May 6-12 2013 Weekly Astrology Forecast: Solar Eclipse and more!

Solar Eclipse image - May 6-12 2013 Weekly Astrology ForecastThis week’s highlight is a solar eclipse/Taurus New Moon, juiced up by numerous conjunctions. Pallas Athena steps into the spotlight as she conjuncts the Sun and Mercury.

Two T-squares incorporating asteroid goddesses and the Uranus-Pluto square broadcast challenge for growth. And a Grand Trine incorporating Vesta, Saturn, Chiron and Neptune opens healing and Law of Attraction possibilities.

5/6 (Mon)

Ready for a revolutionary transformation in your self-esteem or finances? A Ceres-Uranus-Pluto T-square is supporting you! This aspect pattern began on 4/18, and wraps up on 5/25.

This shift may well require you to release what’s holding you back (Pluto), and a willingness to follow your intuitive flashes (Uranus). With Ceres in Cancer, part of this process may require you to jettison patterning and beliefs picked up from family members.

Another T-square involving Uranus and Pluto begins today. The third planet, following a few degrees behind Ceres in Cancer, is Vesta.

Vesta fundamentally represents the higher calling, beyond your selfish interests, to which you devote yourself. This T-square can either call you to find a new object for your devotion, or make some kind of breakthrough in your current devotional path.

5/7 (Tue)

Mental activity of all kinds receives a steady flow of empowerment as Taurean Mercury trines Pluto. Steady persistence in working out problems can be a good strategy under this aspect.

The magical embodiment of divine consciousness, while fully inhabiting your physical form, is made easier with the Taurean Sun quintile Neptune.

A Mercury-Mars conjunction can heighten the possibility of verbal attacks. Fortunately, their placement in Taurus can give this process a slow fuse!

On the high side, this aspect stimulates learning and communication. Turning your thoughts toward the conscious enjoyment of the five senses can be especially pleasurable now.

Mentoring, anyone? With Taurean Mercury sextile Chiron, it’s a great time for it. Practical, down-to-earth subjects are particularly supported.

The meaning of today’s Pluto-Ceres opposition is woven into the interpretation of yesterday’s Ceres-Uranus-Pluto T-square.

5/8 (Wed)

Healing and mentoring are energized under a Mars-Chiron sextile. With Mars in Taurus, mentoring and healing related to physical issues receives special support.

Devotion to a spiritual calling, or an easy flow of intuitive guidance relating to any type of devotion, is strengthened with Vesta trine Neptune.

5/9 (Thu)

Venus enters Gemini today, and remains through 6/2. Creative writing is supported, along with a wide variety of creative endeavors. This is also a great time to shower your beloved with sincere compliments!

Your mental processes can be more easily guided by intuitive wisdom with Mercury quintile Neptune.

Solar Eclipse (Taurus New Moon)

A solar eclipse occurs today at 8:28 PM (19°31′ Taurus). (Here’s the astronomical perspective from NASA.) For starters, this “New Moon on steroids” can help launch new beginnings in self-esteem, “just being,” resource accumulation, and consciously celebrating the five senses. A steady, methodical approach is well-suited to Taurus, which is the slowest-paced sign of the zodiac.

This is a powerful eclipse (though not visible from the Americas), with the Sun and Moon joining less than 3° from the Moon’s South Node. This power is further amplified by three Taurean planets conjunct the luminaries.

Pallas Athena forms the tightest conjunction. This asks you to embody the assertive spirit of the warrior goddess as you embark on your new ventures. Taking inspiration from her strategic and tactical brilliance couldn’t hurt either!

The next-tightest conjunction is with Mercury, lighting up your ability to gather the information you need. If sharing information is part of your projects, this is also empowered.

The final conjunction, with Mars, lends a masculine warrior spirit to your new undertakings. Passion, assertiveness and raw energy are yours for the taking!

Juno is the only planet square this eclipse. Be careful that your New Moon startups don’t interfere with any of your essential household responsibilities.

Sabian Symbol

This eclipse’s Sabian Symbol is, “Wisps of clouds, like wings, are streaming across the sky.” This ephemeral image reminds us of the transitory nature of all created things, no matter how much Taurean solidity they may seem to embody.

Only that which is uncreated – the ultimate divine source of all – is eternal. The more you step into your own divine consciousness, the less you will grasp at or identify with any of the illusions that make up the holodeck masquerading as our physical world. And that means less suffering!

5/10 (Fri)

The Sun’s conjunction with Pallas Athena helps her fundamental gifts shine forth within you. These include compassionate assertiveness, tactical brilliance and practical creativity.

5/11 (Sat)

Just one day after conjoining the Sun, Pallas Athena conjuncts Mercury. This especially helps you embody her mental qualities of prophecy, wisdom, strategy and intellectual drive.

Domestic conflict could arise under the influence of a Mars-Juno square. Why not give Mars something better to do and have sex in the kitchen instead? This aspect can also give you extra passion and energy for the care of whatever “home base” you’re responsible for.

All things mental are stimulated under a Sun-Mercury conjunction. Thoughts on Taurean themes such as sensuality, self-esteem, resources and “just being” get extra support.

Vesta-Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine

A Vesta-Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine peaks today. This aspect pattern started on 4/28 and ends on 5/26.

To repeat what I said in the 4/28 forecast, this Grand Trine empowers Law of Attraction work. With Vesta involved, manifestations involving causes that transcend your own selfish interests receive special support.

Vesta also symbolizes sacred sexuality, the occult, and enlightenment practices. So focusing your intention in these areas is also empowered.

Chiron becomes a temporary member of this Grand Trine today thru 5/21. So you can easily add healing and mentoring energy to everything just described.

5/12 (Sun)

Could you use some help with mother-daughter issues? How about problems relating to nurturing, unconditional love, and self esteem? The healing of such matters is made easier with Chiron trine Cancerian Ceres.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

5/7, 8:41 am – 5/8, 6:11 am (Taurus)
5/9, 8:29 pm – 5/10, 5:23 pm (Gemini)
5/12, 9:33 am – 5/13, 5:58 am (Cancer)

Photo of ‘solar eclipse” by MeHere at stock.xchng

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