September 2013 Astrology Forecast Overview

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A month-long Cradle aspect pattern can help you heal abundance and self-esteem issues, while a Virgo New Moon supports new beginnings in service and health. A Mars-Juno-Saturn T-square may challenge weak points in committed relationships, while a Pisces Full Moon shines light on spiritual unity and creative inspiration.

A Saturn-Pluto Sextile, in force throughout September, empowers you most when you release what you don’t need. And the Sun enters Libra on 9/22, ushering in the Fall Equinox.

9/1-8 Mystic Rectangle
9/2-30. Cradle aspect pattern
9/5. Virgo New Moon
9/6. Mars-Juno-Saturn T-square peaks
9/13-18. Mercury-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Cross
9/19. Pisces Full Moon
9/21. Saturn-Pluto Sextile peaks
9/22. Sun enters Libra (Fall Equinox)
9/23-10/9. Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-square
9/28. Jupiter-Neptune sesquisquare

The Story So Far

As September opens, we have five retrograde planets: Pluto thru 9/20, Juno thru 9/24, Neptune thru 11/13, Chiron thru 11/19 and Uranus thru 12/17. And the pervasive energies of revolutionary transformation (a Uranus-Pluto square), as well as universal love, compassion and spiritual awakening (Neptune in Pisces), remain powerful for years to come!

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during these times. “Business as usual” is the best strategy for these periods, which occur when the Moon has made its last major Ptolemaic aspect but has not yet moved into the next sign.

9/3, 1:53 pm – 9/4, 6:45 am (Virgo)
9/6, 6:10 am – 3:14 pm (Libra)
9/8, 4:46 pm – 9:46 pm (Scorpio)
9/10, 5:22 am – 9/11, 2:37 am (Sagittarius)
9/12, 1:09 pm – 9/13, 5:57 am (Capricorn)
9/14, 7:17 pm – 9/15, 8:07 am (Aquarius)
9/16, 4:20 am – 9/17, 10 am (Pisces)
9/19, 7:13 am – 12:59 pm (Aries)
9/20, 9:26 pm – 9/21, 6:35 pm (Taurus)
9/23, 3:13 am – 9/24, 3:36 am (Gemini)
9/26, 7:22 am – 3:26 pm (Cancer)
9/29, 3:31 am – 3:59 am (Leo)

Concise Forecast

I don’t usually include this “Concise Forecast” section in these monthly posts. But since I had already written a September forecast for Natural Awakenings, I figured I’d go ahead and include it! (This is longer than the version that appears in the magazine.)

See my weekly forecasts for expanded interpretations and additional events.

Cradle Aspect Pattern

A Cradle aspect pattern is active nearly the entire month, 9/2 through 9/30, peaking on 9/17. The four planets making up this configuration are Ceres, Saturn, Chiron and Pluto. Venus also joins the Cradle 9/14 through 9/23, in conjunction to Saturn.

With all the planets in earth or water, this Cradle has a feminine flavor. It offers support for the healing of abundance or self-esteem issues. With both Pluto and Ceres involved, key players in the myth of Persephone,  the theme of release and return may also figure prominently.

To enjoy maximum abundance (Ceres, Venus) and healing (Chiron), release all possessions and structures that have outlived their usefulness (Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception).

Mystic Rectangle

Special support for healing is provided by a Mystic Rectangle, active 9/1 through 9/8. It features the Virgoan Sun, Jupiter, Chiron and Pluto.

Virgo New Moon

September’s New Moon lines up on 9/5 at 7:36 AM (13°04′ Virgo). New beginnings in service, health, routines and attention to detail are supported.


This New Moon has four significant aspects, all from slower planets. A tight opposition from Chiron echoes Virgo’s healing power. Look for healing and mentoring opportunities in key relationships.

A quincunx from Uranus suggests that if you make the appropriate adjustment, you can enjoy paradigm shifts in any or all of the Virgo themes already given. A trine from Pluto eases transformation, while a tight sextile from Jupiter amplifies the power (and fun!) of this New Moon’s Virgoan possibilities.

Sabian Symbol

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “Finely lettered names and mysterious lines are seen; it is a family tree.” I know several people who are healing their entire lineage as they do their inner healing work. Even if you’re not yet called to do this, whatever healing work you do on yourself cannot help but resonate positively down your ancestral line!

Mars-Juno-Saturn T-square

Are challenges coming up in your committed relationship? A Mars-Juno-Saturn T-square may be a factor. This challenging aspect pattern started on 8/27, peaks on 9/6 and ends on 9/14.

With Mars in Leo, conflict could become dramatic. Juno represents committed relationships, so take a hint from her Aquarian placement and search outside the box for a solution that meets both your needs.

Does it feel as if you’re driving with the brakes on around 9/9? With Mars square Saturn, Energizer Bunny endurance is available if you choose to keep pressing forward!

Mercury-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Cross

It’s a great time to revolutionize your thinking during a Mercury-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Cross. This aspect pattern, astrology’s most powerful and challenging configuration, starts on 9/13, peaks on 9/15 and ends on 9/18. (Although it may feel as if it starts on 9/10 and ends on 9/19, the furthest start and end dates of two T-squares — Mercury-Uranus-Pluto and Mercury-Jupiter-Uranus — that are woven into this Grand Cross.)

Verbal conflict is a possibility under this energy, so take a hint from Mercury’s Libran placement and anticipate the other person’s likely reaction before you speak. This aspect pattern can also inspire creative breakthroughs, especially those involving verbal or written communication.

Around 9/14, take advantage of enhanced creative inspiration, more soul-deep connection with those you love, and easier merging with your own divine nature with Scorpionic Venus trine Neptune.

Got intuitive flashes? It’s unusually easy to translate them directly into action around 9/14 with Mars trine Uranus.

Challenge and transformation could be your relationship keywords around 9/18 with Venus conjunct Saturn and sextile Pluto. If challenges arise, prepare to either repair or release!

Full Moon

September’s Full Moon shines forth on 9/19 at 7:13 AM (26°40′ Pisces). Check how “full-filled” you are with your spiritual unity, creative inspiration, compassion and unconditional love and make appropriate adjustments. This is also a good time to see if you need to deal with any issues relating to substance abuse or excessive escapism.

There are no significant aspects to this lunation.

This Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol is “A harvest moon illuminates the sky.” Are you reaping the things you truly desire in your life, or did you somehow “fall” short? Pisces rules visualization and imagination, essential Law of Attraction tools. If your harvest is unsatisfactory, start planting new seeds in your “mind field!”

Saturn-Pluto Sextile

Ready to release all that stuff you don’t need? Possessions, relationships, concepts, the works? That’s a good first step under a Saturn-Pluto sextile, especially with these planets in mutual reception!

The more completely you jettison the nonessential, the easier it will be to create strong new structures better suited to your current needs. This two-month sextile kicked in on 8/19, peaks on 9/21 and ends on 10/19.

The Sun enters Libra on 9/22 at 4:44 pm, ushering in the energies of relationship, beauty, creativity, harmony, equality, balance and fairness. This also marks the Fall Equinox.

For the rest of the month, however, you may feel an increasing desire for the revolutionary transformation of your identity. This is due to a Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-square that starts on 9/23, peaks on 10/1 and ends on 10/9.

Relationships, creativity and finances come under the magnifying glass around 9/26, perhaps accompanied by an extra bit of luck, with Venus trine Jupiter. The same areas may experience challenge, best handled through prompt action, around 9/28 with Venus square Mars.

Why settle for religious belief when you can experience actual divine immersion? Dive into your inner world around 9/28, supported by a 135° sesquisquare between Jupiter and Neptune!

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