The Uranus-Pluto Square: Overview & Personal Strategies

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The Big Event finally arrived on June 24, 2012: the first exact Uranus-Pluto square! There will be seven exact squares between these two powerhouse planets between now and 2015. The vibe will be “The 60s, Part 2.” Even before the square was exact, this energy of revolutionary transformation helped spawn the Arab Spring and the global Occupy Movement.

Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. Its job is to clear away everything that doesn’t serve the greater good. Pluto works slowly on its own, but the pace is quickened by Uranus. Uranus wants paradigm shift now, and strikes like lightning.

Uranus-Pluto Square

Uranus and Pluto were the primary astrological influence that sparked the worldwide revolutions of the 60s, when they were conjunct. Now they’re forming a 90° square, their next major aspect. This represents “challenge for growth.” Because of this, we can expect to see an abundance of radical change in the coming years.

Many months may elapse between exact Uranus-Pluto squares. However, these two outer planets will remain close enough to 90° to continuously radiate this paradigm-shifting energy. Their influence will extend beyond 2015, through the rest of the decade.

How the Uranus-Pluto Square Can Help You

How can you make the best personal use of the Uranus-Pluto square? Release anything and everything that does not serve your highest good. This can be possessions, relationships, concepts or anything else. This opens the door to Pluto’s gifts of wealth and power. Wealth can be money, but can also be anything of value, tangible or intangible. Plutonian power can be misused by the selfish ego – think of Darth Vader or Hitler. But it can also be wielded for the higher good – think of Gandhi or Nelson Mandela. The more one releases personal desire and surrenders to divine will, the more power becomes available. And the more humanely it will be used.

If you’re spiritually inclined, let the Uranus-Pluto square empower your ability to be a conduit for divine light and love. Listen for Uranus’ intuitive flashes, and follow those inner instructions whenever possible. In my experience, and that of my clients, these “text messages from God” are the closest thing to infallible information available to humans. My own paradigm is to be a puppet and a pipe. I do my best to let the divine “pull my strings” and flow energy through me for the benefit of others.

It can be easy to dread the Uranus-Pluto square. What if the euro melts down, and takes the global economy with it? What if the services we rely on become crippled, or cease to function? Tempted to stockpile guns, ammo, food and water? Instead, I recommend forging the strongest possible connection with your intuitive guidance. (You may find these invocation techniques helpful.) Those who follow intuitive wisdom can always be in the right place at the right time.

Under this shake-it-up energy, preservation of the status quo is simply not possible. Like it or not, we’re moving into an unknowable and rapidly changing future. Doing so with boldness, enthusiasm and intuitive guidance can make this Uranus-Pluto square a thrilling roller coaster ride!

Read my more in-depth article on the Uranus-Pluto square.

Revised 3/3/13. Originally published as part of the June 2012 forecast.

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  1. The dates of the seven Uranus-Pluto squares in the 2010s are:

    June 24 2012
    September 19 2012
    May 21 2013
    November 1 2013
    April 21 2014
    December 15 2014
    March 17 2015

  2. Sanora says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the last 3 years and the transformations in my own life with this. Pluto is actually nearly conjunct my Capricorn moon in my fourth house for this (my moon is late 11 degrees Cap) and also sextile my Neptune (10 Scorpio) in the 2d house. All of this to say that my partnerships have shifted and become more loose (including my husband who has had many out of town gigs in film & t.v.). All fine, I like my alone creative times. I have many aspects with these two. Saturn in Aquarius at 10 degrees, North Node in Leo at 10 degrees. Lots of new information and lots of letting go.

    Anyway, Benjamin, you’ve always been spot on and, yet, looking at the highest reality of our existence. Thank you for that. Thank you for encouraging us to engage with the Higher Self.

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