Awakening Activation

woman suspended in light - shamanic invocations: heal and awaken meetup

Awakening Activation can be included in Astrology+ sessions, and is an integral part of Shamanic Healing sessions. Awakening Activation is not offered as a standalone service.

Awakening Activation supports you in experiencing the pure divine consciousness that you really are! Using invocations (and, if necessary, shamanic techniques), I’ll guide you into awareness of your awakened self. This simple, reliable process has already worked for hundreds of people.

Once you’ve experienced this extraordinary state of embodied awakening, I’ll teach you how to maintain it on your own. This only takes a few minutes per day, and will increase your joy and efficiency in everything you do.

Are you ready to enjoy a life full of grace, ease, flow and synchronicity? Then experience Awakening Activation. It’s equally effective in person or long distance.

An Extraordinary Awakening Activation Testimonial

Samantha DeBruhl experienced the Awakening Activation for the first time, by phone, on Oct. 22, 2013. I was so touched by her testimonial that I’m proud to share it here.

Dearest Benjamin,

I am pleased to tell you that since our Awakening Activation session life just seems to be getting better and better. Being an eternal optimist, life was already quite lovely before our consultation. But after our session, every encounter and experience seems to have more ease and clarity than ever before.

As expected, the day after the session I experienced a counter-reaction including thoughts like, “What a trippy experience,” “I need to have ‘daydreams’ like that more often,” and “How is any of this real?”. Logically, my mind was having a field day with it.

Using the primary invocation from our session, a shift in consciousness allowed me to witness these thoughts as opposed to trying to sort out all the answers and reasoning, and even more bliss came into me. Every invocation makes it easier to breathe and helps my “eyes” — all three of them ;) — to see things in a beautiful light.

It’s not so dramatic or “Hollywood” as things I have read about. It’s just ease & flow. Nothing seems as personal as it may have once. Although opportunity for clearing still comes, I’ve noticed clearing happens so much quicker and more effortlessly. I even welcome it without worry now.

Clearings have been strange at times, feelings and energies I don’t understand or know how or why. But since the awakening activation, the reasons and explanations don’t matter. This has decreased mental chatter greatly!

I did notice I was a bit fatigued after all the emotional clearing, but nothing that made me concerned.

In addition, as a writer, I have been experiencing a heightened clarity and flow in my writings. Not overwhelming, just clear and collected messages.

Faith in divine timing has transformed from a conceptual perspective into an effortless happening. It seems everything is “on time.”

I return to the invocations from time to time and find they serve quite nicely to bring me back to Self.

Thank you again for sharing your enlightening tools and your delightful Presence. Hopefully we will vibe together again soon!

Awake in love and light,