Twin Flame Interdependence

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Twin Flames Merged FacesEvery July 4, my good friend Patrick throws an “Interdependence Day” party. He does it to emphasize how much we all need each other: locally, globally, and otherwise.

As my relationship deepens with my beloved twin flame Maeikisala, I experience “Interdependence Day” every day. This process can be simultaneously wonderful and a bit unsettling!

Twin Flame Relationships

First off, what’s a twin flame? My understanding is that it’s two humans who split off from the same soul when they incarnated. The twin flames I know tend to stick together whether they want to or not, whether the relationship is flowing or challenging.

Twin flame relationships aren’t always easy. Maeikisala and I know several twin flame couples whose relationships can be extremely challenging. Yet they remain together, seemingly bound by a potent gravitational field. Even if escape velocity is temporarily attained, the couple is inevitably pulled back together.

Extraordinary Harmony

Given what we’ve observed about other self-identified twin flame couples, Maeikisala and I feel very fortunate. Since we met last August – and started living together one week later! – our relationship has been marked by an extraordinary degree of harmony.

Even though we have a radically free relationship agreement – neither of us has to do anything we don’t want to – we find serving each other to be both pleasurable and fulfilling. We’re typically both in the house all day, yet we always enjoy each other’s company. I can’t think of a single moment when I wished Maeikisala wasn’t here. (Happily, she reports the same feelings about me.)

Increasing Interdependence

Perhaps it’s because of this extraordinary compatibility that our higher selves are making us progressively more interdependent. The most obvious way this plays out is that a certain awareness or piece of information will sometimes only be given to one of us.

In our shamanic work, for example, where Maeikisala capably co-shamanizes with me, we sometimes hold the same field of inner awareness. But increasingly our divine allies will assign each of us to an awareness or action that the other is unaware of. Fortunately, our healing work is made more effective and efficient by this division of labor.

This also happens around the house when we’re not in ceremonial space. Only one of us will remember to feed the cats, or roll the trash can out to the curb.

This may not seem like such a big deal. But this is my first relationship where I no longer have the ability to double check my partner on certain things. I have no choice but to trust that she’s taking care of those actions that are being uniquely assigned to her, and which I’m unaware of. And, as far as I can tell, she’s taking care of them just fine!

Enhanced Empathy

As shamans, part of our job is to empathically feel what’s going on with our clients. We have to be able to personally experience their pain and pleasure, at least to some degree, to know what’s going on inside them.

So the fact that Maeikisala and I feel each other’s pain and pleasure is not strictly a twin flame phenomenon. But it seems that the twin flame connection radically intensifies the shared experience.

If I do something intensely pleasurable for her, I can get hit with a tidal wave of ecstasy that makes my knees go weak! My eyes want to roll back in my head, and it can require a significant act of willpower to stay in functional consciousness and not completely bliss out. I know this reads like purple prose, but I’m reporting my actual experience.

Subtle Shared Awareness

We’re also starting to share consciousness in more subtle ways, a bit like the characters in the late great Netflix show Sense8. We’re not jumping into each other’s bodies and knocking out swarms of villains with acrobatic martial arts moves. But we’ve each had subtle awareness of the other within, and the first glimmerings of knowing what the other is doing. Our divine allies tell us that this integration of consciousness will proceed gradually over time. That way, neither of our egos will feel overwhelmed as the false perception of individuality is phased out.

We know others who are having similar experiences. To use Law of One terminology, Maeikisala and I are shifting from third density to fourth density awareness. Third density is where most humans are now, with the illusory belief that they’re separate beings. In fourth density, apparently, we’ll be simultaneously conscious as individual beings and as part of a shared planetary consciousness.

Fourth Density Coming Online

It’s way cool to share the consciousness of a planet! We, along with those calling in to our free weekly EASE (Embodied Awakening Support Experience) events, are routinely experiencing this ecstatic Gaian planetary awareness. And we’re far from the only ones: we’re aware of millions of other beings sharing this blended awareness in the inner world.

So it appears that what Maeikisala and I are experiencing as twin flames is not unique. Rather, we’re part of a swelling wave of consciousness flowing across the planet as we transition into fourth density awareness. Many others got here first and opened the door for us. If what we’re doing radiates an energy which helps open that door for others, we’re delighted to help!

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  1. Ilona says:

    What a lovely post! This not only encourages and inspires me, but shines a light and points to the direction of what twin flame living has the potential look like! Honored to be on this journey with you. Would love to hear more of how the twin flame dynamic develops into for both you and Maeikisala.


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