October 1-15 2018 Astrology Forecast: Venus Retrograde

Venus Introspective

Venus turning retrograde will give us a lot to contemplate … but not act on just yet … during the first half of October. We also have a Libra New Moon with challenging aspects, a challenging Venus-Mars square, and five mostly challenging aspect patterns.

Oh dear, that’s a lot of “challenging,” isn’t it? But never fear, as always I’ll show you the high-side opportunities in every situation!

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10/1 (Mon)

2018 10 10 Th Ce Jun PlThor’s Hammer Begins: Ceres-Juno-Pluto

A committed partnership could catalyze wealth enhancement, shadow work or both as Ceres, Juno and Pluto form a Thor’s Hammer. This challenging aspect pattern started on 9/28 (sorry for the late notice), peaks on 10/10 and ends on 10/20.

The only planet with a definitive meaning here is Juno, which stands for committed partnership. Juno stations retrograde in Gemini near the peak of this aspect pattern, highlighting the importance of mental reflection and thoughtful. considerate communication. Ceres and Pluto are more flexible, with both planets able to represent wealth and shadow work.

The grain goddess Ceres (a.k.a. Demeter) represents the abundance of the harvest, as well as her deep sorrow when Pluto abducted her daughter Persephone to his underworld realm. The underworld is where our unhealed sorrows are buried … and the place from which diamonds, gold and other precious metals and minerals are mined.

10/2 (Tue)

Your feminine assertiveness is supported by a continuous current of divine energy as Neptune opposes Pallas (14°24′ Pisces-Virgo). With Pallas in Virgo, your strategic thinking can enjoy heightened precision. Let your intuition lead, then tidy up the details with your intellect. This opposition remains in orb through 10/22.

Go easy on the dominating and controlling behaviors with Mercury square Pluto (18°45′ Libra-Capricorn). Instead, use this aspect to tell the whole truth, presented in the most harmonious way possible. This square can also fire up your creative juices!

10/3 (Wed)

2018 10 08 Th Su Ce Jun PlThor’s Hammer Begins: Sun-Ceres-Juno-Pluto

The Ceres-Juno-Pluto Thor’s Hammer that started on 9/28 gains an additional member today as the Sun conjoins Libran Ceres. For starters, the light of the Sun energizes wealth and shadow work, the existing meanings of the aspect pattern.

The Sun also adds a new interpretation: creativity empowered by a partner’s contributions. This creativity could be cathartic and/or lucrative.

This Sun-Ceres-Juno-Pluto Thor’s Hammer starts today (10/3) and peaks on 10/8. After the Sun exits this aspect pattern on 10/13, the original Ceres-Juno-Pluto Thor’s Hammer continues through 10/20.

10/4 (Thu)

You can enjoy inspired, well-structured communication and creativity as Mercury quintiles Saturn (21°10′ Libra-3°10′ Capricorn).

10/5 (Fri)

2018 10 05 Venus RetrogradeVenus Retrograde

Venus turns retrograde today at 3:04 PM EDT (10°50′ Scorpio). She’ll backpedal about 15 degrees, then turn direct again on 11/16 at 25°14′ Libra.

A core opportunity of any planetary retrograde is to favor reflection over action. So any Venus retrograde is a better time to evaluate existing relationships than to start new ones. Rather than starting new creative projects, put the finishing touches on existing ones. Instead of kicking off new financial investments, tweak the ones you have. Since Venus rules money, it would be best to postpone major purchases until she turns direct again.

Let’s take it a level deeper by adding signs. Venus will backpedal through Scorpio until 10/31. Reflect on your intense passions, relationship renewal, the power of love and the interplay of “beauty and the beast”. Notice if you’re involved in obsessive attractions, jealousy, possessiveness, passive-aggressive behavior or an outsize love of power.

Venus completes her retrograde in Libra, a sign that she rules, 11/1 through 11/16. This is a great time to reflect on how love, friendship harmony, pleasure, and beauty are gracing your life. On the low side, are you engaging in pretentious or shallow behavior? Are you indulging in vanity, conceit, self-indulgence or laziness? (Thanks to Renn Butler’s wonderful new book, The Archetypal Universe, for most of the keywords in these last two paragraphs!)

As pictured, Venus is influenced by two significant aspects as she turns retrograde. A square with Aquarian Mars can highlight any relationship challenges that need to be addressed. Would it be best to structure relationship in a way that meets both of your unique needs and desires, rather than following convention? The square can also give you exciting new insights into your creative process.

A trine from Neptune offers an easy flow of divine energy and creative inspiration. Developing a deeper relationship with your higher self is smoothly supported.

Venus retrogrades only come every 1.6 years, and only last about six weeks. Capitalize on these opportunities during this rare and special time!

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10/7 (Sun)

2018 10 10 Dyk Me Jun Sa ChDouble Yod Key Begins: Mercury-Juno-Saturn-Chiron

Open, honest communication in your committed partnerships – especially on the sensitive subjects – is encouraged by a Double Yod Key featuring Mercury, Juno, Saturn and Chiron.

Communication is triple-emphasized by 1) Mercury, the planet of communication, 2) Juno, goddess of committed partnerships in Gemini, the sign of communication; and 3) Chiron, the planet of mentoring. Challenge is energized by the Saturn-Chiron square … as well as by Mercury’s placement in Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth.

Yes, it’s intense. Yes, it’s challenging. And yes, it can help you take a committed relationship to a whole new level of wonderful if you’re willing to do the psychological heavy lifting energized by this Double Yod Key. Check out my Healing Invocation for your individual shadow work, and the 4-Step Nonviolent Communication Method to help you work through your relationship’s unresolved issues with your partner.

You can also use this Double Yod Key to collaborate with someone on a project that involves deep learning or transformative communication. Saturn can lend you discipline and structure, while Chiron can support any appropriate mentoring or healing.

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Hard Rectangle Begins: Mercury-Pallas-Uranus-Neptune

2018 10 10 Hr Me Pa Ur NeYour ability to learn and communicate assertively and strategically is dynamically energized by a Mercury-Pallas-Uranus-Neptune Hard Rectangle. As you can see, a Hard Rectangle is bordered by minor hard aspects – two 45° semi-squares and two 135° sesquares – and internally braced by two oppositions.

You can get plenty of divine guidance on what to learn and communicate, since both planets of intuition are part of this aspect pattern. Uranus, powerfully placed right across from Mercury, will be sending down plenty of intuitive flashes. And a Mercury-Neptune sesquare can link you up with a constant flow of divine energy and information.

This Hard Rectangle has exactly the same timing as the Double Yod Key that also starts today (10/7), peaking on 10/10 and ending on 10/12.

Neptune’s low side could seem tempting under a Sun-Neptune quincunx (14°18′ Libra-Pisces): substance abuse, excessive escapism, aimlessness or a victim/perpetrator relationship dynamic. Make whatever attitude adjustment is needed to get Neptune working on the high side: spiritual awakening practices and expressing your inspired creativity!

The Sun’s placement in Libra reinforces Neptune’s artistic inclinations, and also invites you to make a deeper soul connection with your beloved.

10/8 (Mon)

2018 10 08 New Moon2Libra New Moon

A New Moon arrives at 11:47 PM EDT (15°48′ Libra). Any Libra New Moon offers fresh energy for relationships and creativity, as well as harmony and balance.


However, the aspects to this Libra New Moon are not inherently harmonious. A strong square from Pluto can catalyze intense transformation. Release the relationships, possessions, habits and limited thinking that are constraining you from stepping into your most wonderful life experience. The more you release that which does not serve you, the more Pluto can bless you with wealth and power!

A sesquare from Geminian Juno encourages you to take a clear-eyed look at the opportunities and challenges of your committed partnerships. A quincunx from Neptune could initially cause confusion, but can flow down crystal clear intuitive clarity if you call in the wisdom of your higher self. Finally, a subtle semi-sextile from Pallas can boost your feminine assertiveness and strategic skills, helping you work productively with whatever’s coming up.

Sabian Symbol

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “After the storms of winter, a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction.” It would be all too easy to correlate this to Hurricane Florence, which just gave a historic battering to my home state of North Carolina.

But I’ll interpret this symbol more broadly. The “storms of winter” can represent any significant challenge. A “boat landing” represents a safe haven before or after a potentially perilous journey.

The boat landing’s need for “reconstruction” invites you to look at where your own foundation is shaky. What is unsound or unsafe in your home environment? What needs repair so that you can more confidently journey out in your “boat,” knowing that you’re fully provisioned for the journey … and can look forward to a warm welcome and safe harbor upon your return?

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Very Insightful, Thorough and Enlightening

I have worked with Benjamin several times now in different ways. Very insightful, thorough and enlightening in every aspect of working with him. Excellent integrity, caring and empowering!

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Releasing the Fear of the Shadow

Benjamin,  you have a beautiful ability to hold the mirror … thank you. My work has been made clear. You helped with releasing the fear of the shadow and embracing the light within. You are truly gifted and have a keen ability to manifest the divine. I look forward to working with you again. Thank you, kindly.

     — Liz Hlavsa, September 22, 2018 (5-star review)

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Thor’s Hammer Peaks: Sun-Ceres-Juno-Pluto

The Sun-Ceres-Juno-Pluto Thor’s Hammer that began on 10/3 peaks today (10/8), and ends on 10/13.

10/10 (Wed)

Three Aspect Patterns Peak!

It’s an especially intense day as three aspect patterns peak:

The Ceres-Juno-Pluto Thor’s Hammer that started on 9/28 peaks today (10/10) and ends on 10/20.

Two aspect patterns share the same timing. A Mercury-Juno-Saturn-Chiron Double Yod Key and a Mercury-Pallas-Uranus-Neptune Hard Rectangle started on 10/7, peak today (10/10) and end on 10/12.

Whatever’s going on in your key relationships will be intensified by a Venus-Mars square (10°16′ Scorpio-Aquarius). Whether you experience intense challenge or passionate connection will depend on how well you’ve been nurturing your relationship. The square can also powerfully boost your creative juju, inviting you to be both intense and innovative.

You can catch intuitive flashes more easily with Mercury opposing Uranus (1°5′ Scorpio-Taurus). Your outside-the-box thinking can be especially potent if turned toward the themes of joint resources and the death/rebirth cycle.

10/11 (Thu)

Your feminine assertiveness and strategic thinking receive smooth, powerful support thanks to a Pluto-Pallas trine (18°47′ Capricorn-Virgo).

10/12 (Fri)

What needs release or transformation in your life? It may be drawing your attention now as the Sun squares Pluto (18°47′ Libra-Capricorn). This aspect can also bless you with wealth and power, especially in your relationships and creativity.

10/14 (Sun)

You can receive practical inspiration regarding your relationships and creativity as the Sun quintiles Saturn (21°44′ Libra-3°44′ Capricorn).

10/15 (Mon)

2018 11 02 Mr Jun Pa Ju ChMystic Rectangle Begins: Juno-Pallas-Jupiter-Chiron

You can gain the wisdom to take committed partnership to the next level, thanks to a Juno-Pallas-Jupiter-Chiron Mystic Rectangle.

Committed partnership is represented by Juno. A sextile from Chiron helps wise counsel flow to her smoothly and powerfully. Jupiter, giver of life-enhancing wisdom, opposes Juno … the opposition simply means they’re in relationship. And Pallas trines Juno, encouraging you to assertively and strategically seek the wisdom you need.

This Mystic Rectangle also supports you in a partnership that offers wisdom or healing to others. This aspect pattern starts today (10/15), peaks on 11/2 and ends on 11/17. Its extraordinary tightness as it peaks – all the individual aspects are within 1/4 of a degree! – gives it extra power.

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