Stationing Pluto Triggers My Relationship

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In my 9/17/18 feature article, I speculated that some of the emotional triggers I was experiencing might be related to transiting Saturn stationing on several sensitive midpoints in my natal chart. (Ouch! Why Was Saturn Direct so Intense?) Since then, Maeikisala and I experienced the most intense emotional triggering of our relationship so far.

As always, we did our shadow work successfully. We cleared the layer of old wounding that had come up for each of us, and emerged more spiritually awake on the other side of the experience. Our relationship is better than ever!

I thanked Maeikisala and the universe for my good fortune in having such a conscious and capable partner. But it made me wonder: were there more astrological catalysts at play?

Pluto: the Obvious Suspect

Pluto, a specialist in shadow work catalyst, stationed direct yesterday (9/30/18) around 19° Capricorn. I have sensitive natal points on either side of 19° Capricorn, as the chart above shows, but nothing within the 3-degree power zone.

But wait – what about midpoints? Sure enough, Pluto stationed near the midpoint of my three most important Capricornian planets: Saturn at 14°, and my tight Venus-Mars conjunction at 23-24°.

Why would this affect my most important relationship? My 7th house, the house of all important relationships, has Aquarius on the cusp. Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius. Therefore, aspects to Saturn can affect my relationships.

Venus is the natural ruler of relationships for everyone. And a Venus-Mars conjunction, which merges the natural rulers of the feminine and masculine, obviously symbolizes relationship.

That would be enough evidence right there. But there’s more! Pluto stationed exactly quincunx my natal Uranus. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, the sign on the cusp of my seventh house of relationships.

The icing on the Plutonian cake was his super-tight semi-sextile to my natal Juno, the asteroid goddess of committed partnership!

So it appears that Pluto was a major factor in my relationship challenge. And, of course, Saturn was still working those sensitive midpoints! These two planets, well known for bringing challenge when it serves highest good, were clearly the stage setters.

Planetary Triggers: Jupiter, Mars and Venus

But there were also several triggers: faster-moving planets that show the more precise timing of events. For starters, Jupiter was tightly sextile my Moon, amplifying emotionality. Jupiter was also sextile my Venus-Mars conjunction, amplifying relationship themes.

Mars was square my Nadir (fourth house cusp), a point that represents home, family and shadow work. Mars was also quincunx my natal Pluto, whose love of shadow work I’ve already mentioned.

Finally, relationship-ruling Venus was conjunct my Nadir, and closely conjunct Neptune. Venus-Neptune aspects can create relationship confusion.


The extraordinary synchronicity between planetary alignments and life events never ceases to amaze me. But it’s important to remember that planets only provide catalyst. How you handle it is up to you.

Everything in astrology has upside potential. Nurturing the life-affirming possibilities, especially with powerful transits such as a Pluto station, can always take your life to the next level of wonderful!

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