October 1-15 2016 Astrology Forecast: Relationships & Creativity

Relationship Creativity CoupleOpportunities to take your relationships and creativity to the next level are abundant during the first half of October. This period is also notable for having no lunation and only one aspect pattern!

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10/1 (Sat)

October begins with one of astrology’s most inspiring aspects: a Venus-Neptune trine (9°52′ Scorpio-Pisces). This aspect can make it easier to receive creative inspiration and experience the divinity within yourself and others.

With Venus in Scorpio, this aspect also supports sacred sexuality and achieving deeper emotional intimacy in platonic relationships. It also encourages uninhibited artistic expression!

Counseling, mentoring and meticulous shadow work are supported with Mercury opposite Chiron (22°10′ Virgo-Pisces). This opposition is also excellent for healing, including spiritual modalities.

10/2 (Sun)

10 2 16 Gt Juno Vesta Ch RevGrand Trine peaks: Juno-Vesta-Chiron

The Juno-Vesta-Chiron Grand Trine that started on 9/19 peaks today (10/2) and ends on 10/17. For your convenience, I’m repeating my 9/19 interpretation of this aspect pattern here.

Imagine a healthy, flowing relationship, in which you and your partner serve a higher cause that brings nurturing to the world. That would be one sweet way to use the Grand Trine formed by Scorpionic Juno, Cancerian Vesta and Piscean Chiron. You could also fine-tune your relational skills to heal a challenged relationship.

Be careful not to get seduced by Neptune’s lower temptations under a Sun-Neptune quincunx (9°50′ Libra-Pisces). This can include excessive substance abuse, escapism, aimlessness or victimhood.

Instead, use this quincunx to deepen your embodied awakening. With the Sun in Libra, you can also make adjustments to merge more fully with someone you love or boost your creative inspiration!

We also have another quincunx between a personal and an outer planet today: a Mercury-Uranus quincunx (23°1′ Virgo-Aries). Virgoan Mercury can get caught up in intellectual planning and hyper-tweaking. But you can benefit from the wisdom of a far greater intelligence if you invite your divine self to put in its two cents’ worth!

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10/3 (Mon)

No major astrology events.

10/4 (Tue)

Strong, steady vitality and productivity can be yours with the Sun sextile Saturn (11°53′ Libra-Sagittarius). With the Sun in Libra, this aspect can also help stabilize relationships and support creative output.

10/5 (Wed)

Helpful relationship transformations can be smoothly empowered with Venus sextile Pluto (14°56′ Scorpio-Capricorn). This sextile can also juice up creative expression, sacred sexuality, and a heightened appreciation of  the edgier arts.

Enhanced libido is one benefit of a Mars-Jupiter square (5°41′ Capricorn-Libra). This dynamic aspect can also amplify your leadership, entrepreneurship, assertiveness and advocacy for a worthy cause. This square can also pump you up with fresh energy for diving into philosophy, religion, foreign studies and higher education.

With Mars in Capricorn, this square can have a potent Energizer Bunny effect. Just don’t let your ambition exceed your available energy!

10/6 (Thu)

No major astrology events.

10/7 (Fri)

Mercury transits Libra today (10/7) through 10/24. This energy is ideal for harmonious communication, creative writing and all types of creative expression.

Your learning and communication can enjoy inspiration and endurance with Mercury quintile Saturn (0°6′ Libra-12°6′ Sagittarius).

It’s a great time to release or transform everything that isn’t serving your evolution as the Sun squares Pluto (14°57′ Libra-Capricorn). This can trigger challenging emotions. If so, you may find my Healing Invocation helpful in clearing unpleasant feelings quickly and effectively.

With the Sun in Libra, this square may be especially helpful at highlighting dysfunctional relationship patterns so they can be healed and harmonized. It can also superpower your creativity!

10/8 (Sat)

No major astrology events.

10/9 (Sun)

No major astrology events.

10/10 (Mon)

No major astrology events.

10/11 (Tue)

Get your message out to the world as the planet of writing hooks up with the planet of publishing! A Mercury-Jupiter conjunction (6°52′ Libra) amplifies all forms of creativity and communication: verbal, written or otherwise.

This aspect can get you very excited about what you want to share. Fortunately, these planets’ placement in Libra can help you remember to also give others their time in the limelight.

A Venus-Chiron trine (21°46′ Scorpio-Pisces) gives smooth support to mentoring and healing. With Venus in Scorpio, you can more easily access your psychological depths.

Your actions can be guided by an easy, strong flow of intuition with Mars sextile Neptune (9°39′ Capricorn-Pisces). With Mars in Capricorn, this aspect also smoothly supports productivity and endurance. Enhanced spiritual consciousness and inspired creativity are also energized.

Mars also quintiles Chiron (9°45′ Capricorn-21°45′ Pisces), lending excitement, endurance and inspiration to healing and mentoring.

10/12 (Wed)

What’s the one paradigm shift that would most positively transform one of your key relationships? If you can identify it, a Venus-Uranus quincunx (22°38′ Scorpio-Aries) can help you implement it. This is also a great time to move in a bolder creative direction.

Unto itself, today’s Chiron-Juno trine (21°44′ Pisces-Scorpio) can bring an easy flow of healing energy to committed partnerships. It’s also part of the Juno-Vesta-Chiron Grand Trine in effect through 10/17.

Watch out for garbled communication as Mercury quincunxes Neptune (9°37′ Libra-Pisces). But consciously calling for guidance from your inner wisdom can amplify your intuitive flow.

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10/13 (Thu)

Think twice before using words as bullets as Mercury squares Mars (11°9′ Libra-Capricorn). Strive to make your communication exciting and passionate … and sensitive to others’ feelings. This aspect can also fire up creative writing and other forms of creative expression.

10/14 (Fri)

Relationship adjustment is supported by two quincunxes today. The first has the Libran Sun quincunx Chiron (21°39′ Libra-Pisces). Can you work with your partner to make an adjustment that will serve you both moving forward? This aspect can also be used to fine-tune your creative works.

You can also take a committed relationship of any kind to the next level with help from a Uranus-Juno quincunx (22°32′ Aries-Scorpio). Let your intuitive flashes guide you. This aspect’s opportunities remain active thru 10/28.

You can enjoy a more creative and disciplined mind with Mercury sextile Saturn (12°43′ Libra-Sagittarius).

10/15 (Sat)

A Sun-Uranus opposition (22°30′ Libra-Aries) first and foremost invites you to embody the high side of Uranus:

  • be your authentic self,
  • follow your intuitive flashes, and
  • serve others with the special talents you most love to use.

With the Sun in Libra, those intuitive flashes can help you take your relationships and creative expression to the next level!

Honest communication and uninhibited creative expression are two great ways to use a Mercury-Pluto square (15°1′ Libra-Capricorn). This aspect also supports research, investigation and deep psychological inquiry.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

10/2, 1:43 am – 3:43 pm, Scorpio
10/4, 9:04 pm – 10/5 4:26 am, Sagittarius
10/7, 2:26 am – 4:40 pm, Capricorn
10/9, 12:51 pm – 10/10 2:33 am, Aquarius
10/11, 7:49 pm – 10/12 8:43 am, Pisces
10/14, 3:13 am – 11:08 am, Aries

Whatever your Sun Sign, AstroShaman’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you’ll be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

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