Astrology Testimonials

Everything that you said would happen has been happening. I had no idea astrology could be so helpful!

Kay Carpenter, Austin, TX

You gave me fresh insights into myself that no other astrologer has ever talked about. Great job!

MW, Asheville, NC

I feel that I have been doing ‘quantum quantum’ life changes since I met with you. I am really grateful to you for helping me ‘pop the cork’ that had been stuck for so long, and for the help you so giftedly pour through your being. You are truly an artist using the canvas of astrology!

Dorsey Ridgely, Weaverville, NC

Insightful and inspiring … the passion you have for astrology, combined with the thoughtful and compassionate way you share the information, is awesome. It’s like therapy and career counseling and someone reading a blueprint of your life all at once!

Anna B., Weaverville, NC

I feel profoundly more empowered … It was a wonderful experience to have the parts of me I’ve always felt but never fully embraced be elucidated and supported with your words and enthusiasm! THANK YOU!

Laeo, Asheville, NC

I’m an engineer, a realist and a rationalist, and I am beyond astonished at the accuracy of 99.9% of what you said!

Chuck Cooper, Bradenton, FL

Your reading put me back in the game. You offered meaning and hope and practical reasons and steps to take…What a relief you are!

Laura Frisbie, Asheville, NC

You got right to the heart of what I’m dealing with, and gave me such wonderful tools to work with all the craziness in my life right now. Very empowering!

Janet Edwards, Chattanooga, TN

Our consultation helped give me the assurance I needed for the big shifts that I’m choosing to make in my life right now.

Kristin Peppel, Asheville, NC

Your reading dramatically improved our relationship. I understand my husband so much better now!

AL, Asheville, NC

The most detailed, inspiring and reaffirming reading I’ve ever experienced.

Jonna Rae Bartges, Weaverville, NC

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Shamanic Healing Testimonials

I accessed a lot of bliss during our shamanic healing session, and now have a stronger sense of the divine energy in my body. Now, in my meditations, I feel lighter and larger, and the boundaries are thinner. I feel less like an isolated physical being, and more like a spiritual being in a physical body.

MA, Asheville, NC

I’d been feeling chronic pain in my abdomen for six or seven months. My doctors couldn’t find anything wrong, or explain why I’ve felt so much pain there. After our session, my abdomen was very sensitive for a day, and then the pain was gone! I can feel the pain a little now, eight days later, but it’s much less severe. The practice you gave me to heal myself with light is helping a lot, and I continue to do that. I feel reconnected with my ability to give healing to myself.

MA, Asheville, NC

I was able to greatly reduce the use of a prescription medication. Six months later, this change is still in effect. I can attribute this healing only to Benjamin’s intuition and skill in channeling Spirit’s power. I highly recommend working with him to achieve positive healing!

Dixie W., Clinton, MA

It’s now easier for me to stay connected with Spirit. And I feel much more grounded, which for me is a miraculous achievement. The work that I’ve done with you has been life-changing!

Jennie Gilmore, Portland, Maine

Our shamanic healing phone session was a very healing, wonderful and blissful experience. I felt as if I was one with everything! Now, almost a month later, I can feel that God is always right here with me, and I know that I always have Divine help when I need it. I can easily touch back into that amazing state of ecstasy and expansion and ground it into my daily life. I work with addicts and mentally ill people, and it is now much easier for me to clear any negative energy that I might pick up at work. I now feel much more energetic, and my mood is lighter, brighter and more optimistic.

Josie Collins, Tucson AZ

During our session, the pain that had completely stopped me from running was reduced by 50%, and I was able to get out and run again the next day. Thank you for your wonderful healing work; it has really helped me!

Bob Mulligan, Naples, FL

I can feel the love and light radiating from me, and my friends are even saying that ‘something is different.’ You rock, Benjamin!

Marcie McGrath, Asheville, NC

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Shamanic Astrology Testimonials

Since experiencing Benjamin’s Shamanic Astrology, I’ve felt energized, more joyful, peaceful and focused, and less attached to my persona.

Trish V., Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL

In less than a week, the money I invested in Benjamin’s Shamanic Astrology Consultation has been returned several times over on the material side of things, and immeasurably on the emotional/spiritual side.

Hal Bahr, Sedona, AZ

Life-changing…it was an amazing paradigm shift to feel the planets and not just think about them rationally!

Trish V., Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL

Since the Shamanic Astrology Consultation, I have felt much more steady, strong, and at peace in myself.

Hal Bahr, Sedona, AZ

When I booked Benjamin for a Shamanic Astrology session I really wasn’t that sure exactly what would happen. I had some notion about going through my natal chart and calling in the forces of the planets to help empower me and embody the higher side of all the planetary influences. What actually happened was so much more!

At the start of the session, Benjamin made clear that we would explore, discuss, and then invoke what I most desired from each planet and aspect in my natal chart. So in practice it was a thorough chart analysis along with discussions of how the planets and aspects had actually been manifesting in my life, and whether I wished to “trade up” for ways of being that better suited my current needs and higher purpose in life.

The first planet we went through in this way was my natal Sun in Scorpio. Benjamin put together a very powerful and detailed invocation for my Sun to come in to serve me in my pursuit of my higher purpose and accelerated velocity along my life path. During his invocation, I actually began to feel the heat of the Sun coming into me and bathing me with celestial radiance. It took me a few breaths afterward to be able to tell Benjamin that I was ready to go on to the next step, which involved my Pisces Moon.

I won’t take time and space here to describe just how thorough and powerful each step of our process together was. But but I can say that halfway through it I was ‘higher’ and more ‘expanded’ than any drug or meditation has ever taken me, and the experience I had with each planet was unique and profound. Each time I could feel the forces coming into me and, in a very real way, assembling themselves and combining with my DNA to become a physical part of my structure.

Benjamin has very potent healing and energy transmission abilities. He held the strong energy of the session together with generous grace, kindness, and gentle good humor. The experience left me feeling extremely full, and I had to take a nap afterward to just let things begin to integrate!

Since the Shamanic Astrology Consultation, I have felt much more steady, strong, and at peace in myself and just more ‘me’. I’ve been able to hold my own personal ground and centeredness, while still being the loving and caring person that I am.

The dreams I’ve had since the session have been off the charts. So much that was hidden or not clear for me has begun to reveal itself in ways I can work with and transform into practical magic and manifestation for myself.
It hasn’t just been on the emotional/spiritual level either. In one of the first dreams I had after our session together, Benjamin was telling me that I deserved to be financially successful and abundant In the dream I agreed and held out my hand, and another person came up and began to count a big stack of bills into my hand. In the dream I said “Yes, this is right, for who better than me to have this abundance? After all, I know how to use this for the good of everyone and not just my own enrichment.”

Since that dream, my business and referrals from past clientele have taken a steep upward climb, and my financial situation has improved quite measurably. This increased abundance has made it easier for me to help out others who are swimming in more financially troubled waters.

The session I had with Benjamin took two hours and cost me $300. Was it worth it? I can only say that in less than a week the money I invested in Benjamin’s Shamanic Astrology Consultation has been returned several times over on the material side of things, and immeasurably on the emotional/spiritual side.

Will this happen for you if you book a session with Benjamin? I can’t say, but if you are truly ready to let go of old patterns that no longer serve and allow in a new paradigm that brings uplift, positive change, and abundance, then I can only imagine that your experience will be just as powerful as mine!

My apologies for the length of this, but a Shamanic Astrology session with Benjamin is no small matter. If you are ready to take a big step forward in your life then I highly recommend booking a Shamanic Astrology session with Benjamin now.

Hal Bahr, Sedona, AZ

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