October 14-20 2013 Astrology Forecast: Aries Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse in Aries highlights leadership and sexuality. Mars, ruler of Aries, strives to join heaven and earth with an opposition to Neptune. Healing and inspiration in relationships are energized with Venus square Chiron and trine Uranus. And Mercury Retrograde begins next week on 10/21!

10/14 (Mon)

A Mars-Saturn quintile provides energy, inspiration and perseverance, especially in performance, leadership and playfulness.

Even more inspiration is available with Mercury biquintile Uranus: entertain outside-the-box ideas and attend to your intuitive flashes! With Mercury in Scorpio, your insights may relate to transformation, wealth, sexuality or joint resources.

10/15 (Tue)

Mars is in Virgo today through 12/7, energizing new beginnings or revitalization in health, service and attention to detail.

10/16 (Wed)

Sagittarian Venus makes two aspects today, squaring Chiron and trining Uranus. Look for healing opportunities if you experience relationship challenge, and know that your inner guidance is only an intuitive flash away. This is a good time to relate with others in an adventurous, experimental way.

Financially and creatively, these aspects can support fine-tuning what you already have going, as well as moving in new directions.

10/17 (Thu)

No major astrological events today.

10/18 (Fri)

Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon

Today’s Full Moon at 7:37 PM (25°45′ Aries) is also a lunar eclipse. While this eclipse is on the weaker side–the luminaries are almost 13° from the lunar nodes, fairly distant for an eclipse–it’s still significantly stronger than a typical lunation.

Any Full Moon in Aries is a good time to see how “full-filled” you are in the areas of leadership, sexuality, new beginnings and warriorship. After carrying out your self-evaluation, make any appropriate adjustments.


This eclipse is lightly aspected. The only Ptolemaic connection is a loose square with Jupiter. While this gives additional energy to this Full Moon’s themes, it’s also a caution not to go overboard.

The only other aspect is a moderately strong sesquiquadrate with Venus. This suggests the possibility of minor issues with relationships, creativity or finances.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian Symbol for this eclipse is, “A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.” This is resonant with this lunation’s square with Jupiter, a planet associated with expansion and abundance. In what areas are you abundantly blessed? And how can you benefit others with commensurate generosity?

By the way, recent psychological studies show that people attain greater lasting happiness from helping others than from an experience or possession that only benefits themselves.

10/19 (Sat)

You can bring together the physical and spiritual worlds more easily with a Mars-Neptune opposition. Activities such as tai chi, chi gung, yoga, sacred sex and ecstatic dance are just a few examples.

You can also act as a sacred warrior or let your actions be guided by the constant flow of intuitive guidance. In addition, Mars’ placement in Virgo suggests creative inspiration and divine flow supporting health, service and everyday tasks.

10/20 (Sun)

Relationships can benefit from more passion and intensity with the Libran Sun quintile Pluto. This aspect also empowers artistic creativity.

Bonus Event on 10/21 (Mon)

Mercury Retrograde

I wouldn’t normally include an event from next week’s forecast here, but it wouldn’t be fair to spring Mercury retrograde on you at the last minute! Mercury begins a three-week retrograde at 6:28 AM (18°23′ Scorpio). If you have any major new projects or big purchases that can’t wait until Mercury turns direct on 11/10, try to get them taken care of by 10/20.

That’s the time critical information. Read next week’s forecast to learn more about this Mercury retrograde!

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

10/14, 4:29 pm – 5:07 pm (Pisces)
10/16, 3:15 am – 9:19 pm (Aries)
10/18. 7:38 pm – 10/19, 3:28 am (Taurus)
10/20, 5:02 pm – 10/21, 12:16 pm (Gemini)

Whatever your Sun Sign, Benjamin’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you will be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

Image credit: Ares, God of War on deviantart.com

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