Sept 1-15 2018 Astrology Forecast: An Increase in Flow


After all the intensity generated by the three summer eclipses — not to mention all those challenging aspect patterns! — it’s a relief to see more flow showing up in the astrology for the first half of September. The headliner is a fortuitous Jupiter-Pluto sextile, backed up by three new flowing aspect patterns: a Grand Trine, Kite and Cradle.

Saturn turns direct, and a Virgo New Moon contains both flowing and challenging aspect patterns. A Venus-Mars square and a new Double Yod Key land on the challenging side, while the seven peaking aspect patterns that started before September are pretty evenly balanced between challenge and flow. Remain mindful, but you can relax now … just a little bit!

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9/1 (Sat)

2018 09 07 Gt Me Sa UrGrand Trine Begins: Mercury-Saturn-Uranus

Your communication can be both practical and inspired thanks to a Mercury-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine. It begins today (9/1), peaks on 9/7 and ends on 9/12. With Mercury in Virgo, you can also receive downloads that can help you take the management of your healing activities, organizational systems and service to others to the next level!

9/2 (Sun)

2018 09 14 Kite Ve Pa Sa UrKite Begins: Venus-Pallas-Saturn-Uranus

Relationship transformation is strongly and smoothly supported by a Kite featuring Venus, Pallas, Saturn and Uranus. This 3-1/2 week aspect pattern begins today (9/2), peaks on 9/14 and ends on 9/26.

The intuitive flashes popping across from Uranus to Scorpionic Venus give you direct divine input on how to take important relationships to the next level. You may also be guided to release any relationships that have run their course.

The Venus-Saturn sextile will help stabilize relationships as they transform, and can help you stand in your authority as you initiate needed changes. The warrior goddess Pallas can bolster your assertiveness and help you strategically implement life-affirming relationship changes.

Venus also stands for creativity and money. The other three Kite planets can also help you to bring about similar changes in these areas.

This Kite builds upon the Pallas-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine that runs 8/21 through 9/26. The addition of Venus focuses the general meaning of that aspect pattern into the themes of relationship, creativity and finance.

9/3 (Mon)

2018 09 08 Dyk Ve Ma Pa ChDouble Yod Key Begins: Venus-Mars-Pallas-Chiron

Healing old relationship wounds is catalyzed by a Venus-Mars-Pallas-Chiron Double Yod Key – and the presence of Pallas implores you to be strategic about it!

Adjustments will likely be needed from all parties. As always, I recommend the 4-Part Nonviolent Communication Process to support a win-win outcome. This aspect pattern also supports the healing of issues around creativity, finances, assertiveness, sexuality or violence.

Harmonious communication is smoothly energized by a Mercury-Venus sextile (25°33′ Leo-Libra). This combination of planets and signs also energizes creative writing and entertaining performances!

9/4 (Tue)

2018 09 09 Th Su Ma UrThor’s Hammer Begins: Sun-Mars-Uranus

Impulsive, ill-considered sexuality and violence are potential destructive manifestations of a Sun-Mars-Uranus Thor’s Hammer. Steer clear of volatile people and situations if you can! Accidents are also more likely. Don’t get hypnotized by your cell phone screen when your attention is needed in the physical world.

But taking immediate action on authentic intuitive flashes is a fantastic way to give this challenging aspect pattern a positive spin. With the Sun in Virgo, service, healing and fine-tuning are especially supported. This Thor’s Hammer begins today (9/4), peaks on 9/8 and ends on 9/13.

9/5 (Wed)

2018 09 05 Gt Ma Ce JunGrand Trine Peaks: Mars-Ceres-Juno

Abundance, abetted by committed partnership, is one wonderful potential of a flowing Mars-Ceres-Juno Grand Trine. This aspect pattern totals almost six weeks. It started on 8/17, peaks today (9/5) and ends on 9/27.

This Grand Trine also smoothly facilitates shadow work. This could be done solely between you and the person with whom you’re in a catalyst/catalyzed dynamic, or in a sacred container with a skillful shadow work facilitator.

Your healing work can benefit from extra grace and magic as Pluto quintiles Chiron (18°54′ Capricorn-0°54′ Aries). Mentoring can also receive an extra download of inspiration!

Watch your words as Mercury quincunxes Mars: anger or aggression could slip into your communications before you realize it. Used mindfully, this aspect can help make your communications more energetic and entertaining.

9/6 (Thu)

Saturn From AboveSaturn Direct

Saturn turns direct today (9/6) at 2°32′ Capricorn. The Time Lord was retrograde for over 4-1/2 months since reversing directions on 4/17 at 9°8′ Capricorn.

Now is the time to begin acting on the themes you’ve been reflecting on during Saturn’s retrograde. Challenging manifestations of Saturn’s retrograde in Capricorn can include workaholism, emotional coldness, and acting as if the ends justify the means. Do you recognize any of these in yourself? If so, are you ready to let them go?

Saturn’s life-affirming qualities include maturity, responsibility, and good time management. Saturn also represents the wise elder, and the ability to “plan the work and work the plan.” How would it make your life more wonderful to incorporate these qualities more fully into your life now?

Planets are most powerful when changing directions. This is because they’re holding their energy in a specific degree range for an extended period. Check your chart for any sensitive points between 0° and 6° in the Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Whatever those points represent, Saturn will challenge you in these areas if they require release or adjustment for your highest good. But he’ll support their structure, and help you create a stronger foundation, if they’re aligned with your life purpose.

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9/7 (Fri)

Grand Trine Peaks: Mercury-Saturn-Uranus

The Mercury-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine that began on 9/1 peaks today (9/7) and ends on 9/12.

Two of today’s aspects are part of the peaking Mercury-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine I just mentioned: a Mercury-Uranus trine (2°11′ Virgo-Taurus) and a Mercury-Saturn trine (2°32′ Virgo-Capricorn). Please see my Grand Trine interpretation to understand these aspects in their larger context.

You can enjoy more powerful divine connection and inspired creativity as the Sun opposes Neptune (15°4′ Virgo-Pisces). With the Sun in Virgo, your inner guidance may be especially helpful in the areas of service, health and detail work.

This opposition could also tempt you toward Neptune’s darker expressions: substance abuse, excessive escapism, aimlessness and playing the victim. If so, give Neptune something better to do by focusing on the life-affirming activities in the prior paragraph.

Shadow work, especially around relationships, can be strongly catalyzed by a Chiron-Ceres opposition (0°48′ Aries-Libra). Use a tool such as my free Healing Invocation so you can clear that old pain once and for all!

9/8 (Sat)

This is a powerful day, with three peaking aspect patterns … plus two additional aspects thrown in for good measure!

2018 09 08 Gt Pa Sa UrGrand Trine Peaks: Pallas-Saturn-Uranus

The 37-day Pallas-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine that started on 8/21 peaks today (9/8) and ends on 9/26. This aspect pattern smoothly supports you in bringing your intuitive flashes into a structured plan to support your feminine assertiveness, strategic initiatives and practical creativity. If you can do this in service to others (Pallas in Virgo), all the better!

Double Yod Key Peaks: Venus-Mars-Pallas

The Venus-Mars-Pallas Double Yod Key that started on 9/3 peaks today (9/8) and ends on 9/14.

Thor’s Hammer Peaks: Sun-Mars-Uranus

The Sun-Mars-Uranus Thor’s Hammer that started on 9/4 peaks today (9/8) and ends on 9/13.

You can take your feminine assertiveness, strategy and practical creativity to the next level smoothly thanks to a Uranus-Pallas trine (2°9′ Taurus-Virgo).

Are there ways in which an important relationship isn’t grounded in practical reality? If so, a Venus-Mars square (29°37′ Libra-Capricorn) may bring those weak areas to your attention for upgrading. This square also energizes artistic creativity, and can give you Energizer Bunny endurance in your creative work!

9/9 (Sun)

2018 09 09 New MoonVirgo New Moon

A New Moon featuring two radically contrasting aspect patterns lines up today (9/9) at 2:01 PM EDT (17°0′ Virgo). Any Virgo New Moon is a great time for new beginnings or increased energy in the areas of service to others, healing, refinement and organizing.


This New Moon has two contrasting aspect patterns: a flowing Cradle and a challenging Hard Rectangle.


The Cradle contains the luminaries and three slower planets: Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. In the graphic, this consists of all of the blue lines, plus the solid red vertical line connecting Neptune and the luminaries.

This aspect pattern gives abundant flowing support to your New Moon initiatives in many ways. The trine from Pluto to the Sun and Moon offers power and wealth. The Neptune opposition offers spiritual awakening and inspired creativity. And the Jupiter sextile energizes expansion, luck and joy!

Hard Rectangle

A Hard Rectangle is a challenging aspect pattern consisting of two 135° sesquares and two 45° semi-squares. Here, this narrow rectangle (all the red lines) comprises the luminaries, Venus, Uranus and Neptune.

This aspect pattern can catalyze helpful adjustments in your relationships, creativity or finances. Uranus can illuminate your mind with sudden flashes of insight, while Neptune prefers a constant flow of energy and information.

Watch for any challenges in these three areas through the Aries Full Moon on 9/24. With Venus freshly arrived in Scorpio, be ready to implement strategies for healing or release. To help you with this, I once again recommend the 4-Part Nonviolent Communication Process and my free Healing Invocation.

Sabian Symbol

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “A volcanic eruption bringing dust clouds, flowing lava, earth rumblings.” New beginnings can be messy!

The old order sometimes must be destroyed or radically remade to make way for the new one. Be ready for uncertainty and disruption when starting something new. Stay alert to challenges so that you can avoid getting hurt, but also stay poised to take advantage of fresh opportunities!

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2018 09 09 T Sq Ce Sa ChT-square Peaks: Ceres-Saturn-Chiron

Shadow work is the area most likely to be catalyzed by a 40-day Ceres-Saturn-Chiron T-square. It started on 8/20, peaks today (9/9) and ends on 9/28.

Libran Ceres represents shadow work triggered by relationship difficulties. The Saturn-Chiron square excels at bringing challenge wherever it’s needed for soul growth.

Money matters that need your attention could also be brought to the fore by this T-square. If your own wisdom and discipline aren’t sufficient, this T-square also supports seeking the counsel of a mentor (Chiron) or “wise elder” (Saturn) to help you put things straight.

Mental breakthroughs and an enhanced ability to work on complex matters are supported by a magical Mercury-Jupiter quintile (6°24′ Virgo-18°24′ Scorpio).

9/10 (Mon)

Breakthroughs in both shadow work and abundance are catalyzed by a Uranus-Ceres quincunx (2°5′ Taurus-Libra). Follow your hunches and stay open to a new approach!

9/11 (Tue)

2018 09 15 Cradle Me Ju Ne PlCradle Begins: Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto

Serving others by sharing transformative wisdom is smoothly and powerfully energized by a Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto Cradle. This flowing aspect pattern begins today (9/11), peaks on 9/15 and ends on 9/19.

This is mostly the same Cradle that featured so prominently in my 9/9 New Moon interpretation, with the luminaries replaced by Mercury. This harmonious aspect pattern also energizes learning, service to others, health, healing and detail work.

You could be brimming over with vitality as the Sun makes two aspects: a Sun-Jupiter sextile (18°42′ Virgo-Scorpio) and a Sun-Pluto trine (18°50′ Virgo-Capricorn). Both these aspects are part of the Cradle included in my 9/9 New Moon interpretation. Check that out to learn more about these aspects in that larger context.

9/12 (Wed)

2018 09 12 Ju Sxt PluJupiter Sextile Pluto

The two planets most associated with prosperity are making a strong and harmonious aspect today: a Jupiter-Pluto sextile (18°50′ Scorpio-Capricorn). This aspect will have stayed in orb for 13 months before it finally wraps up on 10/24.

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and infinite expansion, is in Scorpio, the sign of great wealth and power. Pluto carries the same meaning as Scorpio, and is in Capricorn, the sign of worldly accomplishment. You may find it helpful to use a formal Law of Attraction system to show the universe exactly what you want.

You can also use this potent, long-lasting sextile to support occult practices, business expansion, and personal transformation.

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You can enjoy a more ecstatic soul connection in your committed partnerships with Neptune quintile Juno (14°57′ Pisces-26°57′ Taurus). If that level of intimacy is a bit much, you can at least enjoy an easier energetic connection and relationship energy that flows more smoothly.

Venus makes two aspects today: a Venus-Uranus opposition (2°3′ Scorpio-Taurus) and a Venus-Saturn sextile (2°34′ Scorpio-Capricorn). Both aspects are part of the Venus-Pallas-Saturn-Uranus Kite that started on 9/2 and peaks on 9/14. Please see that aspect pattern’s interpretation to understand today’s Venus aspects in their larger context.

9/13 (Thu)

2018 09 13 Kite Ma Ce Jun ChKite Peaks: Mars-Ceres-Juno-Chiron

This Kite is based on the Mars-Ceres-Juno Grand Trine that started on 8/17. The Kite peaks today (9/13), and both aspect patterns end on 9/27. The addition of Chiron as the Kite point reemphasizes an existing theme and adds a new one.

Because of Ceres, shadow work was already a theme of the Grand Trine. The addition of Chiron – the planet most directly associated with deep psychological healing– puts strong additional emphasis on this theme.

As with the Grand Trine, this shadow work could be done solely between you and the person with whom you’re in a catalyst/catalyzed dynamic, or in a sacred container with a skillful shadow work facilitator. But the Chiron Kite point adds a new possibility: you stepping out as the one healing or mentoring others. Whether you’re giving or receiving will depend on how much of your own shadow work you’ve already done.

Today’s Mars-Chiron sextile (0°33′ Aquarius-Aries) is part of the Mars-Ceres-Juno-Chiron Kite I just interpreted. This sextile is most helpfully understood in that larger context.

For those who are less spiritually conscious, a Mercury-Neptune opposition (14°54′ Virgo-Pisces) can result in mental clouding and confusion. For those with more divine consciousness, this opposition increases the flow of intuitive knowledge to their human awareness. This aspect can also give you a fresh flow of inspiration that can support your service to others, health and healing, and organizing.

9/14 (Fri)

Kite Peaks: Venus-Pallas-Saturn-Uranus

The Venus-Pallas-Saturn-Uranus Kite that began on 9/2 peaks today (9/14) and ends on 9/26.

9/15 (Sat)

Cradle Peaks: Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto

The Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto Cradle that began on 9/11 peaks today (9/15) and ends on 9/19. Today’s Mercury-Pluto trine (18°48′ Virgo-Capricorn) is part of that Cradle, and is best understood in that larger context.

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