affect you by booking a session with me.

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