September 16-31 2015 Astrology Forecast: Aries Lunar Eclipse!

Hands Reaching Toward Earth

The 9/27 lunar eclipse encourages sacred service in partnership.

A potent Aries lunar eclipse is first among several major astrological events during the second half of September. Other headliners include Mercury turning retrograde, Saturn entering Sagittarius and a Jupiter-Neptune opposition.

We also look at the Fall Equinox chart, the rumors of Something Really Big happening around September 27, and more!

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9/16 (Wed)

No major astrology events.

9/17 (Thu)

Buckle your seat belt: we have four major astrological events today!

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury turns retrograde at 2:09 PM EDT (15°55′ Libra) today (9/17). The winged messenger will turn direct again on 10/9 at 10:57 AM EDT (0°53′ Libra).

Mercury retrograde is always a great time for introspection. With its entire retrograde in Libra, reflection on relationships and creativity is strongly supported. The meaning of any sensitive natal points Mercury aspects in your chart by quadrature (conjunction, opposition or square) during its retrograde also merit contemplation.

The standard Mercury retrograde advice also applies. Avoid major purchases and significant contract signings; otherwise the likelihood of repairs or adjustments increases. Double check travel arrangements and back up valuable data. (There are now great services that automatically back up all the important files on your computer to the cloud, in real time, for about $60/year!)

Finally, while Mercury retrograde isn’t a great time to start new things, it’s great for finishing projects already started and making repairs.

Jupiter Opposite Neptune

Would you like more energy for inspired creativity and spiritual union practices? There’s plenty available with Jupiter opposite Neptune (7°58′ Virgo-Pisces). This opposition can also inspire you in the areas of higher education, foreign travel, teaching, religion and philosophy. With Jupiter in Virgo, your Muse may also inspire you in the areas of service, health and refinement.

Just be careful that this aspect doesn’t drive you to excess in Neptune’s more challenging areas: substance abuse, escapism, martyrdom and aimlessness. A basic premise of astrology is that the more energy you focus into its high side possibilities, the less energy remains to bother you on the low side!

You have plenty of time to work with this Jupiter-Neptune opposition. It came into orb on 8/15, peaks today (9/17) and stays in effect until 10/23.

Saturn Enters Sagittarius

Saturn enters Sagittarius at 10:49 PM EDT. If this seems familiar, it is: the “stern taskmaster” recently spent about six months in Sagittarius, from 12/23/14 to 6/14/15. Now that he’s wrapped his encore visit to Scorpio, he’ll settle into the Sign of the Archer for over two years, until 12/19/17.

Saturn in Sag can help you more productively structure your efforts in the areas of religion, philosophy, foreign travel and higher education. If challenges arise in these areas, embodying high side Saturn qualities can help you master them. These include maturity, responsibility, discipline and good time management. This placement also creates a balancing effect, since Saturn represents restriction and Sagittarius is all about expansion.

T-square: Mercury-Uranus-Pluto

T Sq Me Ur Pl 9 15The Mercury-Uranus-Pluto T-square that began on 9/7 peaks today (9/17) and ends on 9/26. As I wrote on 9/7, paradigm-shattering revelations can come at you like grenades out of an RPG launcher under this high-octane aspect pattern.

Learn more about this Mercury-Uranus-Pluto T-square.

Committed partnerships can enjoy extra stability with Saturn sextile Juno (29°56′ Scorpio-Virgo).

9/18 (Fri)

As if exhausted by yesterday’s flurry of activity, the universe has no major astrology events to offer today. Or tomorrow. Or the next day! :-)

9/19 (Sat)

No major astrology events.

9/20 (Sun)

No major astrology events.

9/21 (Mon)

A lot of power is available with Mars sesquare Pluto (27°58′ Leo-12°58’Capricorn), but it must be carefully contained. Challenging manifestations of this aspect can include explosive anger and uncontrolled sexual impulses. Used positively, this aspect can support Tantric ecstasy, fighting for a worthy cause, new heights of creativity and impassioned performances.

9/22 (Tue)

Gt Ve Pa UrGrand Trine Peaks Again: Venus-Pallas Athena-Uranus

Whether you’re male or female, you can more easily embrace your authentic feminine nature with the help of a Venus-Pallas Athena-Uranus Grand Trine. It began on 8/18, had its first peak on 8/27, hits its final peak today (9/22) and ends on 10/5.

Learn more about this Venus-Pallas Athena-Uranus Grand Trine.

Venus makes two aspects today. Old psychological wounds can be triggered, perhaps by those you’re closest to, as Venus quincunxes Chiron (18°45′ Leo-Pisces). If so this free healing invocation  may help. This quincunx also supports taking your creativity and performance skills to the next level under a mentor’s guidance.

Venus also trines Uranus today (19°15′ Leo-Aries). Intuitive flashes can flow to you more easily under this smooth aspect, especially in the areas of relationship, creativity and finance. This can also be a good time to experiment with unconventional ways of relating.

9/23 (Wed)

Fall Equinox 2015Fall Equinox

The Sun enters Libra at 4:20:31 am EDT, marking the Fall Equinox. The themes of relationship, love and creativity will be prominent for the next month.

Fall Equinox Chart

The Sun’s entry into a cardinal sign creates a seasonal chart that offers insight into the coming three months. The 2015 Fall Equinox chart is a mixture of challenge and flow.

The Sun is very tightly conjunct the lunar north node and strongly conjunct Juno. With all three points in Libra, this is a clear message to form or deepen committed partnerships of all kinds that support your life purpose. A tight Sun-Saturn sextile promises energizing stability, while a trine between the Sun and the Capricorn Moon supports productivity and emotional stability.

The Venus-Pallas Athena-Uranus Grand Trine that peaked yesterday is a prominent feature of the Fall Equinox chart. It adds a strong dose of feminine energy, always a welcome counterbalance to a world still excessively dominated by patriarchy.

Other key features of the Fall Equinox chart have already been described in this forecast. These include the Mercury-Uranus-Pluto T-square and the Jupiter-Neptune opposition. The Mars-Saturn square that perfects on 9/25 is also very much in the mix.

In brief, key themes of this Fall Equinox chart include allying with those who support your life mission and maintaining your emotional equilibrium while keeping your heart open. Keep an open mind, follow your intuitive flashes and flows, and pursue your goals with unstoppable persistence!

A Sun-Saturn sextile (0°25′ Libra-Sagittarius) offers energized support, stability and endurance. With the Sun in Libra, this is especially true when you relate or create!

9/24 (Thu)

You can embody your own unique expression of feminine assertiveness more comfortably with Uranus trine Pallas Athena (19°11′ Aries-Sagittarius). Follow your intuitive flashes as you strategize and pursue your desires.

Today’s Mercury-Pluto square (12°58′ Libra-Capricorn) is part of a waning Mercury-Uranus-Pluto T-square, and is best understood within that context.

Mars transits Virgo today (9/24) through 11/12. This adds drive, energy and passion to activities involving health, service, editing and detail work.

9/25 (Fri)

Pluto Direct

Pluto, retrograde since 4/16, turns direct today at 12°58′ Capricorn. Pluto’s retrograde period has been a good time for reflection on power, transformation, surrender, occult practices, and deep psychological processes. His direct station is a good time to begin implementing any insights you’ve gained in these areas.

Sensitive points in your chart between 10° and 16° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will feel the energy of this Pluto station with special power. Examine what these points represent. What in these life areas needs to be surrendered, and what is on track and ready for a new infusion of power?

A Mars-Saturn square (0°35′ Virgo-Sagittarius) can provide Energizer Bunny endurance and help you create a strong container to better focus your passions. It can also represent roadblocks and delays in getting what you want. Make planning, persistence and endurance your allies in circumventing any such obstacles. With Mars in Virgo, you may be more enthusiastic about matters relating to health, service, and putting the finishing touches on projects.

9/26 (Sat)

No major astrology events.

9/27 (Sun)

9 27 15 EclipseAries Lunar Eclipse

September’s Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse, occurring at 10:50 pm EDT. With the luminaries only 4° from the lunar nodes, this lunation carries considerable power. The effects of eclipses often last from six months to a year.

Like any Aries Full Moon, this is a good time to evaluate and make adjustments in how you’re embodying warriorship, leadership, sexuality, initiation and aggression.


Two asteroid goddesses make tight conjunctions to the luminaries during this eclipse: Vesta hugs the Moon, while Juno give the Sun an even tighter embrace. Vesta represents selfless service to a higher cause. Juno represents committed partnership.

So a central theme of this eclipse is to engage in sacred service – not alone, but in partnership. This theme is reinforced by the aspect between the Sun and Moon: an opposition, the aspect of relationship.

The Vesta-Moon conjunction also carries aTantric flavor, supported by the Moon’s placement in Aries and Vesta’s additional meaning of sacred sexuality. Mars’ quincunx to the Moon adds fuel to this passionate fire.

Libran Mercury opposes the Moon, highlighting communication as an important eclipse theme. And a Moon-Saturn trine adds a welcome layer of stability, efficiency and productivity to everything you choose to accomplish with these potent forces.

Sabian Symbol

This lunar eclipse’s Sabian Symbol is, “A white triangle is seen; it has golden wings.” Because of the triangle’s whiteness and the golden wings, this strikes me as a symbol of spiritual elevation.

This symbol also evokes groundedness and stability, since the triangle is the strongest geometrical shape. I imagine this symbol with one side of the triangle resting on the ground. The golden wings emerge from the two sides angling up toward the apex.

The image is easy to see as a symbol of embodied awakening. For a simple way to experience this on your own, check out my free Heal and Awaken Invocations.

Late September: Apocalypse, Ascension or None of the Above?

Many rumors and predictions are swirling around earthshaking events that are supposed to occur on or around 9/27. Some preachers are predicting the end of the world, while some channels are foreseeing a new wave of spiritual ascension.

What’s actually going to happen? I have no idea. But given all the hoopla that’s going on, I have a few suggestions:

Don’t give in to fear

Doomsayers have been predicting the end of the world for millennia. They have always been wrong. There are no compelling astrological indicators, including blood moons, to indicate that they are right this time.

Cultivate your own awakening

Once you awaken, you will know experientially that your true self, the divine consciousness within you, can never die. You will recognize your body and ego for what they really are: the temporary tools you are using for your three-dimensional work. They are not your identity. When the body dies, your true consciousness simply detaches and continues on to its next experience.

Once you attain this awareness, you lose the fear of death. You are able to maintain calm and equanimity no matter what craziness unfolds here on earth.

Serve as intuitively directed

The more you awaken, the more you will know your specific service role during this extraordinary time of transition. I believe that a new Golden Age is now unfolding, and all the forces of darkness put together are helpless to stop it. There may be a lot of dust in the air as the old order convulses in its death spasms, but the seeds of a more harmonious reality are already sprouting.

Focus first on the light within you. Cultivate your own awakening. To be the most effective agent for peace in the world around you, you must first awaken to the peace within yourself. Cultivate your own awakening, and the effectiveness of your service to others will be multiplied a thousandfold.

Once again, I refer you to my free Heal and Awaken Invocations. They have helped hundreds access and maintain a state of embodied awakening, and may also prove helpful to you.

T Sq Ma Sa NeT-square: Mars-Saturn-Neptune

Your ability to call what you want into reality is significantly amplified by a Mars-Saturn-Neptune T-square. Neptune and Saturn are the planetary signatures for the Law of Attraction.  Neptune rules visualization and imagination, while Saturn rules physical manifestation.

The Neptune-Saturn Law of Attraction effect is given a strong boost by this T-square’s third member. Mars’ “just do it” energy will help you get in gear with your visualizations, and its placement in Virgo will help you work out the fine details of what you’re calling in.

You may find my post, The Law of Attraction Made Simple, helpful as you customize your experience of this earthly hologram.

This Mars-Saturn-Neptune T-square can also be used to maintain functional (Saturn) divine consciousness (Neptune) as you direct your energies toward service (Virgoan Mars). You can also use it to help dissolve (Neptune) old structures (Saturn) that have outlived their usefulness.

However you decide to use this T-square, don’t wait too long. It starts today (9/27), peaks on 10/1, and ends on 10/8.

9/28 (Mon)

No major astrology events.

9/29 (Tue)

You may experience some confusion as Mercury quincunxes Neptune (7°39′ Libra-Pisces). If so, try switching to your intuitive guidance system, which is inherently more reliable than your intellect anyway. With Mercury in Libra, focusing effort into your creative projects should activate additional inspiration.

9/30 (Wed)

The Sun makes two aspects today. A Sun-Mercury conjunction (7°7′ Libra) can help you think more clearly, especially in matters relating to relationship and creativity. The Sun also quincunxes Neptune (7°37′ Libra-Pisces). As with yesterday’s Mercury-Neptune quincunx, this aspect can boost your creative inspiration if you focus attention on your Muse. Energy focused on spiritual awakening practices can reward you with increased flow, harmony, ease and grace.

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

9/16, 12:21:55 am – 11:42:40 am (Scorpio)
9/18, 3:48:32 pm – 11:31:29 pm (Sagittarius)
9/21, 4:59:02 am – 8:32:37 am (Capricorn)
9/22, 7:12:36 pm – 9/23, 1:51:01 pm (Aquarius)
9/25, 12:01:46 am – 3:43:29 pm (Pisces)
9/26, 12:32:15 pm – 9/27, 3:28:39 pm (Aries)
9/29, 3:44:32 am – 2:56:52 pm (Taurus)

Whatever your Sun Sign, Benjamin’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you will be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

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