November 1-15 2015 Astrology Forecast: Specialized Hourglass Challenges Committed Partnerships

Woman Whacks Man With RosesCommitted partnerships might experience challenge during November’s first half due to a rare Specialized Hourglass aspect pattern full of slower planets. Other “skylights” include a Scorpio New Moon, a Venus-Pluto-Uranus T-square, a Venus-Mars conjunction, and more!

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11/1 (Sun)

Creative inspiration, as well as putting the finishing touches on creative projects, is supported by a Venus-Saturn quintile (22°6′ Virgo – 4°6′ Sagittarius). You might even get some ideas on how to take a relationship to the next level!

11/2 (Mon)

Mercury transits Scorpio today (11/2) through 11/20. This supports a mental focus in areas such as transformation, occult practices and shared resources. This is also a good time to focus on research, investigation, sacred sexuality and releasing all that doesn’t serve you.

Two aspects happening today (11/2) might seem unrelated at first glance, but share common themes. A Chiron-Juno quincunx (17°14′ Pisces-Libra), in orb (close enough to influence each other) 10/26 through 11/8, can catalyze hurt feelings in committed partnerships. But emotional challenges are always an opportunity to release some of the shadow material you’ve been carrying around, as my healing invocation post explains.  You can use this aspect to proactively make helpful adjustments to committed partnerships of all kinds.

The same is true of a Venus-Mars conjunction in Virgo (24°2′ Virgo). Venus and Mars are the classic relationship pairing, and Virgo is strongly associated with healing. This aspect is also great for fine-tuning your creative masterpieces, and for bringing some analytical energy to improving your sex life. (A book I found extraordinarily helpful in this area is Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure by renowned sex educator Sheri Winston. I had no idea how much I didn’t know about pleasuring a woman until I read this amazing book!)

Inspired thinking about sacred sexuality is also supported by Mercury quintile Pluto (1°21′ Scorpio-13°21′ Capricorn). In fact, since Pluto and Scorpio are astrological synonyms, everything I said at the beginning of today’s forecast about Mercury transiting Scorpio is reinforced by this aspect. Just add an extra dose of inspiration!

11/3 (Tue)

Uranus-Juno opposition

Yes, the dance of the planets is taking place in the sky above you. But every connection out there in the solar system stimulates archetypal forces deep inside you.

And the Juno within you certainly has her hands full right now! Challenging emotions within your committed partnerships are more than likely being stirred up by the Juno-Chiron quincunx which peaked yesterday and is in orb through 11/8. And today an even longer-lasting Juno aspect reaches its peak: a Uranus-Juno opposition (17°37′ Aries-Libra). This hard aspect came into orb on 10/14 and lasts through 11/24.

This Uranus-Juno opposition practically begs to be interpreted in the context of relationship. The opposition is by definition the aspect of relationship. And the planets are in Aries and Libra, the two signs most associated with partnership.

The new energy brought into the mix by Uranus is, first off, challenging electrical phenomena to alert you if something is amiss in a committed partnership. This can manifest as nervousness, irritability, agitation, and chaotic energy inside you or in your personal life.

To reduce or eliminate these jarring janglies, it’s important to be the unique, one-of-a-kind person you were born to be. (Even if it means choosing bizarre word pairings such as “jarring janglies.”) This must be done within the context of your committed partnerships — even if this means disappointing those who love you.

Uranus asks if you’re willing to be the you that you were truly born to be. This is an essential part of fulfilling your soul purpose. Can you do this even if it means that you might have to significantly adjust the customary ways in which you and an important person relate? Are you willing to be the real you even if the relationship ends as result?

Many people limit themselves with codependent behavior that prevents them from blossoming into their full magnificence. For some people, this may appear to be a necessary compromise, or the best they can do right now. Is that you? Or can you resolve to maintain a committed partnership only if it serves everyone’s highest good – including yours?

Jupiter-Chiron Opposition

November is frontloaded with longer-lasting aspects between slower planets. A Jupiter-Chiron opposition (17°12′ Virgo-Pisces) is the longest-lasting of the bunch, in orb 9/28 all the way through 4/8/16, with an encore appearance next summer. Its first two peaks are today (11/3) and 2/23.

If we think of Chiron affecting Jupiter, this opposition creates opportunities for healing the wounds inflicted by toxic religious teachings. You could choose to feel more joy and enthusiasm as you heal your psychological scars, which limit the wonderful feelings that would otherwise naturally arise within you. Or you could gain higher wisdom and release prejudices (even unconscious ones) by immersing yourself in the wisdom of a foreign culture.

Jupiter’s stimulation of Chiron opens the door for you to receive important healing and mentoring. Or it could provide expansive energy for you to perform these important services for others.

T-square: Venus-Pallas Athena-Vesta-Lunar Nodes

11 8 15 T Sq Ve Pa Ves NodesThree flavors of femininity ask to be brought into balance as Venus, Pallas Athena and Vesta form a T-square with the lunar nodes. Venus embodies the softer feminine archetype of beauty, harmony and sociability. Pallas Athena loves being assertive and is a master strategist. And Vesta focuses on sacred duty and, at times, sacred sexuality.

Whether you identify as male, female, or otherwise, can you feel aspects of these feminine expressions within you? With the lunar nodes involved in this aspect pattern, would a rebalancing of these energies bring you into better alignment with your soul purpose? This Venus-Pallas Athena-Vesta-Lunar Nodes T-square starts today (11/3), peaks on 11/9 and ends on 11/10.

Specialized Hourglass: Juno-Jupiter-Chiron-Uranus

11 2 15 Hourglass Juno Ju Ch UrSurprise — the four aspects involving slower planets in early November all form a rare aspect pattern! That’s right: the Chiron-Juno quincunx, Uranus-Juno opposition, and Jupiter-Chiron opposition I’ve already interpreted, plus the Jupiter-Uranus quincuncx I discuss on 11/5, all join together to form — drum roll, please — a Specialized Hourglass!

I coined the term “Specialized Hourglass,” since I couldn’t find a formal name for this particular pattern. (Please email me if it has a name I’m not aware of!) Whatever it’s called, it began on 10/26, peaks today (11/3) and ends on 11/8.

The Hourglass aspect pattern itself is quite common; this site gives its technical description. But the pattern occurring now is much more rare, since it’s bordered by quincunxes and semi-sextiles. Plus, its strength is augmented because it’s nearly exact! Orb variance is only about half a degree at its peak.

Since this Specialized Hourglass is made up entirely of hard and semi-hard aspects, we can certainly expect it to bring challenge. The quincunxes call for adjustment, and the oppositions speak to opposing views asking to be harmonized.

I interpret the four most important individual aspects in this pattern in my 11/2, 11/3 and 11/5 forecasts. So what follows is the most concise summary I can create about all of them merging their influences. The additional information in the individual aspect interpretations can give you a deeper understanding of this aspect pattern’s possibilities.

So let’s interpret this thing!

Making lemons from lemonade as challenges arise in committed partnerships is a central theme of this Specialized Hourglass. Emotional challenges are likely to be catalyzed by the conflict between meeting your partner’s expectations and being true to yourself.

Doing your shadow work, which might involve techniques such as my healing invocation, can help clear the negative effects of vitality-sapping religious teachings and unlock your natural joie de vivre. Spiritual practices that help you easily and consistently connect with your divine source can be a tremendous support during this time. These may come from foreign cultures, or at least arise from sources that have been foreign (unknown) to you.

Finally, “let your freak flag fly,” trust your gut feelings, and help others in the way that makes the best use of your talents and gives you the greatest joy!


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11/4 (Wed)

Thankfully, there are no major astrology events today — we need a break after such an intense Tuesday!

11/5 (Thu)

Jupiter-Uranus quincunx

The final aspect between two slower planets in early November (and the final aspect in the Specialized Hourglass interpreted on 11/3) is a Jupiter-Uranus quincunx (17°32′ Virgo-Aries). It came into orb on 10/24, peaks today (11/5) and leaves orb on 11/19.

You can use this aspect’s influence to paradigm shift your religious practices or philosophical beliefs to the next level. You could partake of (or deliver) teachings that upset the status quo and open the door to more expansive consciousness and understanding. How about expanding into more authentic personal expression, following your intuitive flashes more consistently, and serving the collective with your authentic gifts?

Personal transformation is strongly and smoothly empowered with the Sun sextile Pluto (13°24′ Scorpio-Capricorn).

T-square: Mars-Pallas Athena-Vesta-Lunar Nodes

11 10 15 T Sq Ma Pa Ves NodesTaking assertive action to support a higher cause is energized by a Mars-Pallas Athena-Vesta-Lunar Nodes T-square. With Mars in Virgo, this is best done in a spirit of sacred service. With Mars tightly conjunct the North Node of the Moon, be sure that what you’re doing is in alignment with your life purpose. Sacred sexuality is beautifully supported by this T-square, which starts today (11/5), and both peaks and ends on 11/10.

11/6 (Fri)

Perhaps you don’t think of yourself as a channel. But with Mercury trine Neptune (7°3′ Scorpio-Pisces), the flow of divine information into your mind can be smooth and steady. With Mercury in Scorpio, incoming information can support personal transformation, occult practices, wealth creation and much more!

11/7 (Sat)

No major astrology events.

11/8 (Sun)

Venus transits Libra today (11/8) through 12/4. Libra is one of two signs that Venus rules, so she is plenty strong here as she boosts the energy of relationship and creativity.

11/9 (Mon)

It’s a great day for healing or mentoring with the Sun trine Chiron (17°5′ Scorpio-Pisces). With the Sun in Scorpio, even intense or cathartic processes such as shamanic ceremonies or holotropic-style breathwork should flow more smoothly.

Can you make one small adjustment today that would align you more truly with your authentic human self? The opportunity beckons with the Sun quincunx Uranus (17°23′ Scorpio-Aries).

The Venus-Pallas Athena-Vesta T-square that started on 11/3 peaks today (11/9) and ends on 11/10.

11/10 (Tue)

The meaning of today’s Mercury-Pluto sextile (13°30′ Scorpio-Capricorn) is the same as Mercury’s entry into Scorpio on 11/2. So I’m going to take the liberty of repeating what I said there: it supports a mental focus in areas such as transformation, occult practices and shared resources. This is also a good time to focus on research, investigation, sacred sexuality and releasing all that doesn’t serve you.

Diving into the depths is smoothly and energetically supported by a Sun-Jupiter sextile (18°21′ Scorpio-Virgo). This is true whether you’re diving into personal transformation, research, investigation, the occult, or your own psyche.

The Mars-Pallas Athena-Vesta T-square that started on 11/5 peaks and ends today (11/10).

11/11 (Wed)

11 11 15 New Moon Scorpio

November’s New Moon aligns at 12:47:06 PM (19°0′ Scorpio). This is a great time for new beginnings in the Scorpio themes enumerated above: transformation, occult practices and shared resources. This is also a good time to focus on research, investigation, sacred sexuality and releasing all that doesn’t serve you.


With Mercury conjunct the Sun and Moon, learning and communication is a central theme. This can be a good time to investigate something you’ve been curious about, but have hesitated to explore because it seemed too edgy or taboo.

One of Scorpio’s high side attributes is unabashed honesty. Is there something you’ve been feeling the urge to communicate, but have held back because of awkwardness, embarrassment or trepidation? Check in with your inner wisdom to see if now would be a good time to get it off your chest!

Remember my discussion of the Specialized Hourglass on 11/3? While this aspect pattern technically ended on 11/8, it gets a second life as all of its members are aspected by this New Moon. (The luminaries trine Chiron, quincunx Uranus, sextile Jupiter and semi-sextile Juno.)

Even though this Specialized Hourglass does not contain Pluto or any Scorpio planets, it still has a decidedly Scorpionic flavor. So it fits right in with the vibe of this Scorpio New Moon. Emotional challenges in committed partnerships is a central theme.

Learn more about the Specialized Hourglass energy that so powerfully colors this Scorpio New Moon.

The final New Moon aspects of note are semi-squares to Venus and Pallas Athena. The fact that the Moon and Sun are at the midpoint of these two planets amplifies their influence. Venus and Pallas Athena represent the receptive and assertive polarities of femininity. Is there something you can do to strike an appropriate balance between these opposite but complementary energies?

Sabian Symbol

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A parrot listening and then talking, repeats a conversation he has overheard.” I see this as a metaphor for those who unthinkingly believe and do what they’re told by some outside authority.

A Scorpio New Moon isn’t about parroting what you’ve heard or falling meekly into line. It’s about boldly venturing into the shadowy depths. It’s about having the courage to face the scary stuff that has the power to transform you in ways that you absolutely cannot predict.

Only you can decide how far beyond the pale you’re willing to venture. Speaking for myself, the further I’ve diverged from consensus reality, the more rich and satisfying my life has become. My life hasn’t turn out anything like I expected, but the reality I live is a vast improvement over the one I had planned!

As in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave (caves are so Scorpionic!), you can sit in the dark with a fire behind you and believe that moving shadows on a wall constitute all of reality. Or you can dare to step outside the cave and experience something much more magnificent!

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11/12 (Thu)

Mercury does a double today: we have Mercury trine Chiron (17°3′ Scorpio-Pisces) and Mercury quincunx Uranus (17°18′ Scorpio-Aries). Unconventional thinking is supported, as is a focus on healing and mentoring. With Mercury in Scorpio, be open to old ideas being replaced or enhanced by a new level of understanding.

Mars transits Libra today (11/12) through 1/3/2016. Let this fiery warrior rev up your passion for relating and creating!

11/13 (Fri)

Relationships and creative expression receive solid, smooth and energetic support with Venus sextile Saturn (5°31′ Libra-Sagittarius).

However you communicate – writing, blogging, making videos, or even nonverbal expression – it’s being juiced up by a Mercury-Jupiter sextile (18° 45′ Scorpio-Virgo). Mercury in Scorpio encourages you to tell it like it is!

11/14 (Sat)

Do you want to take full advantage of the artistic inspiration offered by a Venus-Neptune quincunx (7°1′ Libra-Pisces)? Then you need to make the required adjustment – which could be as simple as scheduling some time to dive into your creative process. You can also use this aspect to deepen your connection with your divine self.

11/15 (Sun)

T-square: Venus-Pluto-Uranus

11 22 15 T Sq Ve Ur PlReady to take your relationships and creativity to the next level? The universe is poised to help you with a Venus-Pluto-Uranus T-square! This challenging aspect pattern holds plenty of life-affirming possibilities for revolutionary transformation in these areas. It begins today (11/15), peaks on 11/22 and ends on 11/25.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

  • 11/1, 10:34:53 pm – 11/2, 10:47:30 am (Leo)
  • 11/3, 8:46:18 pm – 11/4, 9:22:20 pm (Virgo)
  • 11/7, 7:47:20 am – 10:14:03 am (Libra)
  • 11/8, 9:42:07 pm – 11/9, 11:02:25 pm (Scorpio)
  • 11/12, 9:54:09 am – 10:13:54 am (Sagittarius)
  • 11/13, 10:18:27 pm – 11/14, 7:20:59 pm (Capricorn)

Whatever your Sun Sign, Benjamin’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you will be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

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