November 19-30 2018 Astrology Forecast: Learn/Teach

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Learning and teaching are potently energized by the Sun entering Sagittarius, a Gemini Full Moon, and a Sun-Mercury-Jupiter Triple Conjunction squaring Mars! We also have Neptune turning direct, Mars square Jupiter, and more.

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11/19 (Mon)

You can enjoy expansive, enthusiastic energy in your assertiveness, leadership and sexuality with Mars square Jupiter (2°33′ Pisces-Sagittarius). This dynamic aspect also energizes athletics, creativity and spirituality.

11/20 (Tue)

T-square Peaks: Sun-Mars-Juno

2018 11 20 T Sq Su Ma Jun

A Sun-Mars-Juno T-square that started on 11/9 peaks today (11/20) and ends on 11/22. Juno, retrograde in Taurus, invites reflection on the stability of your committed partnerships. Piscean Mars invites you to manifest your highest vision for those relationships. Finally, the Scorpionic Sun invites deep transformation, along with the shadow work which usually accompanies meaningful change.

Is your committed partnership sexual? The sensuality of Taurus and the erotic energies of Mars and Scorpio invite intimate connection. Have you explored sacred sexual connection, which adds the ecstasy of the blended light bodies to the five senses? This is an excellent energy under which to try this out, or deepen your current erotic soul blending.

Smooth, powerful healing is supported by a Sun-Chiron trine (28°3′ Scorpio-Pisces). This harmonious aspect also supports mentoring around transformation, occult practices, and anything else involving blended energies.

11/21 (Wed)

Your energy could feel jangly or chaotic with the Sun quincunx Uranus (29°26′ Scorpio-Aries). Reclaim harmony by embodying your authentic self more fully. Other helpful strategies include following your intuitive flashes and serving others using the special talents you most love to use.

11/22 (Thu)

The Sun enters Sagittarius today at 4:01 AM EST. The next month offers enhanced opportunities for joy, celebration and enthusiasm. Sagittarius also supports religion, philosophy and exploring the meaning of life.

This is also a great time for higher education, involvement in foreign countries or their teachings, and working with knowledge that makes life more wonderful. Be careful not to spread yourself too thin, or fall into “street corner preacher syndrome.”

11/23 (Fri)

Gemini Full Moon

2018 11 23 Full MoonA Full Moon illuminates the sky at 12:39 AM EST (0°52′ Gemini). All Gemini Full Moons are ideal for release or adjustment in how you learn or share information. Other areas ripe for revision are the amount of variety in your life, and relationships with your neighbors and relatives.


The Moon conjoins Juno, inviting adjustment or release in your committed partnerships. The luminaries also form a T-square with Mars and Jupiter, powerfully amplifying the themes mentioned above.

This Full Moon also aligns with the Sun-Mars-Juno T-square that peaked on 11/20, incorporating that aspect pattern’s themes into this lunation.

Healing and mentoring are smoothly empowered by a sextile from Chiron. A trine from Vesta encourages service to a higher cause. And a semi-sextile from Uranus offers subtle encouragement to express yourself authentically, even if it ruffles a few feathers!

Sabian Symbol

This Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A glass-bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders.” The ocean is sometimes murky, but can reveal amazing sights once the water is clear.

With the wounded healer Chiron aspecting the Moon, this symbol can be a metaphor for the “gold” that’s unearthed after shadow work is successfully done. Facing your old emotional traumas can be grueling work, but the joy and sparkle of a life free from such old pain is well worth the journey!

Immensely Helpful In Providing Clarity

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I have worked with Benjamin a few years now on many different levels. He is always present with you and focused on what your needs are.

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Great Readings … Helpful Information

When I have major shifts happening in my life, I touch base with Benjamin to see what is happening in my chart. Sometimes I find useful confirmations and at other times information to assess what energies are flowing … It can bring a new perspective that I hadn’t considered. I appreciate that he is not invested in the outcome of the information but rather presents it in such a way that I can come to my own conclusions. Thanks Benjamin!

     — C.B., Nov 1, 2018 (5-star review)

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11/24 (Sat)

Neptune Direct

Neptune 11629 640

Neptune, which turned retrograde on 6/18 at 16°29′ Pisces, turns direct today at 13°41′ Pisces. Neptune’s themes include spiritual awakening and inspired creativity on the high side. Among its low side archetypes are substance abuse, excessive escapism, aimless drifting and martyrdom.

Have you gained any insights by reflecting on these themes during the last five months? If so, now that Neptune is direct, you can start putting your insights into action.

Planets are most powerful when they change directions. Anything in your chart between 11° and 17° in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) will be strongly affected by Neptune’s direct station.

Transiting Neptune spiritualizes whatever serves highest good, and strives to dissolve what does not. If you have sensitive natal points in the degree ranges above, notice if there’s a spiritualizing or dissolving trend in the life areas these points represent. My advice: follow wherever your higher self leads!

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11/25 (Sun)

Thor’s Hammer Peaks: Juno-Pallas-Saturn

2018 11 27 Th Jun Pa Sa

Challenge could arise in committed partnership (Juno) under the influence of a Juno-Pallas-Saturn Thor’s Hammer. This aspect pattern began on 11/17, peaks today (11/25) and ends on 12/4.

As always, relationship challenge is an invitation to either take the relationship to the next level or let it go. This planetary trio supports clear strategy and sensitive negotiation (Pallas), implemented with maturity, discipline and wisdom (Saturn).

Bringing these qualities to relationship issues increases the odds for a win-win resolution. Also consider using the 4-part Nonviolent Communication Process, which has helped countless couples harmoniously resolve their differences.

11/26 (Mon)

You can enjoy abundant enthusiasm and vitality, as well as a powerful desire to learn or communicate meaningful wisdom, thanks to a Sun-Jupiter conjunction (3°56′ Sagittarius). All of the other themes described in my 11/22 interpretation of the Sun entering Sagittarius are also lit up by this aspect.

Over-the-top verbal aggression is a great way not to use a Mercury-Mars square (6°29′ Sagittarius-Pisces). Feel free to share your life-affirming wisdom … as long as you have your listener’s permission, and you’re not fanatically proclaiming it as the One True Way.

11/27 (Tue)

Yesterday’s communication theme is powerfully amplified by two conjunctions today: Sun-Mercury (5°3′ Sagittarius) and Mercury-Jupiter (4°18′ Sagittarius).

2018 11 27 Su Me Ma JuLooking at the bigger picture, we have three planets having a big group hug in Sagittarius – Sun, Mercury and Jupiter – energized by a square to Mars. And Mercury, Jupiter and Sagittarius all thrive on learning and communication.

For some, the urge to learn and communicate could be overwhelming. Mental energy rarely gets such a powerful boost, so strap on your thinking cap and get to work!

The marathon endurance of a Mars-Saturn sextile (7°29′ Pisces-Capricorn) could help you burn the midnight oil with nary a yawn. With Mars in Pisces, you can direct plenty of this long-lasting energy toward embodied awakening or Law of Attraction work.

11/28 (Wed)

Is a challenge in your relationship setting the stage for a harmony tuneup? The catalyst could be a Venus-Chiron quincunx (27°57′ Libra-Pisces). If you haven’t yet put the 4-part Nonviolent Communication Process to the test, this could be your chance to watch it take your relationship to the next level!

Dramatic opportunities for regeneration and transformation are available with a Jupiter-Pluto semi-square (4°35′ Sagittarius-19°35′ Capricorn). This aspect can open up great resources and potential, opportunities for enormous success, and empowerment through education. Just don’t let this minor hard aspect tempt you into extreme material or spiritual ambition, feeling high and mighty, or the abuse of power.

11/29 (Thu)

What’s the sacred fire at the center of your life? You can gain new insight into it, or take it to the next level, with Uranus square Vesta (29°11′ Aries-Capricorn). This aspect can also electrify your service to a higher cause!

11/30 (Fri)

Ready for a relationship revolution? It’s potently supported by a Venus-Uranus opposition (29°9′ Libra-Aries). This could be a new relationship starting, taking an existing relationship to the next level, or completing an existing connection.

Let your intuitive flashes guide you. These “text messages from God” can also inspire exciting new directions in your creative expression.

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