October 1-15 2015 Astrology Forecast: Jupiter-Pluto Abundance!

Abundance Woman Rainbow2There’s lots of astrological juju in the first half of October. Mercury retrograde ends and a Jupiter-Pluto trine offers prosperity. And a Libra New Moon aligns with a Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-square that wants to rock your world! We also have six other aspect patterns offering an abundance of energetic opportunities.

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10/1 (Thu)

Th Ma Sa Ur EDITEDThor’s Hammer: Mars-Saturn-Uranus

A short-lived Thor’s Hammer fires up today, featuring Mars and Saturn directing their attention toward Uranus. This aspect pattern can be used to apply consistent effort toward blooming into the authentic human being you incarnated to be. This can include Uranus’ highest expression: serving the collective with the special talents you most enjoy using!

This Mars-Saturn-Uranus Thor’s Hammer starts today, peaks on 10/2 and wraps up on 10/4. Make hay while the sun shines!

Why take immediate action on your intuitive flashes with Mars sesquare Uranus (3°56′ – 18°56′ VIrgo-Aries)? It minimizes the odds of this minor hard aspect manifesting as accidents and unexpected anger or violence. With Mars in Virgo, new inspiration regarding health or win-win service may also pop in.

10/2 (Fri)

The Thor’s Hammer that started yesterday peaks today. See the 10/1 forecast for details.

10/3 (Sat)

T Sq Su Ur PlT-square: Sun-Uranus-Pluto

The waning Uranus-Pluto square, the decade’s most potent astrological event, gets reactivated by T-squares three times in October! First up is a Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-square that starts today, peaks on 10/9 and ends on 10/13. Opening to rapid personal transformation under this aspect pattern can be exhilarating and positively life-changing. Just make sure you’re strapped securely into the roller coaster!

With the Sun in Libra, relationships and creativity are invited to take a quantum leap. Your experiences in relating and creating might be flowing or challenging. Either way, what would it take to catapult them to the next level? If the situation holds significant challenges, and improvement seems unlikely, is it time to release a disharmonious situation and move on?

10/4 (Sun)

No major astrology events.

10/5 (Mon)

No major astrology events.

10/6 (Tue)

Today’s Sun-Pluto square (13°0′ Libra-Capricorn) is part of the current Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-square. Please see its interpretation in my 10/3 forecast to understand it in context.

Harmonious, productive communications are supported by Mercury sextile Saturn (1°32′ Libra-Sagittarius). This aspect also supports industrious artistic productivity, in whatever creative medium you prefer.

Neptune makes two aspects today. First up, if you’re experiencing confusion, murkiness or vagueness in your committed partnerships, it could be a Neptune-Juno quincunx (7°29′ Pisces-Libra) at work. Make better use of this aspect by visualizing your key relationships functioning optimally. Neptune rules visualization, and can help make what you imagine real!

Neptune’s second aspect of the day is a Mars-Neptune opposition (7°29′ Virgo-Pisces). Challenging manifestations include misguided, fanatical action and listlessness. Happier outcomes are more likely if you focus on sacred sexuality, take strong action to bring your visions into being, and allow intuition to direct your actions.

10/7 (Wed)

T Sq Ve Sa NeT-square: Venus-Saturn-Neptune

Law of Attraction work — especially in the areas of relationship and creativity – is energized by a Venus-Saturn-Neptune T-square. This “challenge for growth” aspect pattern starts today, peaks on 10/14 and ends on 10/19.

What’s your ideal vision of your most important relationships? What relationships do you want to engage in that don’t yet exist? What creative vision are you excited to express in the world? Can you imagine it already born into the world and bringing pleasure to those who experience it?

With Venus mostly in Virgo during this T-square, other archetypal possibilities emerge. What service do you feel called to give to the world? Can you imagine yourself in optimal health? What organizational structure would best support your life calling?

Some of these archetypal possibilities will resonate more for you than others. Those are the ones you should dive into while this Venus-Neptune-Saturn T-square is active through 10/19

10/8 (Thu)

Venus transits Virgo today through 11/8. This empowers harmonious service, meticulously crafted artistry and working in partnership to achieve optimal health.

10/9 (Fri)

Mercury Direct

Mercury, retrograde since 9/17, turns direct today at 10:58 AM EDT (0°53′ Libra). Perhaps you’ve gained some new insights into how you can more effectively relate and create as Mercury has backpedaled through Libra. If so, Mercury’s direct station opens the door for you to start making the appropriate changes!

The Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-square that started on 10/3 peaks today and ends on 10/13. See my 10/3 forecast to learn more.

Thor’s Hammer: Venus-Saturn-Uranus

Th Ve Sa UrIt can be challenging to fly your freak flag by yourself. The Thor’s Hammer that begins today suggests that creating a strong yet dynamic social foundation with those of like mind (Venus square Saturn on the back end) can help support you as you express yourself boldly and uniquely into the world (Uranus at the tip sesquare Venus and Saturn).

This Venus-Saturn-Uranus Thor’s Hammer begins today, peaks on 10/12 and ends on 10/14.

10/10 (Sat)

A Venus-Saturn square (1°54-Virgo-Sagittarius) can bring relationship challenge and artistic restriction. But why settle for that when this aspect can support creative productivity, the building of new relational structures and efficient, harmonious service?

This Venus-Saturn square is also part of the Thor’s Hammer aspect pattern that started yesterday.

10/11 (Sun)

Jupiter Trine Pluto

What’s one thing Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have in common? Jupiter and Pluto connecting strongly in their natal charts. What else do they have in common? They’re rich!

These two billionaires benefit from natal Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions, but all of us can increase our prosperity under a Jupiter-Pluto trine. This harmonious aspect came into orb on 9/3, peaks today and moves out of orb on 12/19. In this context, Pluto represents massive wealth and Jupiter represents expansion and luck!

Of course, prosperity is not limited to money. With Jupiter in Virgo, abundance can show up as good health or the soul-deep satisfaction of appropriate service to others. A Jupiter-Pluto trine can also amplify sacred sexuality, deep transformation and occult practices such as astrology, numerology, mediumship, psychic perception and shamanism.

A Sun-Uranus opposition (18°30′ Libra-Aries) is a great time to let your true individuality shine forth into the world. Intuitive flashes can also pop in more often. (Trust them: they’re like text messages from God!) With the Sun in Libra, it can be a good time for joy-magnifying paradigm shifts in your relationships and creative expression.

If you in an awkward situation, perhaps some healing or mentoring will help. So says a Sun-Chiron quincunx (17°55′ Libra-Pisces). With the Sun in Libra, these awkward spots may show up in the areas of relationship and creativity. This aspect can also support your ability to heal or mentor others.

10/12 (Mon)

10 12 15 New Moon 2Libra New Moon

October’s New Moon lines up at 8:06 PM EDT at 19°20′ Libra. Any New Moon in Libra is great for putting new energy into relationships and creative expression. It’s also a great time to put more energy into anything you love!

Uranus Opposition

The hands-down winner for strongest aspect to the conjoined Moon and Sun is a very tight opposition from Uranus. (Unavoidably, I’ll be repeating some of the points I made when I interpreted yesterday’s Sun-Uranus opposition.) This can be a great time to “let your freak flag fly,” even if that means disappointing some people who love you. (It often does!)

Uranus will be strongly transmitting intuitive flashes during this New Moon period. These are often called gut feelings. Certainty is strong, but this powerful feeling may not be supported by rationality or logic.

Intuition doesn’t explain itself, it just shows you what to do. Every client I’ve ever asked (and I’ve asked hundreds!) has confirmed that they get better outcomes when they follow, rather than override, their intuitive inner guidance.

The third and highest use of Uranus energy to serve the collective with your special gifts and talents. The highest level of service is rewarding, fulfilling and joyful. You’re doing something you truly love, and feel that you are being abundantly rewarded for your contribution.

T-square: Moon-Sun-Uranus-Pluto

But enough about Uranus on its own. Pluto is also in the game, forming a T-square with the Sun, Moon and Uranus. This adds the themes of transformation (the potentially life-transforming kind). Pluto and Uranus in combination can catalyze big changes very rapidly.

As I write this forecast in late September, everyone I know is feeling tremendous intensity in their lives. We’re all being asked to shed the heavy, dense energies that no longer serve us. As we do, the lighter energies of ease, harmony, and grace naturally flow in to replace them.

The extraordinary evolutionary transformation we’re all being asked to embody is undeniably challenging for most of us. But the rewards of successfully doing so are levels of bliss and ecstasy that defy description. The only way out is through. When you’re going through hell, keep going!

The New Moon’s T-square with Uranus and Pluto will ratchet this transformational energy up even higher. If you’re suffering, it may be because you’re still clinging to something that you’d be better off releasing. Some people may feel as if they only have two choices: wake up or go crazy!

I personally recommend waking up. There are many beautiful paths that can help you accomplish this. Here’s the invocation process I offer.  It’s free and simple, and has helped hundreds of people embody the blissful flow of awakened consciousness as they go through their daily lives.

Chiron Quincunx

As if all this Uranus-Pluto action wasn’t enough, Chiron also quincunxes the Sun and Moon. This can catalyze wounding experiences, whose higher purpose is to bring shadow material from the unconscious to be released. My healing invocation has helped many people clear challenging emotions as they arise.

Sabian Symbol

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A Jewish rabbi in a tiny room full of manuscripts and books, performing his duty.” To me, this image holds possibilities on both sides of the spectrum.

On the low side, it’s a warning not to let your worldview shrink (“tiny room)” into a rigid, restricted view of reality. There is much wisdom to be gained from the traditions and teachings of venerable paths such as Judaism. At the same time, great flexibility and open-mindedness is required to thrive in the rapidly changing world we live in now.

“Performing his duty” is also an interesting phrase. While emotionally ambiguous, to me it carries a dour sense of slogging through burdensome chores. To revisit a point I made earlier in this New Moon interpretation, service is optimally as joyful for the giver as it is helpful for the receiver.

I hope that this rabbi is having a wonderful time with his manuscripts and books! If not, I would ask him (and you) how you can bring more joy and enthusiasm to your professional and personal responsibilities. (Hint: maintaining an awakened state in your daily life makes everything more fun!)

The Venus-Saturn-Uranus Thor’s Hammer that started on 10/9 peaks today and ends on 10/14.

10/13 (Tue)

Practical communication, whether in your personal or professional environments, is harmoniously supported with Mercury sextile Saturn (2°8′ Libra-Sagittarius). This is also a fortuitous aspect for salespeople. This is a great time to initiate whatever communications are necessary to take care of business.

10/14 (Wed)

T Sq Juno Ur PlT-square: Juno-Uranus-Pluto

The second of October’s three T-squares involving Uranus and Pluto fires up today. This Juno-Uranus-Pluto T-square begins today, peaks on 10/28 and ends on 11/11.

One way to look at Juno is that she represents committed romantic partnerships, since Juno was the wife of Zeus in Greek mythology. But I have found that Juno more broadly represents all committed partnerships, be they personal or professional.

So, during this four-week period, pay attention to those committed partnerships that are most important in your life right now. If they’re already purring along, is there some shift you can make to take them to the next level? If there’s significant challenge, is there a new approach you can take to harmonize your connection? Or have things spiraled so far down that releasing that person from your life is the best choice?

Remember Pluto’s message: clinging to that which has outlived its usefulness generates suffering. And Uranus is always there to guide you with intuitive flashes, especially if you make quiet space to receive them.

The Venus-Saturn-Neptune T-square that started on 10/7 peaks today (10/14) and ends on 10/19.

10/15 (Thu)

Stellium Ve Ma JuStellium: Venus-Mars-Jupiter

Our final aspect pattern for the first half of October is a Stellium: three or more planets in conjunction. In this case, we have Venus, Mars and Jupiter clustered together in Virgo.

Venus and Mars have three lovely ways of interacting: the desire to relate, creative expression and sexual connection. Jupiter’s expansive influence makes all of these impulses even stronger.

Adding Virgo’s influence, you could use this  Stellium to fine-tune your creative skills, receive or offer sexual healing, or study harmonious relating practices such as NVC (Nonviolent Communication).

This Venus-Mars-Jupiter Stellium comes into orb today, peaks on 10/28 and ends on 11/3.

Get ready to rev things up with Mars trine Pluto. This harmonious aspect can help create a smooth experience of transformative action, sacred sexuality, and potent leadership. With Mars in Virgo, plenty of juice is available for health improvement, service, and detail work.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

  • 10/1, 6:43:42 am – 4:03:22 pm (Gemini)
  • 10/3, 1:18:21 pm – 8:21:46 pm (Cancer)
  • 10/5, 7:04:05 am – 10/6, 4:30:36 am (Leo)
  • 10/7, 5:10:02 pm – 10/8, 3:50:22 pm (Virgo)
  • 10/9, 6:12:19 pm – 10/11, 4:45:26 am (Libra)
  • 10/12, 8:05:40 pm – 10/13, 5:38:14 pm (Scorpio)
  • 10/14, 8:57:53 pm – 10/16, 5:18:02 am (Sagittarius)

Whatever your Sun Sign, Benjamin’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you will be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

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