September 1-15 2015 Astrology Forecast: Virgo Solar Eclipse, T-squares Flare!

Virgo Solar EclipseA Virgo solar eclipse, with a special Chironic emphasis on health, is our headlining “skylight” for the first half of September. Venus turns direct (and conjoins Mars), and four challenging T squares all fire up within nine days! Jupiter tangles with Uranus, and the Sun, Mercury and Mars aspect numerous outer planets. Things are heating up as autumn approaches!

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9/1 (Tue)

Grandiose expressions of romantic love are supported by a Venus-Mars conjunction in Leo. (14°55′ Leo). Other ways to use this conjunction include sharing your creativity with the world, co-leadership, having fun with a friend, and exuberant connection with those you love. Caution: when relating with others, be sure to focus on “we” more than “me.”

T-Square: Sun-Pallas Athena-Neptune

T Sq Su Pa NeFour T-squares fire up between 8/30 and 9/7! The one that starts on 8/30 (I didn’t mention it last month, and am introducing it now) involves the Sun, Pallas Athena and Neptune. The briefest of these T-squares, it peaks on 9/4 and ends on 9/9.

This T-square is great for manifestation.  I recommend starting by asking Spirit to inspire you with a broad vision of what will serve your highest good (Neptune in Pisces). Then use your rational mind to work out the details and create a plan for its manifestation (Sun in Virgo and Pallas Athena). Then move forward in a spirit of practical creativity and feminine assertiveness, accomplishing your goals by persuasion and cleverness rather than brute force (Pallas Athena again).

T-Square: Mercury-Vesta-Pluto

T Sq Me Vesta PlThe second T-square lasts nearly four weeks, beginning today (9/1), peaking on 9/7 and ending on 9/27. It features Mercury, Vesta and Pluto.

One way to use this T-square is by focusing on gathering or communicating with others (Mercury in Libra). Why? To initiate or add energy to the service of a higher cause (Vesta in Aries). With what outcome? Positive transformation for yourself and all those involved in the good work you’re doing (Pluto in Capricorn). One possible flavor of this T-square can involve sacred sexuality, supported by the energies of Pluto, Vesta and Aries.

9/2 (Wed)

How many cool ways are there to use a Jupiter-Uranus sesquare (4°55′ Virgo-19°55′ Aries)? How about a quantum leap in your religious path? A revelatory insight about the meaning of life? Or some wild-ass crazy celebrating?

With Jupiter in Virgo, how about service through your spiritual path in a way that makes abundant use of the talents you most enjoy using? Or catching an intuitive flash that inspires you to do some well-organized traveling or higher learning?

You have some time to creatively combine these multifaceted archetypes: this Jupiter-Uranus sesquare came into orb on 8/21, is exact today (9/2) and moves out of orb on 9/15.

9/3 (Thu)

How you experience a Mercury-Neptune quincunx (8°19′ Libra-Pisces) can vary with your level of spiritual awareness. If you’re still identifying with your ego, you’re more likely to experience mental confusion or drifting thoughts. The more you experience yourself as pure awareness, the more this aspect will open the door to inspirations leading to helpful adjustments in your life.

9/4 (Fri)

T Sq Su Pa ChT-square: Sun-Pallas Athena-Chiron

The Sun-Pallas Athena-Chiron T-square that begins today is a close cousin to a T-square already underway: Sun-Pallas Athena-Neptune. But this new one ends eight days later, and has a decidedly different flavor. This is due to Chiron, who embodies wounding, healing, mentoring and high-level spiritual teaching.

One way to use this T-square: take an organized, methodical approach to improving your health or focusing on devoted discipleship (Sun in Virgo and Chiron). Support this process by assertively and strategically (Pallas Athena) interacting with your caregiver(s) or teacher(s) (Chiron opposing the Sun). The same ideas, just reversed, apply if you’re the caregiver or wisdom giver.

This Sun-Pallas Athena-Chiron T-square begins today (9/4), peaks on 9/10 and ends on 9/17.

The Sun-Pallas Athena-Neptune T-square that started on 8/30 peaks today (9/4) and ends on 9/9.

9/5 (Sat)

Write down the details of the most helpful changes you’d like to call into your life, then take organized action to realize them. With the Sun trine Pluto (13°4′ Virgo-Capricorn) transformation can come more easily!

Kite Me Ve Pa UrKite: Mercury-Venus-Pallas Athena-Uranus

Any Grand Trine that hangs around for a month and a half is likely to attract a kite point. And so it is with the Venus-Pallas Athena-Uranus Grand Trine that began on 8/18. Mercury is starting to split the distance between Venus and Pallas, adding a focal point to this aspect pattern.

The basic meaning of this Grand Trine, as described in my 8/18 forecast, remains the same: comfortably embracing your authentic feminine nature. This is true whether that means Venusian softness, Pallas Athena’s firm assertiveness, or some combination thereof.

Now that you’ve had over two weeks to get comfortable with this Grand Trine, the new Mercury kite point in Libra invites you to embody your authentic feminine nature with other people. The Kite version of this Grand Trine begins today (9/5), peaks on 9/17 and ends on 9/23. The underlying Grand Trine continues through 10/5.

9/6 (Sun)

Venus Direct

Venus, retrograde since 7/25, turns direct today at 4:29 AM EDT. This ends her six-week retrograde which you’ve (hopefully) spent reflecting on your relationships, creative expression, finances and values. Venus backpedaled through Virgo and Leo, so the themes of health, service and efficiency (Virgo), as well as leadership, performance, children and playfulness (Leo) were also up for scrutiny.

Now that Venus is direct, the door is open for you to take appropriate action in these areas. But don’t wait too long, unless you’re in no hurry: Mercury’s next retrograde period, also better used for reflection than initiating action, is 9/17 through 10/9.

9/7 (Mon)

T Sq Me Ur Pl 9 15T-square: Mercury-Uranus-Pluto

Yet another September T-square kicks off today, this one designed to rock your thoughts: Mercury-Uranus-Pluto. Paradigm-shattering revelations can come at you like grenades out of an RPG launcher under this high-octane aspect pattern.

If one of your sacred cow concepts gets challenged, be willing to reconsider it. It might just flat out be wrong. Or you may become aware of a larger, more magnificent truth that encompasses it. (And what if every truth you held dear had a larger truth surrounding it that you didn’t know about yet? Hmmm….)

With Mercury in Libra, how can you change up your communication habits so that your interactions with others are more harmonious? It’s amazing how people will open up to your ideas when they enjoy interacting with you!

This Mercury-Uranus-Pluto T-square begins today (9/7), peaks on 9/17 and ends on 9/26.

The Mercury-Vesta-Pluto T-square that began on 9/1 peaks today (9/7) and ends on 9/27.

9/8 (Tue)

Mars aspects two slow planets today. First up is a Mars-Chiron quincunx (19°23′ Leo-Pisces). Grandstanding attacks or wounding incidents are possible under this aspect. You can direct this aspect’s energy positively by assertively making adjustments to promote healing, or by working with a mentor to refine your performance or leadership skills.

Mars’ second aspect is more comfortable: a Mars-Uranus trine (19°45′ Leo-Aries). This aspect makes it easier to take immediate action on your intuitive flashes, and to show the world the authentic human personality you came here to express. Those in the spotlight can use this energy to whip out a showstopping performance!

9/9 (Wed)

Watch out for less savory ways of using a Mercury-Pluto square (13°2′ Libra-Capricorn), which include verbal attacks and duplicitous scheming. High side uses include the sensitive sharing of challenging truths and in-depth research or detective work.

9/10 (Thu)

All things Virgo – including health, service and detail work – are granted inspiration and stability by a Sun-Saturn quintile (17°30′ Virgo-29°30′ Scorpio).

The Sun-Pallas Athena-Chiron T-square that started on 9/4 peaks today (9/10) and wraps up on 9/17.

9/11 (Fri)

No major astrology events.

9/12 (Sat)

A Sun-Chiron opposition (19°12′ Virgo-Pisces) can most obviously be used to incorporate healthier habits into your life. The opposition, the angle of relationship, suggests getting information or assistance in this endeavor from a mentor or other support person.

The Sun also quincunxes Uranus today (19°37′ Virgo-Aries). This aspect supports our health theme, and offers the opportunity for significant breakthroughs if you make the proper adjustments.

9/13 (Sun)

9 13 15 Solar EclipseVirgo Solar Eclipse

There’s a solar eclipse at 2:41:13 a.m. EDT (20°10′ Virgo). This “New Moon on steroids” is a powerful time to initiate or re-energize service to others, health promoting activities and more efficient systems and procedures.


Every slow planet except Neptune aspects this eclipse! Most powerful is a tight opposition from Chiron. Chiron echoes Virgo’s love of health and healing, making this a dominant eclipse theme. Making use of mentors, guides or spiritual teachers is also resonant: these are Chiron themes, while Virgo can represent the disciple.

A tight Uranus quincunx empowers rapid change when the appropriate adjustments are made. And a loose Pluto trine can make release and transformation easier.

Three asteroid goddesses also aspect this eclipse. A loose Juno conjunction asks you to analyze and improve your committed partnerships. A Pallas Athena square invites assertive action with a subtle touch. And a loose Ceres trine can assist with your financial prosperity and self-esteem – the latter being a common Virgo challenge.

Sabian Symbol

This eclipse’s Sabian Symbol is, “A girl’s basketball team.” One way to interpret this is with an emphasis on cooperation, something that comes more naturally to women than men. What group endeavors are you part of? Are you looking out for number one or serving the interests of the group? You may discover that serving others – especially in a way that makes good use of your unique gifts – brings you the greatest joy.

9/14 (Mon)

No major astrology events.

9/15 (Tue)

No major astrology events.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

  • 9/1, 12:37:18 pm – 9/2, 5:01:38 am (Taurus)
  • 9/4, 6:20:01 am – 7:47:39 am (Gemini)
  • 9/5, 7:03:46 pm – 9/6, 1:39:39 pm (Cancer)
  • 9/8, 9:27:46 pm – 10:35:47 pm (Leo)
  • 9/11, 9:03:06 am – 9:55:27 am (Virgo)
  • 9/13, 10:07:32 pm – 10:40:56 pm (Libra)

Whatever your Sun Sign, Benjamin’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you will be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

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