May 16-31 2018 Astrology Forecast: Inspired Expansion as Jupiter Trines Neptune

Ju Tri Ne Gods V2

Inspired expansion, amplified spirituality and juiced-up creativity are supported by a Jupiter-Neptune trine, one of 2018’s most important aspects. May’s second half also features a Sagittarius Full Moon, the Sun entering Gemini, and eight powerful new aspect patterns!

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5/16 (Wed)

2018 05 23 Trpl Th Ce Pa Ves Ju ChTriple Thor’s Hammer Begins: Ceres-Pallas-Vesta-Jupiter-Chiron

You have a powerful opportunity to heal your psychological wounds as a Triple Thor’s Hammer begins today (5/16), peaks on 5/23 and ends on 5/31. This complex pattern is composed entirely of challenging aspects, so be ready to overcome obstacles. This Triple Thor’s Hammer includes three asteroid goddesses: Ceres, Pallas and Vesta. It also incorporates two slower planets, Jupiter and Chiron.

Three of this aspect pattern’s planets create the foundation for this interpretation. Chiron in Aries empowers you to put fresh energy or renewed emphasis on healing. Leonine Ceres fires up the themes of loss and sorrow. Finally, retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio supports deep psychological reflection and amplifies transformation.

Cancerian Pallas can help you be assertive and strategic as you make peace with old emotional traumas. The final planet, Vesta, represents selfless service to others. It’s a reminder that this healing work isn’t just for you. We’re all invisibly connected. When you heal yourself, you make it it easier for others to do their own healing.

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Positive breakthrough or crazy-making chaos? Depending on your focus, a Mars-Uranus square (0°2′ Aquarius-Taurus) can tip either way.

If left to its own devices, the square could catalyze unwise impulsiveness, sudden violence or devil-may-care promiscuity. Consciously harnessed, this square can give you powerful support to take immediate action on life-affirming intuitive flashes from your higher self. This is a great time for bold and unconventional action – if that guidance is coming from your inner wisdom.

5/17 (Thu)

2018 05 23 T Sq Me Ce JuT-square Begins: Mercury-Ceres-Jupiter

Abundance and communication are supported by a Mercury-Ceres-Jupiter T-square that begins today (5/17), peaks on 5/23 and ends on 5/27.

Abundance is supported by Mercury’s placement in lucre-loving Taurus. Scorpionic Jupiter can amplify wealth, while Ceres is associated with harvest and prosperity.

Ceres helps empower communication by transmitting its abundance vibe to the teacher planets Mercury and Jupiter. Mercury loves to gather raw facts and data, while philosophical Jupiter fathoms the information’s deeper meanings.

5/18 (Fri)

2018 06 01 T Sq Pa Sa ChT-square Begins: Pallas-Saturn-Chiron

A strategic, disciplined approach to healing old emotional wounds is supported by a T-square featuring Cancerian Pallas, Saturn and Chiron. It starts today (5/18), peaks on 6/1 and ends on 6/11. You may find my simple, free Healing Invocation helpful in doing your shadow work.

5/19 (Sat)

2018 05 23 T Sq Ve Sa ChT-square Begins: Venus-Saturn-Chiron

A T-square starting today has something in common with another T-square that started yesterday: Saturn and Chiron. Not only that, the third planet in each pattern is in Cancer. This means both T-squares share the theme of healing old emotional wounds.

This Venus-Saturn-Chiron T-square also supports creative or financial mentoring. This aspect pattern begins today (5/19), peaks on 5/23 and ends on 5/29.

Divine connection and inspired creativity are magically enhanced by a Sun-Neptune quintile (28°14′ Taurus-16°14′ Pisces). This fairy dust aspect can also give extra support to Law of Attraction work.

You have strong, flowing support to take your relationships to the next level with a Venus-Uranus sextile (0°12′ Cancer-Taurus). With Venus newly entered into Cancer, it’s an ideal time to open your heart more fully to unconditional love. Try the custom invocation, “Maximum unconditional love that serves highest good, please,” using my free invocation system.

This harmonious sextile also supports innovative creativity.

5/20 (Sun)

2018 05 28 Yod Ce Ne PlYod Begins: Ceres-Neptune-Pluto

Ceres, an asteroid goddess with two radically different interpretations, receives powerful stimulation as the apex of a Ceres-Neptune-Pluto Yod. This “Finger of God” starts today (5/20), peaks on 5/28 and ends on 6/5. Ceres’ placement in dramatic Leo can make this aspect pattern’s effects especially strong.

Ceres is the grain goddess, associated with harvest and abundance. This Yod’s back-end planets can amplify this affluent vibe with the energies of wealth and power (Pluto), as well as visualization to support a smooth flow of divine energy and intuitive information (Neptune in Pisces).

The 150° quincunxes connecting the back end planets to Ceres are angles of adjustment. The more flexible you are, the more you’ll be able to maximize the prosperity!

Ceres can also catalyze loss and sorrow. Most people would prefer to focus on her prosperity face. But, for most of us, healing our old emotional wounds is far more important for our soul growth than accumulating capital.

In this context, Pluto is the lord of the underworld, stirring up each layer of repressed pain whenever it’s time to deal with it. Neptune represents the healing energy you can call in from your divine self to clear these challenging emotions once and for all. My free Healing Invocation has helped thousands do this quickly and effectively.

Editorial note: you may have noticed that I keep linking to my Healing Invocation in this forecast for the second half of May. If you’re reading the entire May 16-31 forecast straight through, this might seem like overkill.

However, many people link to a specific day’s forecast from Facebook and other social media, and only read the forecast for that day. This is why I keep inserting the same link each time it’s relevant and helpful. Thanks for understanding! :-)

Healing is further empowered by two Chiron aspects today: a Mars-Chiron sextile (1°32′ Aquarius-Aries) and a Venus-Chiron square (1°33′ Cancer-Aries). These aspects powerfully support you whether you’re receiving healing or giving it. Mentoring also receives a boost from these astrological connections.

Another aspect that ties in to the themes of this busy astrological day is a Venus-Mars quincunx (1°50′ Cancer-Aquarius). This supports adjustments that can make your relationships or creative expression more wonderful. A field-tested communication process that works win-win wonders in relationships is described in Marshall Rosenberg’s book Nonviolent Communication.

The Sun enters Gemini today at 10:15 PM EDT. For the next month, this energizes learning, communication, variety and playfulness!

5/21 (Mon)

2018 05 21 Th Ce Ju ChThor’s Hammer Peaks: Ceres-Jupiter-Chiron

The Ceres-Jupiter-Chiron Thor’s Hammer that began on 5/1 peaks today (5/21) and ends on 6/7. This aspect pattern is central to the meaning of the Triple Thor’s Hammer I interpreted on 5/16. The roles that Ceres, Jupiter and Chiron play are described in the first two paragraphs of that interpretation.

Here’s a link to my 5/1 interpretation of the Ceres-Jupiter-Chiron Thor’s Hammer on its own. It contains a bit more information and a helpful resource link.

There are two aspects between outer planets and asteroid goddesses today! We’ll take them one at a time.

The first, a Neptune-Ceres quincunx, is part of the Ceres-Neptune-Pluto Yod that started on 5/20, peaks on 5/28 and ends on 6/5. See that interpretation to understand this quincunx in its larger context.

Your feminine assertiveness, strategic thinking and practical creativity receive strong, flowing support from a Uranus-Pallas sextile (0°20′ Taurus-Cancer). You’ll receive the most benefit from this aspect by keeping an open heart and following your intuitive flashes!

5/22 (Tue)

There’s a lot of healing juju in the air right now, and you may be experiencing more emotional challenge than usual. Fortunately, today’s Sun-Chiron sextile (1°37′ Gemini-Aries) can help you process your shadow material more smoothly. This aspect is also ideal for mentoring, as well as sharing information that supports healing.

What was that about sharing information? A Mercury-Neptune sextile (16°17′ Taurus-Pisces) supports the dissemination of practical information … and makes it easier for you to channel it directly from your own source of inner wisdom.

5/23 (Wed)

Three Aspect Patterns Peak

Three aspect patterns achieve maximum strength today. Buckle your seat belts!

The Ceres-Pallas-Vesta-Jupiter-Chiron Triple Thor’s Hammer that started at 5/16 peaks today (5/23) and ends on 5/31.

The Mercury-Ceres-Jupiter T-square that started on 5/17 peaks today and ends on 5/27.

Finally, the Venus-Saturn-Chiron T-square that started on 5/19 also peaks today and ends on 5/29.

You can enjoy a smooth flow of vitality with the Sun trine Mars (2°54′ Gemini-Aquarius). With both planets in air signs, you can also enjoy experimentation and plenty of mental stimulation.

5/24 (Thu)

2018 06 01 Gt Ve Ju NeGrand Trine: Venus-Jupiter-Neptune

There are a lot of difficult aspect patterns going on right now, challenging us to take our healing to a deeper level. But an aspect pattern begins today that “shines out like a shaft of gold when all around is dark”: a Venus-Jupiter-Neptune Grand Trine. It begins today (5/24), peaks on 6/1 and ends on 6/9.

Any Grand Trine embodies harmony and balance. This one includes Jupiter and Venus, both of ancient astrology’s benefics (bringers of good fortune). And all the planets are in water signs. So at its most basic level, this Grand Trine offers emotional sanctuary, a place where your wounded heart can find peace and relief.

If you already have a reliable way to achieve this emotional respite, this Grand Trine will give it extra support. Alternatively, you can invoke “Maximum emotional harmony and balance that serves highest good, please” using my free invocation system. Or, using a shamanic astrology technique, you can direct the same invocation to the consciousness of the aspect pattern and its planets.

This Grand Trine also offers many additional life-affirming opportunities based on its planetary meanings. Here are a few possibilities:

  • more joy and empathic connection in your relationships
  • a more expansive relationship with your divine self
  • an easy flow of financial abundance
  • amplified creative inspiration
  • opening to deeper unconditional love by smoothly processing your shadow material
  • sharing higher wisdom by channeling spiritual beings
  • deeper heart connection facilitated by sacred sex

5/25 (Fri)

2018 05 25 Ju Tri NeJupiter Trine Neptune

One of 2018’s most important aspects is exact today for the second time out of three. This Jupiter-Neptune trine came into orb (close enough to resonate) on 10/17/17, and was exact for the first time on 12/2/17. It’s exact again today (5/25/18, 16°19′ Scorpio-Pisces), and will line up one last time on 8/19. It finally leaves orb on 10/11. Jupiter remains in Scorpio throughout this trine.

This Jupiter-Neptune trine is part of the Venus-Jupiter-Neptune Grand Trine I interpreted in yesterday’s forecast. Inevitably, some of the interpretations here will be similar.

As I wrote on 12/2/17, many wonderful opportunities are open to you during the months this aspect is active. They include an easier flow of energy and information supporting …

  • more direct divine connection in your religious practice
  • more intuition informing your personal philosophy
  • your role as a wisdom-sharer or spiritual teacher
  • sacred sexuality
  • foreign travel
  • shadow work
  • occult and spiritual practices
  • creative inspiration, and
  • dream work.

Trines connect easily, but only give so much for free. The benefit you reap from this aspect will depend on how much effort you put into it!

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2018 05 25 Th Ce Ves ChThor’s Hammer Peaks: Ceres-Vesta-Chiron

Collective healing is energized by a Ceres-Vesta-Chiron Thor’s Hammer. It started on 5/15, peaks today on 5/25, and ends on 6/7.

As I wrote on 5/15, Ceres, the apex planet, can reflect sorrow and loss. Chiron is the wounded healer. And Vesta rules actions that serve the greater good. This is a good time to do something that will help heal the world around you. Healing yourself can benefit many other beings … even if you have no idea who they are!

This Ceres-Vesta-Chiron Thor’s Hammer is part of the Ceres-Pallas-Vesta-Jupiter-Chiron Triple Thor’s Hammer that continues thru 5/31.

5/26 (Sat)

The first thing you may notice about today’s Venus-Saturn opposition (8°1′ Cancer-Capricorn) is a challenge in an important relationship. This could be an invitation to examine the structure of the relationship. Is it serving everyone’s highest good, or would a restructuring be beneficial?

Venus’ placement in emotional Cancer could result in hurt feelings. If you don’t already have a quick and effective way to process these, my Healing Invocation could prove helpful.

What if you’re in a wonderful relationship that weathers this transit stress-free? Then you could consider how to improve on the relationship’s structure to make it even more wonderful!

5/28 (Mon)

2018 06 01 Kite Ve Ju Ne PlKite Begins: Venus-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto

The Venus-Jupiter-Neptune Grand Trine that started on 5/24 is already bursting with wonderful opportunities. But some of its possibilities are newly emphasized by Pluto signing on as its Kite point!

This Venus-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto Kite starts today (5/28), peaks on 6/1 and ends on 6/9. The peak and end dates are the same as the Grand Trine’s.

From one perspective, the addition of Pluto doesn’t add any new archetypal meaning. Pluto and Scorpio are astrological synonyms, and I already considered Jupiter’s placement in Scorpio when I wrote my Grand Trine interpretations.

Viewed another way, Pluto’s presence makes a significant difference. A Grand Trine is a balanced pattern that doesn’t focus on any particular planet. But a Kite point acts like an arrowhead, inviting the other planets to express their energy through it.

This gives increased importance to the last three Grand Trine interpretations from 5/24, since they incorporate Scorpio (and now Pluto):

  • opening to deeper unconditional love by smoothly processing your shadow material
  • sharing higher wisdom by channeling spiritual beings
  • deeper heart connection facilitated by sacred sex

Energy can also flow back from the Kite point to the three corners of the Grand Trine … especially from a powerful outer planet like Pluto. At the most basic level, this simply boosts the Grand Trine’s other meanings to a whole new level of wonderfulness!

Yod Peaks: Ceres-Neptune-Pluto

The Ceres-Neptune-Pluto Yod that started on 5/20 peaks today (5/28) and ends on 6/5.

5/29 (Tue)

2018 05 29 Full MoonSagittarius Full Moon

A Full Moon rounds out the sky at 10:19 AM EDT (8°10′ Sagittarius). Any Sagittarius Full Moon is great for life-affirming release or adjustment in the following areas. Ever-expanding Sagittarius tends to believe that “more is better,” so it naturally covers lots of categories!

  • higher education
  • foreign travel
  • a quest or adventure (external or internal)
  • guru, philosopher or professor (acting as or learning from)
  • joy, celebration and euphoria
  • publication
  • expansion of any kind!

This Full Moon doesn’t have a lot of aspects, but they do form a Mystic Rectangle. This aspect pattern promotes easy connection between its planets with its four soft aspects, but has enough “hard” energy from its two oppositions to get things done!

Aquarian Mars

Apart from the Sun and Moon, the only physical body making a significant aspect to the Moon is Aquarian Mars. This supports outside-the-box action, and works best when guided by your intuitive flashes. This might show up as innovative leadership or unconventional sexuality. You might want to shake up your exercise routine or find a new way to express your assertiveness.

Are you being guided to make an adjustment or release that someone won’t like? Remember that Aquarius can call you to the path less traveled … and walking it may involve disappointing those who love you.

The Lunar Nodes

The Moon’s soft aspects to the lunar nodes can make it easier to harmonize with them under this Full Moon. The Aquarius South Node flows to the Leo North Node. This suggests taking your special gifts and blessing the world with them!

Sabian Symbol

This Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A mother leads her small child step by step up the stairs.” You might identify more as the mother or the child in this image. Either way, its meticulous Virgo flavor might feel too constraining for Sagittarius, which would rather plunge ahead by leaps and bounds!

Nonetheless, this symbol arising in this context reminds us that “adventure,” one of Sagittarius’ favorite words, depends on context. For the small child, making it to the top of those steps might be as thrilling as Sir Edmund Hillary being the first to summit Mount Everest. Mom might also feel great joy for having facilitated this accomplishment.

Of course, it can feel wonderful to have the sort of grand adventure they make movies about. But you can also take great pleasure in the smaller-scale adventures that life offers us every day.

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2018 06 04 T Sq Ve Jun PlT-square Begins: Venus-Juno-Pluto

The primary meaning of this Venus-Juno-Pluto T-square is clear: transformation in your relationships, especially committed partnerships. Cancerian Venus represents heartfelt connections. Juno stands for committed partnerships. Pluto empowers that which serves your highest good, and invites you to release or transform anything that doesn’t.

This challenging aspect pattern starts today (5/29), peaks on 6/4 and ends on 6/14. While it’s in effect, pay attention to your important relationships. Which ones are wonderful, and are ready for deeper honesty, authenticity and connection? Conversely, are there any that are hopelessly toxic or negative, where you’d be wise to minimize contact or make a final exit?

This T-square also offers you the opportunity to transform your artistic expression through intensive collaboration. Imagine your joy as the unique synergy between you and your co-creator gives birth to new creative manifestations … which neither of you could have accomplished on your own!

Creative writing and original thinking, especially on practical matters, is inspired by a Mercury-Neptune quintile (28°22′ Taurus-16°22′ Pisces).

5/30 (Wed)

An innovative approach to your relationships, creativity or finances is just one intuitive flash away with Venus quintile Uranus (12°44′ Cancer-0°44′ Taurus).

It’s a great time to learn more about healing or mentoring, or teach others, as Mercury sextiles Chiron (1°53′ Gemini-Aries). With Mercury in Gemini, let your mind roam freely!

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least a week before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart. Discover how these transits will personally affect you by booking a session with me. Learn more about my Astrology+ sessions.

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