May 1-15 2019 Astrology Forecast — Jupiter-Pluto: This Time it’s Personal

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In the first half of May, potent Jupiter and Pluto team up to aspect four personal planets!* These aspects and their various meanings headline this forecast. We’ll also interpret a Taurus New Moon, a long-lived Uranus-Neptune semi-square, two new Cradles, and more!

* All five personal planets, actually, but I only use the Moon for lunations in these forecasts.

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5/1 (Wed)

One T-Square Begins2019 05 18 T Sq Ves Sa Pl Nn Sn

You can enjoy massive empowerment of soul-aligned service to a higher cause thanks to a T-square that starts today (5/1). It includes Vesta, Saturn, Pluto and the lunar nodes. It peaks on 5/18 and ends on 6/4.

If you encounter challenges while doing this service, feel into the situation. Should you not be doing this service anymore? Or are you being asked to step more fully into your power so you can serve more skillfully?

This T-square can also empower sex magic, especially with Vesta in lusty Aries. Charging the vision of what you want to bring into your life with sexual energy can powerfully speed its manifestation!

Another T-square Peaks

2019 05 01 T Sq Ma Ju Ne
Agile, adventurous assertiveness
, guided by your intuitive flow, is energized by a T-square featuring Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. This dynamic aspect pattern started on 4/21, peaks today (5/1) and ends on 5/13.

This T-square can also energize learning and communication, writing and teaching, sacred sex, and bold, inspired leadership. Try to steer clear of this aspect pattern’s lower expressions, such as misguided verbal attacks and “street corner preacher syndrome.”

Uranus Semi-square Neptune

You can enjoy subtle but persistent support for breakthroughs in spiritual awakening and inspired creativity with Uranus semi-square Neptune (3°3′ Taurus-18°3′ Pisces). You can also enjoy more flow in being your authentic human self, following your intuitive flashes, and serving others using the talents you most love to use.

These planets move so slowly that this aspect will remain in orb all the way through June 2020!

Mercury, Mars and Saturn are seriously mixing it up today. They’re making three aspects among themselves: a Mercury-Mars sextile (20°21 Aries-Gemini), a Mercury-Saturn square (20°31′ Aries -Capricorn), and a Mars-Saturn quincunx (20°31′ Gemini-Capricorn).

The main themes here are learning and communication, which are both strongly energized and potentially challenged. Is there new information you’re eager to take in, or a message you’re inspired to communicate?

These aspects energize this, but can also show you where you’re not yet standing in your full authority. Are you shying away from the learning you want, or holding back that burning message? If so, is it time to master your fears and forge ahead anyway?

5/2 (Thu)

Cradle #1 Begins

2019 05 17 Cradle Me Sa Ne Pl Nn Sn

Soul-aligned embodied awakening and manifestation are smoothly and powerfully supported by a Cradle aspect pattern. It features the Sun, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and the lunar nodes. It starts today (5/2), peaks on 5/11 and ends on 5/17.

The Taurean Sun is this aspect pattern’s natural focus. This supports financial abundance, time spent in nature, and relishing the five senses. It can also help you stay the course if that serves a situation’s highest good.

This forecast for the first half of May is titled, “Jupiter-Pluto: This Time It’s Personal.” Why? Astrology only has five personal planets. In the first half of May, Jupiter and Pluto team up to aspect four of them!

Mercury gets the ball rolling. It hooks up with these two slower planets today, making a Mercury-Pluto square (23°8′ Aries-Capricorn) and a Mercury-Jupiter trine (23°34′ Aries-Sagittarius). This potently amplifies all mental activity, including learning and communicating. With Mercury in Aries, these aspects especially encourage your mind to dive deep and face the truth of a situation … even if it’s uncomfortable. Let your mind boldly go where it has never gone before!

5/4 (Sat)

Taurus New Moon

2019 05 04 New Moon

May’s New Moon lights up at 6:45 PM EDT (14°10′ Taurus). Any Taurus New Moon is great for new beginnings or renewed energy in financial and material matters. You can inject fresh vitality into nature immersion, and glory more fully in the sensual pleasures of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. You can also cultivate greater persistence – just be sure that you’re not stubbornly clinging to something you’d be better off without. (Wait, did I say “cultivate”? Taurus also rules gardening!)


Law of Attraction is smoothly energized by two aspects to the luminaries: Neptune’s sextile and Saturn’s trine. In this context, Neptune supports imagination, while Saturn can help crystallize your visions into physical reality. Neptune and Saturn also support embodied awakening.

This New Moon also features a Yod, with Ceres and Pallas on the back end. If you make the right adjustment, this “Finger of God” offers abundance (Ceres) if you make skillful use of strategy and diplomacy (Pallas).

Sabian Symbol

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A man with a silk hat, muffled against the cold, braves a storm.”

I can think of two contrasting ways to interpret this symbol. In the pure spirit of Taurus, it suggests that you amass plenty of wealth (silk hat) so that you can withstand life’s challenges.

But this symbol could also suggest someone with excessive wealth – after all, who really needs a silk hat? This man’s soul is using a harsh but necessary “storm,” which could represent any challenging event, to awaken him from his materialistic slumber. Remember Ebenezer Scrooge?

In my experience, those who sincerely pursue awakening and the path of “service to other” have no need for silk hats (nonessential luxuries). And, since they’re consciously aligning with their soul purpose, their personal evolution may require fewer storms!

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5/5 (Sun)

Mercury aspected Pluto and Jupiter on 5/2, and today Mars connects with these powerful planets. This time the effects are much more dynamic!

Either of these aspects – a Mars-Pluto quincunx (23°7′ Gemini-Capricorn) or a Mars-Jupiter opposition (23°7′ Gemini-Sagittarius) would be formidable on their own. Together, they shout, “Caution! Handle with care!”

Challenging effects could include anger, violence and harmful sexual impulsiveness. With Mars in Gemini, these low impulses could seek a variety of outlets.

But as always, even the most challenging aspects have life-affirming expressions when consciously cultivated. In this case, they include passionate leadership, entrepreneurship, and adventurousness. These aspects can fire up courage, positive sexuality, and championing a worthy cause. And with Mars in Gemini, learning, communicating and writing all get a rocket booster strapped on!

5/7 (Tue)

Are you experiencing challenge in your relationships, creativity or finances? It’s the job of a Venus-Saturn square (20°28′ Aries-Capricorn) to show you any weak spots in these areas of life. If you face the challenge in high Saturnian style – mature and responsible, with attention to good planning, implementation and time management – you increase your chances of a satisfying outcome. If you’re already in good shape in any of these areas, Saturn will help you dig a more solid foundation or enhance your existing structure.

Venus is in Aries, the sign of new beginnings. Does Saturn’s reality check suggest a different approach or fresh start in relationships, creativity or finances?

5/8 (Wed)

Brilliant ideas and intuitive flashes can pop in more easily with Mercury conjunct Uranus (3°25′ Taurus). With both planets in Taurus, these “Eureka!” thoughts can be both practical and durable.

Spiritual awakening and inspired creativity are smoothly energized by a Sun-Neptune sextile (18°13′ Taurus-Pisces). With the Sun in Taurus, this aspect also boosts Law of Attraction work and embodied awakening.

5/9 (Thu)

Whether or not the third time’s the charm, at least it features a charming planet.

Mercury aspected Pluto and Jupiter on 5/2. Then Mars aspected them on 5/5. Today on 5/9, Venus takes her turn – on the same day Pluto and Jupiter aspect each other!

These two aspects – a Venus-Jupiter trine (23°4′ Aries-Sagittarius) and a Venus-Pluto square (23°5′ Aries-Capricorn) – supercharge relationships, creativity and finances. Whatever’s in alignment in these departments can get boosted to the next level of wonderful. Whatever needs adjustment or release will get your attention with an appropriate level of challenge. With Venus in Aries, new beginnings or reboots in relationships, creativity and finances are especially supported where appropriate.

Amplified power and wealth. Intensified joy and empowered wisdom-giving. These are some of the life-affirming possibilities of a Jupiter-Pluto semi-sextile (23°5′ Sagittarius-Capricorn).

Granted, this is a minor aspect. But the planets are potent, and the aspect is in orb through 6/17. You can also use this semi-sextile to fire up higher learning, foreign travel, and gaining deeper insights into religion and philosophy.

As noted earlier on this 5/10 forecast, this Jupiter-Pluto semi-sextile has also aspected Mercury, Mars and Venus this month. In addition to the effects already described in those interpretations, these connections also add power to all of this aspect’s core possibilities described here.

5/11 (Sat)

Cradle Peaks

The Cradle featuring the Sun, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and the lunar nodes that started on 5/2 peaks today (5/11) and ends on 5/17.

Git ‘er done! A Sun-Saturn trine (20°24′ Taurus-Capricorn) can fuel you with the smooth, endless vitality of the Energizer Bunny. You can use this Steady Eddie energy for anything. With the Sun in Taurus, activities like gardening, a long hike in the woods, or a well-planned spa day might hit the spot.

5/12 (Sun)

Cradle #2 Begins

2019 05 11 Cradle Su Sa Ne Pl Nn Sn

One Cradle peaked yesterday, and another begins today. And they share all the same planets except one.

The Cradle starting today features Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and the lunar nodes. It starts today (5/12), peaks on 5/17 and ends on 5/19.

The Cradle that peaked yesterday includes the Sun instead of Mercury, and that makes all the difference. While the two cradles will overlap 5/12 through 5/17, each has a distinctive message.

With Mercury in the spotlight, learning, writing and communicating receive smooth, powerful support. Mental activity focused on practical, down-to-earth matters receive special assistance … even more so if it aligns with your soul purpose!

5/13 (Mon)

Not wishing to be outshone, the Sun follows on the heels of Mercury, Mars and Venus as it also aspects Jupiter and Pluto. With the Sun in Taurus, all the meanings of that sign are amplified. These include money, possessions, sensuality, persistence, gardening and nature. This planetary combination can also energize exchanges involving significant value or sacred sex.

5/14 (Tue)

Creativity and relationships get a smooth, potent boost with Venus sextile Mars (28°59′ Aries-Gemini). This aspect can also kindle creative writing, enthusiastic communication and new artistic directions.

5/15 (Wed)

You can more easily calm your mind and open to the flow of intuitive information with Mercury sextile Neptune (18°21′ Taurus-Pisces). This setup also provides smooth support for Law of Attraction manifestation.

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