The Dark Side: Your Adversarial Ally

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I’m writing this the day before Halloween. This is a time – at least in America – when homes and businesses are festooned with creepy, scary images. The veils are thin and the dark side is on vivid display.

It’s a good time to expand on a theme I touched on in my October 1 post, “Have You Polarized Yet?”  In that article, I talked about how the channeled Law of One teachings talk about the two paths to human graduation: service-to-other and service-to-self. Service-to-self is what many would call “the dark side.”

To make my point about the dark side being your adversarial ally, I need to give you just a bit of background information. Ra, the unimaginably advanced sixth density being who shared the Law Of One teachings, says that we participate in infinite universes of endless evolution. There is no endpoint. When one universe ends, it gives birth to another, more highly evolved universe.

Each new universe is a vast conscious being. It learns from what the prior universe experienced, and gains wisdom through its own unfoldment.

The Problem with the “Garden of Eden”

In earlier iterations of humanity – humans exist at third density – there was no dark side. Everyone was service-to-other, more interested in helping others then benefiting themselves. It was the sort of paradise we might imagine the Garden of Eden to have been.

But there was a big problem with this seemingly idyllic arrangement. Human life was so pleasant that there was no incentive to grow and evolve! Humans were having such a wonderful time that they weren’t motivated to experience the even more awesome dimensions of consciousness beyond theirs. Evolution slowed to a crawl.

The One Infinite Creator wanted a more interesting experience of itself. So later human iterations sported a new innovation: the service-to-self path. As I explained in my “Have You Polarized Yet?” post, the service-to-self path is the mastery of control, manipulation and deceit. For someone on this path to win, someone else must lose. They’re free to use any means they wish, regardless of the consequences. When you throw service-to-self and service-to-other beings together, things get much more interesting!

When I Get Triggered

I’m highly motivated to do my personal shadow work and deepen my spiritual awakening. Even so, I’m still often tempted to cruise in my comfort zone of consciousness until a challenging catalyst arises. That catalyst can be a challenging emotion, physical discomfort, or both. These days, things are getting so intense that my partner Maeikisala and I are each getting triggered several times per week!

When I get triggered, I have two choices: I can ignore the shadow material that’s getting stirred up or I can clear it. If I ignore it, my shadow side gains strength. I become more impatient, sarcastic or insensitive to the needs of those around me, including my beloved twin flame Maeikisala. My heart closes a bit, and I care less about the well-being of others.

Fortunately, my abiding awakening is strong enough that my higher witness notices these symptoms arising. I then use my Healing Invocation and/or other shamanic tools to purge or transmute the dark energy.

The Great Onion of Consciousness

I have a handy metaphor for this process of healing and awakening: The Great Onion of Consciousness. As I say in my Invocations for Healing & Awakening post, at the core of this onion is your inherent divinity: absolute bliss, ease and peace. This is your natural state, which you started from long before this lifetime and will eventually return to.

Around this divine core are darker layers that dim your awareness of your natural divine radiance. Each layer is formed by an unhealed trauma or pain, from this lifetime or another. Your current awareness is just beyond the outermost layer, looking in toward the core.

Each time you get triggered, it’s the outermost layer of this onion saying, “Please peel me now!” If you do, you’ll be done with that layer of pain once and for all. If you don’t, it’ll keep bothering you until you do heal it. If you die without healing it, it might even follow you into your next lifetime and pester you there until you do finally deal with it.

Catalyst for Awakening

So when I get triggered, I realize it’s not the machinations of a malevolent universe that’s conspiring to get me. It’s my dark side counterparts, my ever-helpful adversarial allies, giving me exactly the catalyst I need to take my awakening one level deeper.

Each time a new layer opens, the bliss grows even stronger. I now live every day in an altered state so ecstatic that I could once only access it by drinking ayahuasca. Thankfully, this routinely euphoric consciousness doesn’t require any psychoactive substances, and my functionality and ability to serve are significantly improved.

So the next time you get triggered, see it as an invitation to “peel the onion” and deepen your spiritual awakening. It’s a way of thinking that has made my life vastly more wonderful. I pray that it does the same for you!

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