A New Direction for EASE!

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EASE Logo Color Splash 2 LineI’m very excited by the new direction my free EASE program has taken in recent weeks. We’re now routinely merging into one unified consciousness, and are actively assisting the global awakening!

In case you don’t know, EASE stands for the Embodied Awakening Support Experience. You can enjoy full membership privileges for free. As of 8/5/17, EASE has 339 members, and is attracting about 40 new members per month. We average about a dozen live participants per event; most members stream or download the MP3s afterward.

There’s a live call you can participate in every week by phone or web. All calls are archived, and the MP3s carry every bit as much juju as the live events. In fact, I just added the 100th MP3 to the online archive!

Beyond Individual Healing and Awakening

We still do processes that support individual healing and awakening. But the spiritual evolution of our regulars has advanced so quickly that we’re now being offered more advanced service opportunities.

Service definitely has its rewards. Based on the feedback I’m getting, just about everyone who participates is enjoying profound states of bliss and ecstasy during the calls. (I certainly am.) One woman told me that our most recent call was one of her most amazing experiences ever!

Unless a call has a predetermined format, like a Shamanic Awakening Ceremony, no one knows in advance what’s going to happen. Everything unfolds spontaneously.

I call in bunches of allies, including ascended masters and other high-vibration divine beings, who guide our calls. I act as a sort of glorified tour guide, holding space and describing what’s happening. I’m consistently surprised and delighted by the mind-bending multi-dimensional events that unfold during our calls.

Doesn’t This Sound Fun?

Are you excited by the idea of accelerating your own healing and awakening? Would you love to help usher in the new Golden Age? If either of these is true for you, I’d love to have you as a member of EASE. I invite you to activate your free membership and join us in this amazing spiritual adventure!


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