Optimize Your Empathic Abilities to Fulfill Your Soul’s Purpose

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Have you ever wondered why you operate differently, or how you can leverage your natural sensitivity?

If you’ve ever felt stuck or overwhelmed due to feeling things so intensely, here’s a helpful resource. In today’s fast-paced world, honoring your sensitivity can feel like a lonely road. But there are many people on this path!

That’s why I was thrilled when my colleague Karyn Kulenovic asked me to be a speaker on THE INTEGRATED EMPATH: How to Honor Your Sensitivity, Own Your Power, and Activate Your Abundance! I’ll be speaking alongside fellow highly influential Empaths, who will teach you how to confidently step into your power.

The replay of my presentation, “Embodied Awakening for Empaths,” is available for a limited time. Join us here to benefit from this and many other life-transforming presentations!

From energy management to finding your soul’s purpose, this series will cover the gamut of issues many Empaths are facing. You’ll get practical tips and inspiring stories that will ignite your own extraordinary potential. These interviews are candid conversations with best-selling authors, business strategists, healers, doctors, coaches and educators who have integrated their unique gifts and helped thousands of people.

You’ll learn:

  • How to recognize energy overwhelm before it causes burnout or health issues
  • Success strategies to honor and integrate your sensitivity in the real world
  • How to optimize your empathic abilities to fulfill your soul’s purpose
  • Tools to make choices that best support your sensitive nature in a variety of situations
  • How to use your powerful energy to manifest the life you want
  • Sign up and access all of the expert talks absolutely FREE for a limited time.

Just click here.

Let us dispel some myths and show you what’s possible when you honor your sensitive nature. Whether you’re an awakening Empath, or a veteran on this path, you’re sure to gain some new knowledge and fresh inspiration.

See you there!

P.S. Each interview in this series will only be available for a limited time. So register now and discover the secrets to successfully honor and integrate your sensitivity in the real world.

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As an “AstroShaman,” Benjamin Bernstein offers the soul-level insights of astrology, the healing power of shamanism and the ongoing support of life coaching. Benjamin hosts This Week in Astrology, a Top 10 Astrology Podcast Award winner, and was voted Western North Carolina's best astrologer three years in a row. After doing over 7000 sessions, Benjamin has fine-tuned his ability to help you master challenge, embrace transformation and enjoy a more wonderful life. Satisfaction guaranteed, or it’s free!

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