Beginning Astrology Books

For beginning astrology students, there are two books I recommend:

The Inner Sky, by Steven Forrest. Astrology can be complicated, but Steven keeps it very simple. Here he gives clear and concise instructions on how to interpret a natal chart. Only the absolutely essential information you need to get started is included. Plus, his frequent use of imagery will keep both sides of your brain engaged. Start here if you’re just beginning to learn astrology.

Chart Interpretation Handbook, by Stephen Arroyo. A more thorough introduction to natal interpretation, but still presented very simply and clearly. The perfect book to read after The Inner Sky. (This is my main text when I teach Beginning Astrology classes.)

Transits, Progressions & Synastry

After you have studied these two books — and practiced interpreting a bunch of your friends’ charts! — you could do worse than to follow the “Forrest path.”

Steven Forrest’s The Changing Sky will introduce you to transits and progressions.

Skymates — co-written by Jodie Forrest and Steven Forrest — will open you to the extraordinary world of synastry. (That’s relationship astrology, where you see how the charts of two people interact.) Be sure to get the most recent editions of the Forrest titles.

Other Astrology Books

Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier, published May 2013, is an innovative collection of essays that highlight the transpersonal within astrology. Sixteen unique perspectives and topics are addressed, including Benjamin’s chapter on Shamanic Astrology.

Pathways to Wholeness: Archetypal Astrology and the Transpersonal Journey, by Renn Butler. A unique and fascinating exploration of how planetary alignments affect transformative experiences such as holotropic breathwork and ayahuasca journeys. Also an outstanding “cookbook” on how planetary pairs interact. Benjamin interviewed Renn about this book on Episodes 383 and 385 of his This Week in Astrology podcast.