November 1-15 Astrology Forecast: Sensuality/Volatility

pillow fightThe two top “skylights” for the first half of November are radically different. The Taurus Full Moon glows with a grounded vibe of sensuality, healing and transformation. But Mars’ close encounter with the Uranus-Pluto square sizzles with volatility, electricity and revolutionary transformation!

All the personal planets have abundant interaction with slower planets, and a Yod calls for adjustments in committed partnerships. Read on to learn more!

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11/1 (Sat)

Eloquence, learning and communication are harmoniously amplified with Mercury sextile Jupiter (20°28′ Libra-Leo). All types of creative expression, linguistic or otherwise, also get extra juice.

It’s a great time to look deeply into what’s really going on in your relationships with Venus sextile Pluto (11°23′ Scorpio-Capricorn). This harmonious aspect can energize what’s already going well and help you positively transform challenges. This aspect also energizes creative expression and financial activities.

It’s easier to take prompt action based on your flow of inner guidance with Mars sextile Neptune (4°51′ Capricorn-Pisces). Law of Attraction work and sacred sexuality are also strongly energized.

11/2 (Sun)

Intuitive flashes can smoothly guide your higher desire to serve the collective with Uranus trine Vesta (13°32′ Aries-Sagittarius).

11/3 (Mon)

The healing of relationships, especially committed romantic partnerships, is supported by a harmonious Venus-Chiron trine (13°17′ Scorpio-Pisces). The trigger that stirs up the issue in the first place might come out of left field, courtesy of a Venus-Uranus quincunx (13°29′ Scorpio-Aries). This latter aspect might also pop down the intuitive flash that provides exactly the healing breakthrough you need!

All flavors of personal transformation are smoothly and energetically supported by a Sun-Pluto sextile (11°26′ Scorpio-Capricorn). So are activities such as research, investigation, occult activities and journaling.

11/4 (Tue)

No major astrology events.

11/5 (Wed)

Psychological healing is smoothly supported by a Sun-Chiron trine (13°15′ Scorpio-Pisces). So is the empowerment of your gifts as a mentor or healer.

A Sun-Uranus quincunx (13°24′ Scorpio-Aries) can aggravate nervousness, agitation and anxiety. But you can positively transform these unpleasant symptoms by letting your freak flag fly, following your intuitive flashes and serving the collective with your special talents.

All mental activities, especially those with a more creative flavor, receive extra inspiration with Mercury quintile Mars (25°54′ Libra-7°54′ Capricorn).

Yod Begins: Juno-Chiron-Pluto

yod juno-ch-plCommitted relationships of all kinds, romantic or platonic, may be feeling extra stress due to a Yod involving Juno, Chiron and Pluto. This aspect pattern starts today (11/5), peaks 11/11 and ends 11/19.

Courageously focusing on release and transformation can bring healing to the root cause of the conflict. If the relationship is meant to continue, this can give it a more solid foundation moving forward.

11/6 (Thu)

full moon 11-6-14Taurus Full Moon

November’s Full Moon illuminates the sky today (11/6) at 5:23 PM EST (14°25′ Taurus). How are things going for you in the areas of sensual enjoyment, earned income, persistence, and “just being”? Take stock and make adjustments as appropriate.


This lunation’s aspects suggest taking a good look at the state of your relationships, especially committed ones (Venus opposition and Juno square). Healing, release and transformation in all areas of life is smoothly supported (Chiron sextile and Pluto trine). And be attentive to any intuitive flashes you receive, especially if they show how to be more true to yourself or contribute to the greater good (Uranus semi-sextile).

Sabian Symbol

This Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A man with a silk hat, muffled against the cold, braves a storm.” While this image unmistakably speaks of adversity, it also shows readiness for whatever challenges may come.

Yod Augmentation: Mars-Juno-Chiron-Pluto

yod-marsThe Yod that started on 11/5, featuring Chiron, Pluto and Juno, gains a fourth member today (11/6). As Mars cozies up to Pluto in Capricorn, it could energize angry or violent behavior in committed partnerships. But its abundant energy can also be positively focused into pioneering a new and better direction for the relationship.

11/7 (Fri)

No major astrology events.

11/8 (Sat)

What are you hoping to harvest? Visualize it now with Neptune square Ceres (4°48′ Pisces-Sagittarius). Left unattended, this aspect could dissolve abundance. But this square can help make your dreams come true if you exuberantly imagine the details of your desired prosperity!

Mercury transits Scorpio today (11/8) through 11/27. Probing inquiry, psychological breakthroughs and empowered truth-telling are positive ways to use this opportunity.

11/9 (Sun)

What’s the true state of your relationships, creative expression and finances? With Venus square Jupiter (21°18′ Scorpio-Leo), it’s as if a magic magnifying glass is available to help you see more deeply into these life areas. If you encounter challenges, you can invoke Jupiter’s abundant energy to help you meet them.

11/10 (Mon)

Potentially volatile energies are in the air 11/4-17 (peaking 11/10), generated by a Mars-Pluto conjunction (11°35′ Capricorn). This aspect’s dark side expressions can include uncontrolled sexuality, hair-trigger anger or impulsive violence. Focus instead on high side expressions such as positive passionate action, sacred sexual union and Energizer Bunny productivity!

11/11 (Tue)

What was the source of the deep, brilliant, insightful thought that just occurred to you? Could it be today’s Mercury-Jupiter quintile (3°25′ Scorpio-21°25′ Leo)? Or perhaps it was Mercury’s trine to intuitive Neptune (4°48′ Scorpio-Pisces).

Yods Peak

The Chiron-Pluto-Juno Yod that started on 11/5 peaks today (11/11), as does the Mars-enhanced version that started on 11/6. The three-planet Yod ends on 11/19, while its Martian counterpart ends on 11/16.

11/12 (Wed)

The sizzling power of the 11/10 Mars-Pluto conjunction is amped up even more by a Mars-Uranus square (13°10′ Capricorn-Aries). It’s hard to overstate the volatility of Mars’ close encounter with the multi-year Uranus-Pluto square!

Let your intuitive flashes guide you in avoiding the darker possible expressions mentioned in the 11/10 forecast: uncontrolled sexuality, hair-trigger anger or impulsive violence. Your inner wisdom can also guide you in focusing this aspect’s energies into that forecast’s more life-affirming expressions: positive passionate action, sacred sexual union and Energizer Bunny productivity.

Don’t be surprised if a Venus-Saturn conjunction (25°17′ Scorpio) exposes structural weaknesses in your existing relationships. Can you and your partner take your relationship to the next level by healing the problem area?

11/13 (Thu)

A Sun-Jupiter square (21°39′ Scorpio-Leo) can make you seem more wonderful to yourself than you really are. Repeat after me: I am not Superman. I cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound. I will enjoy my sense of superhuman power and expanded possibilities safely and sanely.

11/14 (Fri)

Uranus-Chiron Semi-sextile

Uranus and Chiron are exactly semi-sextile today. However, they’ve been making this aspect energetically for years, and will continue making it for years to come!

While the opportunity for breakthroughs in healing and understanding is especially strong today, you have plenty of time to enjoy enhanced wellness and wisdom. Because Uranus and Chiron are making a semi-sextile, a minor hard angle associated with irritation, these breakthroughs may include some discomfort.

Your committed partnerships can benefit from brilliant insights and unexpected breakthroughs with Uranus trine Juno (13°08′ Aries-Leo).

You can more fully embody your feminine assertiveness with Pluto sextile Pallas Athena (11°41′ Capricorn-Scorpio). Strategic planning and practical creativity also get a harmonious boost.

11/15 (Sat)

No major astrology events.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

  • 11/1, 02:22:44 am – 12:37:43 pm (Pisces)
  • 11/3, 04:06:19 am – 01:54:20 pm    (Aries)
  • 11/5, 08:26:04 am – 04:34:07 pm    (Taurus)
  • 11/7, 11:17:59 am – 08:45:44 pm    (Gemini)
  • 11/9, 11:22:43 am – 11/10, 03:39:04 am (Cancer)
  • 11/12, 04:17:24 am – 01:45:20 pm (Leo)
  • 11/14, 09:53:40 pm – 11/15, 02:09:17 am (Virgo)

Whatever your Sun Sign, Benjamin’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you will be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

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