Simple Focus Healing: FREE Self-Healing Technique!

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Simple Focus Healing GoldenSimple Focus Healing is the simplest self-healing technique I know. In fact, some may find it hard to believe that something so simple can be so effective!

This technique is especially helpful with physical and emotional pain or discomfort. I’ve led dozens of people through this process, and the vast majority have found it extremely effective.

Placing Your Attention

Whether the pain is physical or emotional, feel its location inside your physical body. Place your attention where the pain is most intense. Simply observe the pain, as if you’re a scientist peering through a microscope.

This can be a challenge at first. Most people instinctively distract themselves from pain, or numb themselves with some kind of substance so they don’t have to feel it. Don’t be surprised if you initially have to overcome significant internal resistance to fully experience your pain.

You will notice that there are two aspects of yourself involved here: the physical and/or emotional part afflicted with the pain, and the pure consciousness observing it. You may find it surprising that the observer does not experience any pain or discomfort. This allows you to hold consistent awareness, even in very painful areas.

Don’t make any conscious effort to reduce or stop the pain. This will actually reduce this technique’s effectiveness! Rather, simply place your complete attention on the simple sensation of the pain.

Consider all thoughts, no matter how helpful they seem, to be distractions. If thoughts or anything else distract you, keep gently and persistently returning your attention to the simple awareness of the painful sensation.


After a bit of persistent observation, something wonderful usually starts to happen. The tightness and constriction of the painful area begin to loosen and expand. The pain level begins to drop.

There is often a sense of 360° expansion as layers of heavy, dense energy begin radiating out into space. This waste energy may also find other ways to leave your field, such as through your hands, feet, or chakras.

Don’t be surprised if the center of the pain moves to a different part of your body during this process. The energetic being causing the pain knows you’re on to it, and is trying to get away! Track it like a hunting dog, and reestablish your awareness in the center of the pain’s new location as needed.

As the release proceeds, the pain can significantly decrease in intensity or even disappear. I remember working with one client who was reporting her shoulder pain as 8 out of 10 (10 being extreme pain). She had never done Simple Focus Healing before. But within two minutes of doing it, her pain completely disappeared.

Why Does It Work?

Here’s my theory about why this technique works. Although divine consciousness is inherently impossible to define in words, one phrase that points in the right direction is “pure awareness.”

When you hold pure awareness, or simple focus, the divine consciousness that dwells within you is automatically present. When focused in an area of disharmony, the automatic action of your divine aspect is to heal, balance and harmonize.

No Helping!

If the ego steps in and tries to create healing through its own efforts, the divine is required to step back and let it try. The divine is fully aware that the ego can’t do healing nearly as well as it can. But Earth is a Free Will Zone, and the ego must be allowed free rein.

This is why holding a healing intention, visualizing, or using effort for anything other than simple awareness during Simple Focus Healing is counterproductive. By simply concentrating on your pain, you are automatically calling in a healing expert vastly more capable than your human self. Doing anything other than holding simple focus will just slow things down.

Many other healing modalities require the ego’s active involvement. By all means, let the ego play its appropriate role when doing those techniques. But you’ll get the best results when doing Simple Focus Healing by following the passive approach outlined here.

A Complementary Technique

I have two healing techniques that I teach my clients when appropriate: Simple Focus Healing and a Healing Invocation. Simple Focus Healing is ideal when one painful area is clearly crying out for your attention. In contrast, the Healing Invocation is a broad-spectrum healing technique.

The Healing Invocation can simultaneously carry out dozens of healing processes in the physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual realms. This technique also uses single-pointed attention, in this case focused on passive breath awareness. Learn more about the FREE Healing Invocation.

Is This Really Free? What’s the Catch?

Helping others heal and awaken is central to my life purpose. I want all those who wish to explore my healing and awakening techniques to have access to them freely and easily.

Obviously, fewer people would choose to take advantage of these techniques if I charged for them. The universe comfortably supports me with the clients who come to me for astrology, shamanic healing and my other products and services. (Thank you, Universe!) This enables me to offer my healing and awakening techniques at at no charge. It really is free, and there is no catch.

In Closing

Don’t be surprised if your inner skeptic is having a hard time believing that what I’ve described here could actually be effective. But you’ll never know until you try. If it does work, you’ll have gained a powerful, quick and effective healing tool you can use anywhere, any time, any place. And it’s free!

I would love to hear how these healing techniques have worked for you. Please feel free to contact me and let me know!

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