March/April 2014 Astrology Forecast

Astrology Forecast


As befits the month of the Spring Equinox, March features fiery headlines. These include Mars turning retrograde and a potent Aries New Moon.

This lunation is so strong because it aligns with the five-month Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square that climaxes in April. Actually, let’s add Mars and make that a turbocharged cardinal Grand Cross on 4/22 — 2014’s single most powerful astrological event!

  • Throughout March and April: Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square
  • 3/1. Pisces New Moon
  • 3/1. Mars retrograde
  • 3/2. Saturn retrograde
  • 3/6. Jupiter direct
  • 3/16. Thor’s Hammer peaks: Pallas Athena-Uranus-Pluto
  • 3/16. Virgo Full Moon
  • 3/20. Sun enters Aries; Spring Equinox
  • 3/30. Potent Aries New Moon!
  • 4/21. Uranus-Pluto square!
  • 4/22. Grand Cross: Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto!

The Story So Far

As March opens, we have three retrograde planets: Jupiter thru 3/6, Pallas Athena thru 4/8 and Ceres thru 6/1. And the pervasive energies of revolutionary transformation (a Uranus-Pluto square), as well as universal love, compassion and spiritual awakening (Neptune in Pisces), remain powerful for years to come!

Concise Forecast

I don’t usually include this “Concise Forecast” section in these monthly posts. But since I had already written a spring forecast for Natural Awakenings, I figured I’d go ahead and include it. Because the year’s most powerful astrological events happen in April, I decided to give you an advance heads-up on some of them!

See my weekly forecasts for expanded interpretations and additional events.

Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square & Uranus-Pluto Square

The pervasive intensity that’s been in the air since 2014 began, and which came to its first peak in mid-February, continues through May. This is due to a challenging T-square aspect pattern (a geometrical right triangle) involving the powerhouse planets Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

This T-square will be part of the most intense astrological period of the year, which fireworks into prominence during the second half of April. The foundation of this supercharged time is an exact Uranus-Pluto square (a 90° aspect) on 4/21. The sizzling connection of these two outer planets transmits a high-wattage broadcast of revolutionary transformation.

Grand Cross!

This Uranus-Pluto square would be intense enough on its own. But the very next day, on 4/22, Mars and Jupiter join the party. Together, these four planets form the peak of astrology’s most powerful aspect pattern: a geometrical square called a Grand Cross.

Any Grand Cross formed by Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto would be powerful. But its intensity is even more extraordinary because of its amazingly tight orb (geometrical exactness). As it peaks on 4/22, this Grand Cross is exact to one-third of one degree. This is a very rare level of exactness for such a powerful aspect pattern!

The world may well look like it’s going crazy at this time. But if you’re committed to positive change, you can enjoy the ride of your life as you surf the tsunami!

How to Surf the Tsunami

A few simple guidelines will help you thrive during this turbulent time. With Pluto involved, release everything that does not support your personal evolution and transformation: possessions, relationships, ideas and ways of being. The more you surrender yourself to divine service, as guided by your own inner wisdom, the more Plutonian power you will embody.

With Uranus involved, follow the guidance of your intuitive flashes. Embody the authentic, unique human personality that you came here to express. Use your special gifts to serve others. And get used to routinely embracing change and paradigm shift.

Let trailblazing Mars energize you as you strike out in new directions. And let Jupiter fill you with hope, optimism and enthusiasm as you embrace your transformational adventure!

Pisces New Moon

March opens with a New Moon on 3/1 at 3 AM (10°39′ Pisces). Any Pisces New Moon is ideal for new beginnings in the areas of spiritual union practices, divinely inspired creativity, and flowing love and light to others.


This lunation’s strongest aspect is a tight conjunction to Chiron, which supports mentoring and healing. A medium-strength conjunction to Neptune reinforces the Piscean themes already mentioned.

A tight Jupiter trine makes expansion, hope, optimism and joy easily available. Finally, a very tight Uranus semi-sextile and a moderately strong Pluto sextile bring in the energy of revolutionary transformation to support your new directions.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is, “Men traveling a narrow path, seeking illumination.” As I interpret this obviously spiritual message, “men” refers not to gender but to the masculine principle of forging ahead and initiating action. “Men” being plural reminds us that our quest is best done with the support of other seekers.

“Narrow path” reminds us to focus on those modalities that are giving us the best results, rather than grazing indiscriminately at the ever-diversifying spiritual smorgasbord. Are you more likely to strike water by digging one 60-foot well, or 10 wells six feet deep?

“Illumination,” of course, is a common term for spiritual awakening. This meaning gives this Sabian Symbol much more resonance than thinking of these men on a quest for a compact florescent light bulb!

Mars Retrograde

Mars begins a retrograde lasting over two and a half months on 3/1. Until he goes direct again on 5/19, you can productively reflect on how you’re using assertiveness, sexuality and aggression. How effective are you as a leader, warrior or pioneer?

Mars’ retrograde takes place entirely within Libra. So fresh insights are available as you contemplate how your use of these Martian themes is affecting your life’s relationships, creative expression, harmony and balance.

Virgo Full Moon

March’s Full Moon shines forth on 3/16 at 1:08 PM (26°01′ Virgo). The spotlight is shining on health, service, routines, systems and the small details that make everything work. This is a great time to make adjustments in these areas.


This lunation’s most significant aspect is a Saturn sextile, providing a solid foundation for this Virgo work. A tight Mars semi-sextile adds energy and drive.

Sabian Symbol

This Full Moon’s Sabian symbol is, “Aristocratic elderly ladies drinking afternoon tea in a wealthy home.” This genteel image can be interpreted as the well-deserved enjoyment of abundance.

The most helpful definition of “aristocratic” in this context is “the best or most able.” “Elderly” implies having lived long enough to have gained the wisdom of experience and reaped its rewards. “Ladies,” rather than being gender-specific, represents feminine receptivity which has opened to receive prosperity.

One can imagine these Virgoan ladies as having tended carefully to their health, prospered through service to others, and managed the details of their lives well. They therefore have the time to enjoy the many small pleasures of life — as can we, if we follow their example.

Spring Equinox

The Sun enters Aries on 3/20 at 12:57 pm, marking the Spring Equinox. New beginnings, enhanced physical activity, championing a worthy cause and appropriate sexuality and assertiveness are supported for the next month.

Powerful Aries New Moon

One of the year’s most powerful New Moons launches on 3/30 at 2:45 PM (9°58′ Aries). For starters, all the Arean themes described in the Spring Equinox entry above are supported.


This New Moon is tightly conjunct Uranus and square Jupiter and Pluto. This means that it energizes the T-square described at the beginning of this forecast. So expect fresh stimulation of this aspect pattern’s gift of revolutionary transformation!

Sabian Symbol

This lunation’s Sabian Symbol is, “A teacher gives new symbolic forms to traditional meanings.”

Here’s an example: it’s traditional to assume that you are your body and your ego. But after spiritual awakening, one discovers that the body and ego are only symbolic forms.

What you thought you were is an insubstantial illusion compared to the radiant reality of your true being: ecstatic, formless divine awareness. May you experience this soon, then enjoy the indescribable bliss of its infinite deepening!

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during these times. “Business as usual” is the best strategy for these periods, which occur when the Moon has made its last major Ptolemaic aspect but has not yet moved into the next sign.

  • 3/2, 6:05 am – 10:41 am (Aries)
  • 3/4, 12:32 pm – 2:14 pm (Taurus)
  • 3/6, 8:55 am – 9:39 pm (Gemini)
  • 3/9, 2:53 am – 9:35 am (Cancer)
  • 3/11, 3:51 pm – 10:10 pm (Leo)
  • 3/14, 3:25 am – 10:19 am (Virgo)
  • 3/16, 1:09 pm – 8:47 pm (Libra)
  • 3/18, 9:08 pm – 3/19, 5:15 am (Scorpio)
  • 3/20, 11:12 pm – 3/21, 11:41 am (Sagittarius)
  • 3/23, 6:41 am – 4:05 pm (Capricorn)
  • 3/25, 8:35 am – 6:40 pm (Aquarius)
  • 3/27, 9:14 am – 8:12 pm (Pisces)
  • 3/29, 9:45 am – 9:55 pm (Aries)
  • 3/31, 4:07 pm – 4/1, 1:22 am (Taurus)

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