My Life Story: Success from the Ashes of “Failure”

Bb Headshot White Shirt Aug 2018 V2One reason I’m qualified to coach you is because I live a successful life. But I had to overcome plenty of challenges to achieve it!

My siblings and I grew up in a home dominated by our father. Dad gave us abundant support in many important ways, and certainly meant well. But like so many men of his generation, he was emotionally abusive. Being a sensitive boy, I unknowingly closed my heart to minimize the damage from his toxic energy.

I excelled academically and musically, but my parents’ emotionally distant relationship gave me no model for a healthy romantic partnership. And like my dad, I had no effective shadow work tools to heal my wounded psyche. With no idea how to truly open my heart, I married and divorced three times in Oklahoma.

But I’m getting ahead of myself! After graduating Oklahoma University in 1981 with a mind-expanding but vocationally useless liberal arts degree, I eked out a living by teaching guitar and giving massages for a few carefree years. Then I got married, and had to start making “real” money to help support my first wife and her two kids. I worked at sales jobs for 20 years, the final 15 as the Oklahoma rep for a major foodservice company.

From Salesman to Musician to Astrologer

Benjammin W Gtr Flying MoneyBy age 41, the comfortable salary and benefits of my corporate sales job had been overshadowed by a steadily building desire to jump into a career I’d long dreamed of. So I quit my day job and became a full-time singer/songwriter. I moved to Asheville, North Carolina … and proceeded to systematically bleed out all the money I had saved, including my retirement funds! Financially speaking, I failed spectacularly by pursuing my dream career.

But without meaning to, I planted the seeds of a new profession … which, for the first time, truly aligned with my life purpose. I unexpectedly developed a fascination with astrology, followed by two years of intensive mentoring under a master astrologer. I hung out my astrology shingle in 2005, the same year I ended my music career. By determinedly pursuing the “wrong” profession, I synchronistically ended up in the right place at the right time … and discovered my first true calling.

Three Additional Callings

A couple of years later I started attending shamanic ceremonies, especially those empowered by an indigenous plant spirit medicine called ayahuasca. Before long, I was called to become a shaman by the spirit of ayahuasca. This was my second calling. During a later ceremony, Mother Ayahuasca gave me my third calling: the simple invocations that have now helped thousands with their healing and spiritual awakening.

Thirteen years of plant spirit work, roughly 175 ceremonies so far, has radically accelerated my journey of healing and awakening. It’s been shadow work on steroids, and I think my childhood emotional wounds are now mostly healed. I finally did enough inner work that, in my mid-50’s, I was finally able to unconditionally forgive my father. I think he and I have a soul contract, and I believe he’s played his role perfectly … giving me the exact opportunities and challenges I needed.

Most recently, I started getting unsolicited requests from clients to be their life coach. So I kicked off AstroShamanic Life Coaching, my fourth calling. Lucky me: I get to support myself with four callings at once!


Dream Big V2

The moral of my life story is clear: follow your dream with everything you’ve got, and you’ll end up in the right place. In the end, it didn’t matter that I couldn’t earn a living as a singer/songwriter. What did matter is that I passionately pursued the best vision I had of my most wonderful life. Because of this, I magically ended up discovering my four special callings … and get to do them all for a living!

My dogged determination has also rewarded me in other areas of life. 35 years after beginning my quest for enlightenment, in 2012 I finally received the divine grace of an abiding awakening … which has continued to deepen ever since. And after several “failed” marriages and multi-year relationships, I’m now in an amazing partnership with my twin flame and co-shaman Maeikisala.

I could give more examples, but you get the idea. I share all this with you not to boast … but to demonstrate that, by my reckoning, I’ve met a critical requirement for serving as your life coach: I live an amazingly successful life. Now let me help you maximize amazing success, on all levels, in your life!

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Photo of Benjamin by Annie Katoski