November 1-15 2018 Astrology Forecast: Jupiter Enters Sagittarius

Jupiter with Auroras

Jupiter entering Sagittarius is only one of several impactful events involving slower planets in the first half of November. We also have Uranus retrograding into Aries and an extraordinary Mirror Image Double Yod incorporating seven planets! All that, along with a Scorpio New Moon and several more powerful aspect patterns, gives us a lot of astrological juju to work with!

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Current Retrogrades

Venus thru 11/16
Neptune thru 11/24
Chiron thru 12/8
Uranus thru 1/6/19

11/1 (Thu)

November kicks off with an unusual scenario: three aspects involving only slower planets. What makes the situation even more extraordinary? All three aspects are part of a single aspect pattern!

The aspect pattern is a Mystic Rectangle which peaks tomorrow. Much of what these individual aspects mean is incorporated into that aspect pattern’s interpretation. However, there are some brief additional meanings I’ll note here.

A Jupiter-Chiron trine (28°31′ Scorpio-Pisces) smoothly supports the amplification of healing and mentoring, as well as wisdom gained from a foreign culture.

With a Chiron-Pallas opposition (28°31′ Pisces-Virgo), giving or receiving mentoring in feminine assertiveness and strategy is dynamically energized.

All the important meanings of a Jupiter-Pallas sextile (28°31′ Scorpio-Virgo) are covered within the Mystic Rectangle interpretation.

11/2 (Fri)

Mystic Rectangle Peaks: Juno-Pallas-Jupiter-Chiron

2018 11 02 Mr Jun Pa Ju Ch

You can gain the wisdom to take committed partnership to the next level, thanks to a Juno-Pallas-Jupiter-Chiron Mystic Rectangle.

Committed partnership is represented by Juno. A sextile from Chiron supports a smooth, powerful flow of wise counsel. Jupiter, giver of joy and life-enhancing wisdom, opposes Juno. And Pallas trines Juno, encouraging you to assertively and strategically seek the wisdom you need.

This Mystic Rectangle also supports you in a partnership that offers wisdom or healing to others. This aspect pattern started on 10/15, peaks today (11/2) and ends on 11/17. Its extraordinary tightness as it peaks – all the individual aspects are within 1/4 of a degree! – gives it extra power.

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Jupiter-Juno opposition (28°41′ Scorpio-Taurus) is part of today’s Mystic Rectangle. Its important meanings are included in that aspect pattern’s interpretation.

11/3 (Sat)

Double Peak Yod, First Peak: Venus-Juno-Chiron

2018 11 23 Yod Ve Jun Ch

Healing in committed partnerships is powerfully supported – for over a month! – by a Venus-Juno-Chiron Yod. This “Finger of God” aspect pattern started on 10/25 and has its first peak today (11/3). It will peak again on 11/23 and end on 11/28. The unusually long duration and double peak are due to retrograde Venus stationing direct during the Yod.

For most people, this Yod will be most useful in the context of romantic partnership. But healing within creative partnerships is also strongly supported. This Yod also gives energy to mentoring, especially in the arts.

This Yod is an integral part of the Mirror Image Double Yod that peaks on 11/6. But since this Venus-Juno-Chiron Yod lasts two weeks longer than that more complex aspect pattern, it felt important to give it its own interpretation.

Both of today’s planetary pairs are part of that Mirror Image Double Yod that peaks on 11/6. The meanings of both aspects – a Venus-Chiron quincunx (28°27′ Libra-Pisces) and a Chiron-Juno sextile (28°27′ Pisces-Taurus) – are incorporated in that aspect pattern’s interpretation.

11/4 (Sun)

A Uranus-Pallas quincunx (0°3′ Taurus-Libra) is part of the Mirror Image Double Yod peaking on 11/6. Most of its meaning is covered in that aspect pattern’s interpretation. As an individual aspect, it also supports insights and breakthroughs to support your feminine assertiveness and strategic skills – if you’re willing to make the necessary adjustments.

11/6 (Tue)

Uranus Enters Aries

An outer planet changing signs is always astrological headline news. Uranus, the bringer of revolution and paradigm shift, spends about seven years in each sign. He transitioned from Aries to Taurus on 5/15, and today (11/6) begins a four-month farewell visit to Aries. Following that, he’ll reenter Taurus on 3/6/19. Uranus will then stay in the Sign of the Bull for over seven years.

Taurus is conservative and reveres tradition. Aries is bold and fiery, and wants something new! In the U.S., Uranus in Aries was marked by liberal breakthroughs spearheaded by President Obama in areas such as healthcare and gay marriage.

Under President Trump, we’ve seen a radical resurgence of conservative values, including a newly conservative Supreme Court that could reverse liberal advances dating back to the 60s. Under Trump’s titanic influence, darker Taurean qualities such as self-centeredness (“America first”), fear of the outsider (immigration restriction) and exploitation of the environment without regard to future consequences are gaining sway. Uranus works fast!

For those in the “resist” camp, Uranus’ four-month return to Aries represents a brief window of opportunity that can dynamically rekindle their revolutionary efforts. Once Uranus returns to Taurus on 3/6/19, given current trends, the forces of conservatism are likely to be further energized.

This is not to say that Uranus’s sojourn through Taurus will only work against those with a more open-minded mindset. In my 5/15 interpretation of Uranus entering Taurus, I describe many ways to make life-affirming use of Taurean Uranus. These include grounding your unique self into everyday manifestation, following your intuitive flashes in everyday life, and redefining your relationship with money and possessions. You can also revolutionize your sensuality and awaken to the living earth.

If you resonate more with these ideas then the values espoused by Trump, know that simply living them yourself makes a difference. We’re all energetically connected, and whatever one person does radiates to all others. When darkness seems to be rising, it becomes ever more important for each person who is dedicated to love to nurture the light.

As I’ve said before, I think we’re moving into a new Golden Age on earth. (In Law of One terminology, we’re transitioning into fourth density consciousness.) The darkness always makes an all-out last stand during such epochal transitions.

But such a shift of the ages is on an invariable timetable, and can’t be stopped. The darkness has had its day, and will return again in the distant future as the great cycles run their course. But here, now, it’s time for the return of the light.

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Mirror Image Double Yod Begins

2018 11 06 Dbl Yod Ve Ce Jun Pa Ju Ch UrOne of 2018’s most unusual (and visually striking) aspect patterns begins today: a Mirror Image Double Yod containing seven planets. The only personal planet is Venus. There are three asteroid goddesses – Ceres, Juno and Pallas – and three slower planets – Jupiter, Chiron and Uranus. It started on 10/29, peaks today on 11/6 and ends on 11/14.

Such a heavily populated aspect pattern has many possible interpretations, but relationship is front and center.

As it turns out, the Venus-Juno-Chiron Double-Peak Yod that had its first peak on 11/3, which is part of this Double Yod, strongly colors the interpretation of this larger aspect pattern. Healing in committed partnerships, be they romantic or creative, is also a central theme. But with Ceres now conjunct Venus, there’s a new invitation: to observe how your relationships affect your self-esteem and finances.

The other Yod in this pattern contains Pallas, Jupiter and Uranus. This contributes a whole new set of themes, including assertiveness, strategy and passion. It adds sizzling electricity and the possibility of sudden breakthroughs!

Putting it all together, the healing of committed partnerships can become energized and inspired. If everyone involved gives it their best effort, this could happen with surprising speed. (I recommend the 4-Part Nonviolent Communication Process for the interpersonal work, and my free Healing Invocation for the shadow work each partner will need to do within themselves.)

Spiritual awakening and divine inspiration can flow more easily under a Sun-Neptune trine (13°47′ Scorpio-Pisces). Shadow work releases can be easier, and occult practices can proceed with greater ease.

11/7 (Wed)

Scorpio New Moon

2018 11 07 New MoonNovember’s New Moon aligns at 11:02 AM EST (15°11′ Scorpio). This provides fresh energy for activities such as transformation and shadow work. The other themes I mentioned in my 10/23 interpretation of the Sun entering Scorpio also receive enhanced juju: merging your resources and energy with others personally or professionally, sacred sexuality and occult practices, and taxes, insurance and inheritances. This is also a great time to increase wealth and power.


This New Moon’s strongest aspect is a tight trine from Neptune. This opens a smooth flow of divine energy and inspiration to your New Moon goals. Because Neptune rules imagination and visualization, it also enhances any Law of Attraction work you do related to your New Moon aspirations. Neptune’s presence also amps up the themes of spiritual transformation and sacred sexuality.

This New Moon’s other soft aspects are sextiles from Capricornian Pluto and Vesta. Pluto and Scorpio mean the same thing, so this gives extra power to all the Scorpionic meanings I’ve already listed.

Vesta’s sextile smoothly energizes selfless service. Given her tight conjunction to Pluto and all the Scorpio energy in the air, her secondary meaning of sex magic can also be activated. This uses the power of sexual arousal and orgasm to supercharge your Law of Attraction visualizations.

The New Moon also receives two minor hard aspects. A 135° sesquare from Chiron amps up the shadow work theme, and can energize your own skills as a healer or mentor. A semi-square from Pallas can energize your feminine assertiveness and strategic skills.

Sabian Symbol

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A girl’s face breaking into a smile.” Did she get news of a surprise inheritance while practicing sex magic?

Just kidding. To me, the girl represents the feminine receptive principle. Many a smile has crossed my face after saying an invocation and passively receiving ecstatic divine energy.

This being a girl and not a woman also suggests innocence. Jesus said that you must be like a child to enter heaven. The more I’m able to rest in the blissful innocence and emptiness of “beginner’s mind,” the more I have to smile about. Try it yourself!

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Today’s Pluto-Vesta conjunction (19°6′ Capricorn) is part of the New Moon, and is included in that interpretation.

11/8 (Thu)

Jupiter-Uranus Quincunx

Would you like some intuitive flashes to help you understand the meaning of life better? How about taking your religious practice to the next level, or being radically transformed by exposure to a foreign culture?

All these are possible manifestations of a Jupiter-Uranus quincunx (29°56′ Scorpio-Aries), as long as you make the appropriate adjustment. This aspect is also part of the Mirror Image Double Yod that peaked on 11/6.

Jupiter Closeup

Jupiter Enters Sagittarius

Jupiter rules two signs – Sagittarius and Pisces – but Sagittarius is the sign that most resonates with Jupiter’s planetary energy. So Jupiter is especially powerful (and happy!) as he enters Sagittarius today (11/8) at 7:38 AM EST. Jupiter will remain in Sagittarius for almost 13 months, through 12/2/19.

Jupiter and Sagittarius share a variety of meanings. You can accentuate any or all of them in your life:

  • higher education
  • professor, guru or philosopher (giving information that makes life more wonderful)
  • foreign travel or influences
  • religion
  • philosophy
  • the meaning of life
  • publication
  • joy
  • celebration
  • enthusiasm
  • euphoria


  • dogmatic righteousness (street corner preacher syndrome)
  • spreading yourself too thin

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11/9 (Fri)

Two T-squares Begin

Two T-squares begin today, but all that they have in common is their starting date.

Venus-Vesta-Uranus T-square

2018 12 01 T Sq Ve Ves UrWant to make a breakthrough in your service to a higher calling? This Venus-Vesta-Uranus T-square suggests that buddying up with someone will make your service more effective. This dynamic aspect pattern also supports selfless service through your creativity.

This T-square starts today (11/9), peaks on 12/1 and ends on 12/15. It’s especially powerful when it peaks, when all three planets are within 1° of orb. This is an extraordinary degree of exactness for an aspect pattern!

Sun-Mars-Juno T-square

2018 11 20 T Sq Su Ma Jun

Juno sets the tone for today’s second T-square. She’s retrograde in Taurus, inviting reflection on the stability of your committed partnerships. Piscean Mars invites you to act to manifest your highest vision for those relationships. Finally, the Scorpionic Sun invites deep transformation, along with the shadow work which usually accompanies meaningful change.

Is your committed partnership sexual? The sensuality of Taurus and the erotic energies of Mars and Scorpio invite intimate connection. Have you explored sacred sexual connection, which adds the ecstasy of the blended light bodies to the five senses? This is an excellent energy under which to try this out, or deepen your current erotic soul blending.

This Sun-Mars-Juno T-square starts today (11/9), peaks on 11/20 and ends on 11/22.

Taking sex in a more experimental direction, as just described, is also supported by a Venus-Mars trine (26°11′ Libra-Aquarius). More generally, this soft aspect can help harmonize any kind of relating. It all also offers smooth support for creative expression.

With Mars in Aquarius, pay special attention to your intuitive flashes. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

11/11 (Sun)

Breakthroughs in abundance and shadow work are dynamically energized by a Uranus-Ceres opposition (29°49′ Aries-Libra). Uranus communicates by intuitive flashes, and does not explain itself when it fires one down. If you get a hunch or gut feeling that relates to either of these themes, you might be wise to follow it!

This opposition is also part of the Mirror Image Double Yod that continues through 11/14

Abundance of all kinds gets additional planetary support from a harmonious Sun-Pluto sextile (19°10′ Scorpio-Capricorn). This flowing aspect can also smoothly empower personal transformation, sacred sex, and occult practices.

11/13 (Tue)

T-square Peaks: Mars-Juno-Jupiter

2018 11 14 T Sq Ma Jun JuCommitted partnership is powerfully catalyzed by a Mars-Juno-Jupiter T-square. It started on 10/28, peaks today (11/13) and ends on 11/22.

This hard aspect pattern can powerfully stir up any unresolved relationship issues. But it will only do so because it’s eager to shower you with its life-affirming gifts. These include abundant joy, celebration and enthusiasm.

If a committed partnership is sexual, this is a great time to explore new ways of pleasuring each other. If you’re willing to do a little shadow work on the front end, this T-square can catapult your relationship to a whole new level of wonderful!

11/15 (Thu)

Under a Mars-Uranus sextile (29°40′ Aquarius-Aries), Uranus sends down intuitive flashes and Mars says “Just do it!” Be sure that you’re acting from your inner guidance and not just the impulsive desires of your ego. Action that aligns with your soul purpose will feel exciting and electrifying!

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least a week before and after.

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