Testimonials: How to Write a Great One!

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handwritten thank you - Testimonials: How to Write a Great One!The praise of satisfied clients and customers is a powerful marketing tool. That’s one reason why I’m always so grateful to receive testimonials!

Whether you want to write a testimonial about one of my services or products, or someone else’s, here are a few basic principles that will give your words maximum effectiveness.

Be Specific About the Benefits

General comments such as “That was amazing!” and “Best reading ever!” are wonderful expressions of enthusiasm. But a testimonial is most effective when you are as specific as possible about the benefits you received.

I’ll use three of the best testimonials I’ve received to illustrate my point. I’m currently featuring this one in my email footer:

1. “You got right to the heart of what I’m dealing with, and gave me such wonderful tools to work with all the craziness in my life right now. Very empowering!” — Janet Edwards, Chattanooga, TN

“You got right to the heart of what I’m dealing with” means that I was able to identify Janet’s core issue. “Wonderful tools” communicates that I gave her effective techniques she could keep using. And “Very empowering!” says that she feels stronger and more confident as a result of our session. Janet clearly expresses the benefits she received.

Here’s another example:

2. “Your reading dramatically improved our relationship. I understand my husband so much better now!”  — AL, Asheville, NC

AL’s “dramatically improved” marital relationship is a benefit that speaks for itself. Here’s one more example:

3. “The most detailed, inspiring and reaffirming reading I’ve ever experienced.” — Jonna Rae Bartges, Asheville, NC

Jonna Rae’s first adjective, “detailed,” implies that I pack a lot of information into my readings. This suggests a clear benefit: receiving lots of helpful information.

Her other two adjectives, “inspiring” and “reaffirming,” each describe a distinct benefit she received. And her saying that my reading gave her these benefits more than any other makes the praise even stronger.

How Long Should My Testimonial Be?

Your testimonial should be as long as necessary to communicate all the benefits you received. You might be a concise writer who can say it all in a sentence or two. Or you may want to elaborate in great detail. (The final Shamanic Astrology testimonial here is an unusually long testimonial that justifies its length.) If in doubt, go long!

The testimonials you see on my site are typically distilled from much longer emails. I love receiving long testimonials! The more ground I get to dig in, the better my chances of unearthing a diamond.

When I receive a testimonial I’d like to use, I usually edit it down to a short version that concisely communicates the core benefits. I then email it to the person who sent it to me for their revisions or approval.

What If I’m Having Trouble Writing My Testimonial?

What if your heart’s in the right place, but the right words aren’t coming? You can do a brief testimonial interview instead. This simply involves me asking you a few questions about your experience with my service or product. We can do this in person, or via phone or Skype.

I record and transcribe our conversation, then create a testimonial quote from it. I then email you the quote for your approval. The process is quick, simple and fun!

What About Attribution?

Attributions with full name, city and state have the most credibility. However, the most important thing is your comfort level. Some people don’t mind being identified, while others insist on anonymity. You have four options to choose from:

  1. Firstname Lastname, City, State
  2. Firstname L., City, State
  3. F. Lastname, City, State
  4. FL, City, State

I will use whichever style of attribution you prefer.

Ready to Get Started?

In summary, here are some key points to remember when writing a testimonial:

  1. Be specific about the benefits,
  2. Make it as long as necessary to communicate the benefits you received,
  3. Do a testimonial interview if the right words aren’t coming, and
  4. The attribution of your quote can be as public or anonymous as you wish.

If you wish, you can write your testimonial from my Contact Page. You can also phone or Skype me from there. And if you want additional inspiration, there are lots more quotes on my Testimonials Page.

So if you’re thinking about giving me a testimonial, I thank you in advance. I look forward to receiving it!

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