Sept. 30-Oct. 6 2013 Astrology Forecast: Vesta Blest

Vesta fire woman: Sept. 30-Oct. 6 2013 Astrology Forecast: Vesta BlestA Cradle aspect pattern featuring the asteroid goddess Vesta highlights devotion to a higher cause, sacred sexuality and enlightenment. A Libra New Moon in the heart of a Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-square calls for revolutionary transformation in relationships and creative expression. Saturn quincunx Uranus can provide intuitive guidance for structural adjustments. And those are just the highlights of a packed astrological week!

9/30 (Mon)

An innovative approach to feminine assertiveness and brilliant strategizing is supported with Pallas Athena trine Uranus.

10/1 (Tue)

It’s easier than usual to connect your conscious mind with divine inspiration as Mercury trines Neptune. Ask for answers from your inner wisdom and see what flows through! With Mercury in Scorpio, this is also an excellent time to delve into the hidden depths of spiritual experience.

T-square peaks: Sun, Uranus and Pluto

Today’s Sun-Pluto square coincides with the peak of a Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-square. This aspect pattern began on 9/23 and ends on 10/9. As I noted in last week’s forecast, this T-square empowers revolutionary transformation on a personal level, and can be a tremendous vitality booster!

As I also wrote, challenge is the norm under this aspect pattern. But it can be transformed into flow by following your intuitive flashes and releasing everything that does not serve your highest good. With the Sun in Libra, you may feel this revolutionary transformation most keenly in your relationships and creative expression.

Cradle Peaks: Vesta, Saturn, Chiron and Pluto

Another aspect pattern that started last week is a Cradle that started on 9/23, peaks today and wraps up on 10/14. It includes Vesta, Saturn, Chiron and Pluto. While the latter three planets were part of September’s month-long Cradle, the current Cradle’s replacement of Ceres by Vesta fundamentally alters its interpretation.

In general terms, Vesta represents a greater cause to which you have devoted yourself, much as the Vestal Virgins tended their sacred flame in ancient Rome. At this time “virgin” meant a woman unto herself, bound to no man. One of the roles these decidedly non-celibate women played was to initiate young men into the sacred mysteries of sexuality. Vesta is also associated with mystical ceremony and spiritual awakening.

This fundamentally flowing Cradle, dominated by harmonious trines and sextiles, can empower any or all of these Vestal themes. Saturn brings structure, focus and stability. Chiron brings healing and wisdom. And Pluto provides power, transformation and, if desired, sexual heat.

Take advantage of the tremendous support that this Cradle provides for devotion to a higher cause, sacred sexuality and enlightenment through 10/14!

10/2 (Wed)

Two of today’s aspects – a Saturn-Vesta sextile and a Vesta-Chiron opposition – are part of the Cradle aspect pattern that peaked yesterday. See my Cradle interpretation to understand how their energies are currently expressing.

Today’s Saturn-Chiron trine is also part of the current Cradle, but also merits a stand-alone interpretation. One reason is its longevity: the Cradle ends on 10/14, but this trine perseveres through 10/23.

Based on the planetary meanings alone, this trine lends stable support (Saturn) for healing and mentoring (Chiron). With Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces, healing and mentoring in the psychological and spiritual realms are empowered, along with the fine-tuning of occult or spiritual mastery.

As if the aspects she’s receiving from Saturn, Chiron and Pluto weren’t enough, Vesta today makes a quincunx to Uranus! This can empower sudden breakthroughs and paradigm shifts in your devotion to a higher cause, sacred sexuality and/or enlightenment.

Inspired creative thought, mental probing and cathartic performance are energized by Scorpionic Mercury quintile Leonine Mars.

10/3 (Thu)

A Sun-Chiron quincunx can coincide with challenges that highlight your healing opportunities. With the Sun in Libra, watch especially for healing opportunities in your relationships and creative activities. The Sun also opposes Uranus today (this aspect is part of the current Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-square), opening the door for paradigm shifts and flashes of insight in these areas. And Venus’ sesquiquadrate to Uranus is a third reinforcement of this theme!

10/4 (Fri)

Libra New Moon

October’s New Moon occurs at 8:34 PM (11°56′ Libra). Any Libran New Moon is a good time for new beginnings in relationship and creative expression, as well as harmony, equilibrium and balance.


Libra’s love of harmony is challenged by the fact that this New Moon occurs in the heart of the current Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-square! This can energize revolutionary transformation in your relationships and creativity. See my 10/1 T-square interpretation to learn more.

This New Moon also receives a tight sextile from Pallas Athena. Are you bringing an appropriate level of assertiveness and strategy to your key relationships?

Sabian Symbol

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “Miners are emerging from a deep coal mine.” In general terms, this can symbolize the ending of a period of hard work. Given the deep immersion metaphor of the symbol, this work may well involve plumbing the Plutonian depths of the psyche. And emerging from the depths can always serve as a metaphor for spiritual awakening!

10/5 (Sat)

Hold onto your existing structures with Saturn quincunx Uranus — unless you’re better off letting them go! At the very least, let your intuitive flashes show you what structural adjustments need to be made.

10/6 (Sun)

Deep thinking, research and detective work are strongly supported with Scorpionic Mercury sextile Pluto.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

10/1, 12:49 am – 2:53 pm (Virgo)
10/3, 2:58 pm – 11:01 pm (Libra)
10/5, 6:28 pm – 10/6, 4:34 am (Scorpio)

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