EASE: Embodied Awakening Support Experience

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FREE Weekly events via phone or web to help you…

  • Enjoy more harmony, grace and flow,
  • Eliminate suffering,
  • Boost your intuition,
  • Heal on all levels,
  • Stop mental chatter and challenging emotions,
  • Live each day in a peaceful awakened state,
  • Help support the new Golden Age currently blossoming on earth,
  • And much more!

The online recording library — over 170 MP3s as of January 2019 and constantly growing — lets you experience the life-transforming power of EASE anytime!


Benefits of Awakening

Whatever your challenges may be, maintaining a spiritually awakened state can help reduce or eliminate them. And with my invocations, many people routinely refresh their awakened state in seconds! For years, I’ve witnessed hundreds of amazing, life-enhancing transformations in those who use these simple, effective invocations.

If you’re ready to end your suffering, you too can experience an extraordinary shift in consciousness. This shift will radically improve your life. And no matter how amazing your life becomes, your new motto will be: “It always gets better than this!”

Thank you for the fabulous gifts you give us through your work. I am quite energetically sensitive and I am experiencing very strong energetic sensations physically as well as spiritually with each session.

All I have to do is decide that I am going to listen and I immediately feel very powerful energy begin to flow …  impressive indeed!! I do not recall this happening so strongly with anyone else I have worked with.

I love how the energy you bring through feels – and your relaxed way of presenting the sessions. The sound recording itself is good quality and easy to access/use and your content is fantastic. :-)

I send you much gratitude and love for your beautiful work! Many Blessings, Juanita from Australia

Fear and Worry

Worried Woman

  • Is worry a problem for you?

  • Does the chatter in your mind never seem to stop?

  • Does fear prevent you from moving forward in your life?

It can be hard to imagine if you haven’t had the experience, but your awakened self doesn’t experience fear or worry. With my invocations, there’s no need for you to fight these toxic feelings. You simply shift your awareness to a level beyond fear and worry. Then they and their close cousins – dread, foreboding, and fright – will no longer trouble you.

Instead you’ll feel confident, empowered, safe and secure. You’ll stride through your life with a new boldness, ease and confidence.

Making a big life change may feel like climbing Mount Everest right now. But once you’re awake, even major life changes will feel more like a scenic stroll up a gentle slope.

I so appreciate EASE. This is a miraculous program for entering into the stillness – so simple and yet so powerful. I use the same process – focusing on the breath – when going to sleep at night, and it works wonders.

I frequently listen to the various sessions. I have gone though a lot of different programs over the years, but I find EASE truly enhancing my life. — Anne Lise, Sweden

Indecisive ManIndecision

What to do?

  • Are you confused about making the right choices?
  • Are you concerned about how your important decisions will affect those you love?
  • What will other people think if you follow your authentic desires?

You’d think that having so much information on the internet would make decision-making easier. But does it? Or do you often still feel bewildered and hesitant? Do you sometimes feel as if you always need to do one more web search … read one more book or magazine article … or talk it over with one more person before you’ll stop feeling perplexed?

You won’t feel puzzled or torn between conflicting choices once you settle into your awakening. You know how you sometimes get intuitive flashes? Those gut feelings where you just know something beyond the shadow of a doubt … where you feel it in your bones?

They can be information or a call to action. But the moment these special thoughts arrive, you know they’re true. It’s like getting a text message from God!

Before you awaken, these intuitive flashes may only pop in once in a while. But once you make this extraordinary shift in consciousness, something amazing happens. The intuitive part of you — your divine aspect — merges with your body and becomes your personality’s operating system. And it always knows what to do!

At this point, you’ll know that you’re not just a human being. Your physical body is just your rent-a-car for a few decades. You’ll know what you truly are: pure peaceful awareness. And you’ll feel like a beautiful butterfly that has just emerged from its cocoon. Free at last!

Whilst overseas I went through some very real changes using your EASE invocations. I was able to transform some extremely difficult energies that had me feeling as though my life was coming to an end — not just one perceived difficulty at hand but many at once.

My mind just completely became free of all perceived difficulties, as I experienced a degree of abiding peace that I had never experienced ever before … a carefreeness that is still with me after 2 weeks. A new sense of confidence and faith definitely are more present in my life.

I found it really of such great benefit to stick with the EASE invocations. I knew they were working for me from the first glimmering … I am very grateful to you! — Sussan


Stressed Woman

  • Anxiety.
  • Agitation.
  • Restlessness.

Does this sound familiar? Feel familiar? Everyone who hasn’t awakened experiences these challenging feelings.

What about you?

  • Are nerve-jangling stress and irritability your constant companions?
  • Or do you feel a more subtle level of background discomfort and uneasiness?

You’ve probably tried all sorts of things to de-stress. What have your tools been? Yoga? Deep breathing? Guided imagery? Sex? Nature? TV? Music? A purring cat in your lap?

There’s no question that all of these stress-reduction tools, and many others, can help to some degree. But if they don’t get you to awakening, your relief won’t last long.

  • Calm.
  • Still.
  • Tranquil.
  • Relaxed.

Doesn’t that feel better?

  • Peace.
  • Harmony.
  • Flow.
  • Ease.


  • What if a life saturated with these wonderful feelings was your new normal?
  • What if you discovered a peacefulness so bulletproof that no event in your life, no matter how unexpected, could shake it?
  • What if you were able to encounter the types of events that used to be traumatic, shocking and overwhelming — and meet them with a serene smile?

This is what awakening makes possible. The real you – the Spirit part that my invocations help you integrate into your physical body – isn’t bothered by anything. It’s perfect peace. It doesn’t know how to be bothered!

This awareness rests in the perfection in all things. This part of you can’t be anything other than centered, content and satisfiedNow that I truly understand how wonderful awakening is, I make its perpetual deepening my number one priority!

I joined your EASE Shamanic Awakening Ceremony by computer last evening, and it was the most powerful experience I have had so far with energy flow. I feel that healing is happening in my body and I hold that intention.

What is very evident is the ease with which I can now get into the flow when I begin to write. I am more peaceful and excited about my life and my writing. I am so grateful for you and the powerful work you are doing! With love and appreciation, Pat.

Other Issues

There’s no end to the unpleasant feelings that can plague you when you’re not awakened:

  • Annoyance
  • Anger
  • Hatred
  • Apathy
  • Lethargy
  • Heartbreak
  • Sadness
  • Insecurity
  • Jealousy
  • And more!

Awakening is an extraordinarily effective tool to eliminate the suffering that these challenging feelings can cause.

Suffering is Optional

Just to be clear, you may continue to experience some disharmonious thoughts and emotions after awakening. Most people do!

These patterns are deeply ingrained in your ego, and don’t just magically disappear in a puff of smoke the moment you wake up. The difference — and it’s a huge one — is that you can now choose whether or not to engage with them. And you no longer have to suffer when they arise!

Before awakening, most people think that they are having thoughts and emotions. After awakening, it becomes clear that thoughts and emotions pop up on their own. They’re like uninvited guests who barge in for a surprise visit.

Before awakening, most people assume that they have to do something about thoughts and emotions. After awakening, you understand that you can choose to engage with them — or just let them pass by.

Before awakening, for example, you may believe that “I’m getting angry.” After awakening, you see that anger is simply arising. It’s not your anger. You can choose to fuel the anger’s fire — or relax back into the absolute peace that you are.

As an awakened person, you no longer take thoughts and emotions personally. They lose their power to make you suffer. Over time, challenging thoughts and emotions arise less and less. Your “new normal” becomes a serene mind and a peaceful heart.

Quick, Efficient Tools for Self-Awakening

Of course, my invocations aren’t the only way to experience your awakening. There are many beautiful paths to divine union.

But, after 40 years of spiritual seeking…

These invocations are the quickest and most efficient tools of their kind I’ve ever experienced. No other self-help technique I know can help a person experience and maintain embodied awakening so easily!

They’re so simple: you ask for an energetic state and rest passively while your divine self delivers it.

These invocations work for the vast majority who use them … even if they’ve never meditated before! I’ve personally helped hundreds of people into an awakened state with these invocations. 

What a tremendous EASE session tonight with long-lasting healing … intense but comforting sensations and joy … lasting long after you stopped the session. It seems like things are changing big time spiritually for me … I felt as One in a very loving way. Thank You!  — Nicky

Enlightened Woman2So how about you?

  • Have you had enough of fear, worry, indecision, stress, and all those other challenging feelings … for which awakening is the only lasting cure?
  • Are you ready to let EASE — the Embodied Awakening Support Experience — help you experience or deepen your awakening?
  • Are you ready to let EASE’s powerfully transformative group processes support you every week by phone, web or recording?

  • And are you ready to accept all this for free?

Here’s how you can benefit from EASE’s powerful processes:


Your EASE Events

EASE lets you experience the indescribable bliss of your own divine consciousness … or deepen your current awakening … as you participate in live, interactive events every week! Connect via phone or web.

If you can’t attend a live weekly event, you can listen to the recording anytime. The energy of the event is held in the recording, and your experience with the recording can be powerfully transformative! You also get unlimited access to all the recordings, which go back to the program’s inception.


My invocations show up a lot in EASE. I received these by divine inspiration during a powerful shamanic ceremony in 2011, and have been sharing them ever since.

You’ll experience these invocations in two different contexts:

  • Simple and unadorned, and
  • Empowered by potent shamanic ritual

Embodied Awakening Invocations

During Embodied Awakening Invocations, I and my partner Maeikisala lead the group through my invocation cycle. This cycle always begins by calling the light of divine consciousness into your body. After this, you’ll invoke oneness with the absolute peace that you are. This experience is ecstatic beyond words.

But achieving divine union only puts you halfway through the cycle. After that, you’ll integrate your peaceful light body with your physical body. This blissful state combines 100% of the ecstasy you experienced as a being of divine light with 100% physical functionality. This “marriage of heaven and earth” is a rapturous experience unlike any other.

This spiritual/physical integration is the missing link if you have ecstatic out-of-body experiences, but lose that blissful feeling when you return to physical awareness.

The final invocation helps make this exquisite state of walking between the worlds your “new normal.” It places your main awareness in your peaceful light body, while maintaining optimal physical functionality.

Embodying this consciousness gives you the benefits described above:

  • Ease,
  • Harmony,
  • Flow,
  • Grace,
  • And much more. The practical benefits of awakening are endless!

Other invocations may also be included during this ceremony. The cycle usually ends with everyone acting as conduits for energy to accelerate the awakening of all sentient beings. Most importantly,

We then instruct you how to maintain this functionally awakened state, every day, on your own!

Finally, before each ceremony ends, we always reserve time for your questions and comments.

I just listened to the latest EASE MP3. I feel the Shamanic Awakening was awesome. However the Heal and Awaken Invocations took me on a trip out to another dimension where hidden secrets to my ascension lie. — Tracy

Shamanic Awakening Ceremonies

Everything that happens during Embodied Awakening Invocations also happens during the Shamanic Awakening Ceremony. What’s added is the power of shamanism!

I’ve been a professional  shamanic healer since 2012. To amplify the power of the invocations, Maeikisala and I sing and play various instruments.

During healing invocations, we ratchet up the energy to high intensity. We typically use voice, rattles, bell and drum to help break up and clear the heavy energies that are ripe for release. When the celestial energy comes in, we may use angelic chimes or other high-vibration instruments to help you move into your deepest possible awakened state.

The Shamanic Awakening Ceremony is like Embodied Awakening Invocations on steroids!

Wow!  My hands were 220 volts during the last few minutes of that ceremony. Much appreciated! — Alan

Ecstatic Divine Group Consciousness

In this gentle group meditation, you’ll have the chance to move into a deep state of embodied awakening … then merge into an ecstatic divine group consciousness!

We begin by invoking a safe sacred space supported by many powerful divine beings of love and light. Then we use four invocations to help each person move into embodied awakening:

  • maximum light and divine consciousness that serves highest good
  • maximum oneness with my higher self that serves highest good
  • maximum integration of my higher self and physical body that serves highest good
  • maximum ongoing experience of embodied awakening in all that I do

After each person has attained the deepest possible embodied awakening – also known as “walking between the worlds” – we have the opportunity to merge into a single ecstatic divine consciousness. This includes and transcends your individual human awareness. Many people achieve dual consciousness, simultaneously and effortlessly aware of their individual human self and the blissful blended field.

This feels so good that we won’t want to stop! But we’ll be sure to wrap up within two hours anyway.

Additional Events

We do the Shamanic Awakening Ceremony and Ecstatic Divine Group Consciousness monthly, and Embodied Awakening Invocations every few months. No matter how often you do these, they can always take you deeper. Even after hundreds of repetitions, these powerful processes can still open you to extraordinary new levels of consciousness.

Fractal 764928 640But our most frequent event is called “Divinely Directed.”  This call is directed by Spirit’s in-the-moment guidance to serve each person’s highest good and support global awakening. You’re welcome to email questions you’d like us to answer in advance, or ask them during the call.

We start each Divinely Directed call by singing the directions, calling in our allies and making sure we have a vibrant sacred container. Then we typically answer questions. After that, our guided group meditation spontaneously unfolds. Maeikisala and I narrate the experience, serving as the group’s “empathic tour guides.”

What happens on Divinely Directed calls is never predictable and never the same. We typically receive ever-deepening spiritual awakenings and customized healings. The group usually blends together as a single divine being, which has ecstatic spiritual experiences in the inner worlds. We often lack words to describe all the different flavors of bliss!

We’re often conscious in two or more planes of awareness at the same time, and frequently serve the great global awakening. At the end, we usually send blessings to all beings and leave time for questions and comments.

  • Duration: Your weekly EASE events will usually last between one and two hours.
  • Days and Times: These will vary, although we’re currently scheduling most EASE events on weekday evenings starting at 8 pm US eastern time. As noted above, you’ll always be able to access the recording afterward if you can’t join us live. Those using the MP3s report experiences just as powerful as those attending the live calls!

I most enjoy the flexibility to enjoy your activations and invocations at a time that serves me with your MP3s. It is truly amazing how the energy stays within each recording so powerfully.

I have relistened to several of the EASE Recordings and each time I receive a unique experience! One recording was so powerful my spirit left my body completely. I am in complete gratitude for your service and blessings to all. — Tracy

Free Bonuses


All EASE Subscriptions Include…


Facebook LogoFree Private Facebook Group Membership

Share your experiences. Ask questions. Interact with and get to know the like-minded people who are involved in EASE!


Free Music

I used to be a full-time musician. I created three full-length, professionally produced music CDs, and they’re yours to download free. A $30 value!

beauty within cd coverThe Beauty Within

shining from inside cd coverCritically acclaimed New Age synthesizer album. Deeply peaceful instrumentals.

Shining From Inside

Widely praised singer/songwriter studio album, recorded as “Benjammin.” Imagine James Taylor crossed with Steve Martin and Deepak Chopra…

BB And SS 3 08 Web TrnsBenjammin & Spiritsong LIVE!

Featuring the lovely harmony vocals of Spiritsong and some of my best songwriting!


5 Free Astrology Lecture MP3s

I’ve lectured at national astrology conferences and taught at national astrology retreats. These MP3s feature some of my best presentations. Most require no previous knowledge of astrology. A $75 value!

Learn more about the bonus Astrology lectures.

Play ButtonAnd Don’t Forget the MP3 Library!

All EASE subscribers get full access to the MP3 library. As of January 2019, this included over 170 powerful, consciousness-shifting recordings. And I add a new one every week!

As noted in a testimonial above, you’ll probably have a different spiritual experience each time you listen to the same MP3. Multiply that by 150 (and counting), and the only question becomes how much time you can devote to accelerating your healing and awakening with these potent, life-changing recordings!

The MP3 library contains:

  • Shamanic Awakening Ceremonies
  • Heal & Awaken Invocation Cycles
  • Lots of “Divinely Directed” calls, which each get a unique title before being posted.
  • Planetary Invocation events
  • Spontaneous Spiritual Journeys
  • “Ask Anything” Q&As
  • Group Healing events
  • Divine Embodiment sessions
  • Transcendence Transmissions
  • Guest Presenters,
  • Ascension-Level Channeling,
  • Ascension Transmissions,
  • And much more!

So many transformative processes to choose from! How much consciousness expansion can you make time for?

Join EASE Now!

Your EASE membership lets you participate in our live events every week via phone or web. If you can’t attend a live event, you can listen to the recording, which powerfully holds the energy of the event. You also have access to the entire recording archive!

We offer EASE for free. If you feel that EASE is helping you and want to give something back, we will gratefully accept your one-time or monthly love offering in whatever amount you choose. (You can use the “Donate” button at the bottom of this page.)

 Benjamin is an Angel from heaven! EASE is an amazing gift to everyone. I can attest to healing and powerful awakening firsthand and would suggest it to anyone with the desire to #heal or #awaken spiritually. — Trababe Urban

Why You Should Work With Us

Bb Headshot Smaller Aug 2018My name is Benjamin Bernstein, and I’m a shamanic healer and awakening activator. I consistently facilitate powerful healings and spiritual awakenings in my individual and group work. I’m an ordained Shamanic Minister, and have devoted myself to over 40 years of spiritual practice.

My greatest joy is helping others access their awakened state. My spiritual path has included Kriya Yoga, Vipassana Buddhism, Peruvian shamanism, ayahuasca and San Pedro plant spirit medicine, Deeksha/Oneness Blessing and my invocations.

I host This Week in Astrology, Top 10 Astrology Podcast Award winner! Other accomplishments include:

  • Best Astrologer Winner 2013 thru 2015 (every year the category existed) in Western North Carolina’s premier reader survey.
  • Professionally certified Astrologer,
  • Over 7000 Astrology, Shamanic Healing and Life Coaching sessions with a global clientele.
  • Video astrology forecasts on my popular YouTube channel. (My 2018 video forecast has received over 80,000 views.)

Benjamin Maeikisala Aug 2018 SmallMaeikisala is my life partner, twin flame and co-shaman. She regularly co-facilitates individual and group shamanic work with me. Maeikisala works closely with Amma the hugging saint and the Sisterhood of the Rose, as well as other divine beings including Isis, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. Maeikisala supports EASE with her keen intuitive guidance, and her feminine shamanic presence balances the mesa’s yin and yang polarities. She loves being of service and helping others awaken to their divine selves.

More praise for EASE

What I like best about EASE is the honest, true, simplicity of real Divine possibilities with cheerful loving guidance. I really feel the Presence and bliss even at times of physical discomfort and change. I also appreciate allowing healing to flow through us to others! Thank you Benjamin! Blessings,  Nicky



It’s quite possible that EASE has been the catalyst to get me moving again. I had been stagnant for what seemed like a 3-1/2 year hibernation, not having focus or energy to really do much at all. Then, all of a sudden I began finding information on nutrition and exercise on the internet. Then began eating organic food, and began a detox paleo diet a week ago. This Monday I joined a gym, and today I ordered a new bike…it all seemed to kick off with the EASE sessions! — Pete

More praise for the EASE invocations


Thanks to your invocations, it’s now easier for me to stay connected with Spirit. And I feel much more grounded, which for me is a miraculous achievement. The work that I’ve done with you has been life-changing! — Jennie Gilmore, Portland, Maine


I’ve been practicing Benjamin’s invocations persistently for quite a while now … I have, so far, given up smoking and drinking (which was getting way out of control)…pretty much healed arthritis; resumed running and lost weight (14 pounds in one month, effortlessly). — Alecs Freeman, Milan, Italy


I now have a stronger sense of the divine energy in my body. Now, in my meditations, I feel lighter and larger, and the boundaries are thinner. I feel less like an isolated physical being, and more like a spiritual being in a physical body. I feel reconnected with my ability to give healing to myself. — MA, Asheville, NC

Our phone session was a very healing, wonderful and blissful experience. I felt as if I was one with everything! Now, almost a month later, I can feel that God is always right here with me, and I know that I always have Divine help when I need it. I can easily touch back into that amazing state of ecstasy and expansion and ground it into my daily life.

I work with addicts and mentally ill people, and it is now much easier for me to clear any negative energy that I might pick up at work. I now feel much more energetic, and my mood is lighter, brighter and more optimistic.” — Josie Collins, Tucson, AZ

I read over Benjamin’s invocations and had no faith that they would really work. But every time I calmed down and actually tried one, I was floored. I was brought to tears by the feeling of warmth and love that flowed over me. SPIRIT HEARD ME AND CARES! — With heartfelt warmth, Lorraine Johnson

I felt a profound sense of peace during and after doing Benjamin’s invocations. And wow! I love the experience of little to no mental chatter!….using the invocations has greatly reduced my stress, taken away my anxiety and negativity and brought back my sense of humor! — Jen Pyne, Asheville, NC

I felt a renewed sense of clarity and, maybe more importantly, the tools to regain that enlightened perspective whenever I need it. –R.M.

I can feel the love and light radiating from me, and my friends are even saying that ‘something is different.’ You rock, Benjamin! — Marcie McGrath, Asheville, NC

It seemed too simple for me to use the ‘healing invocation’. But I will testify that after doing it daily it has grounded me thru some of the toughest times in my life. I am forever grateful. — Beth Beljon, Los Angeles, CA

Benjamin alchemically infuses the elements of grounded wisdom, play and intuition with his work that makes for a joy of a ride to the cosmos and back! His passion for this service illuminates through his heart like a lighthouse; Benjamin is a true beacon of light. — Michael Parisi, Asheland, OR

Awakening Activation (a/k/a Heal and Awaken Invocations) was perfectly executed through you, Benjamin. I have clarity. I have love. I have freedom. I have fun! My impact on those around me is palpable. They are shining more brightly then ever before and so am I! — Stevie Puckett, Virginia Beach, VA

Since our invocation session life just seems to be getting better and better…every encounter and experience seems to have more ease and clarity than ever before….Clearing happens so much quicker and effortlessly….Faith in divine timing has transformed from a conceptual perspective into an effortless happening. — Samantha DeBruhl

You can give an EASE love offering in any amount via PayPal, debit card or credit card. You can choose a one-time or monthly donation. Thank you!

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