Mar. 4-10 2013 Weekly Astrology Forecast

The week of March 4 features a whopping 10 Mercury and Venus aspects: six for Mercury and four for Venus. With conjunctions and soft angles predominating, there’s plenty of opportunity for flow and ease amidst all the action!

3/4 (Mon)

The Sun and retrograde Mercury cross paths in Pisces, lighting up your mind’s ability to receive intuitive input. Focusing your thoughts on divine states and creative expression is also supported.

The Sun and Mercury also both square Geminian Vesta  today. If you experience any challenge in following your higher calling, remember that there may be a variety of ways to get the job done!

Piscean Venus locks into her only hard angle this week: a square to Jupiter. Jupiter’s expansive energy can act like a magnifying glass, helping you see any illusions you may be holding about your important relationships. This amplification can also help you enjoy more of what’s good in your relationships. You may also experience boosted creative inspiration. Jot down notes if you don’t have time to immediately act on all the cool ideas you’re downloading!

3/5 (Tue)

Piscean Venus-Chiron conjunction can act as a catalyst to bring up unresolved wounds for healing. It can also help dissolve the boundaries between you and someone else to facilitate healing or mentoring.

3/6 (Wed)

Piscean Venus makes two soft aspects today, sextiling Pluto and trining Saturn. This eases Law of Attraction work, especially if you’re focusing on finances, relationships or creativity. This is also the third day in a row that Venus has made an aspect supporting relationship transformation. If you have an unresolved relationship issue dangling — especially if it’s an “elephant in the living room” situation — consider discussing it now. You get extra support for this with a Mercury-Venus conjunction in Pisces, which can support easy-flowing communication.

If any of this relationship stuff triggers you, try this invocation: “Spirit, please saturate me with loving, healing light. Please release all energies that don’t serve me. And let this be so to the greatest extent that serves highest good.” Simply focus on your breath after speaking these words. This will open the door wide for the divine healing power within you to clear this dark energy while it’s freshly stirred up! (Here’s more information on this healing invocation.)

3/7 (Thu)

Since retrograde Mercury crossed paths with Venus yesterday, the winged messenger is now going to make some of her same aspects as it backpedals through Pisces. It kicks off with two aspects that Venus made yesterday: a Saturn trine and a Pluto sextile. Honest, concise and straightforward communication is supported.

Yet another aspect supporting creative expression lines up today, with Piscean Mars quintile Jupiter. This aspect can also support sacred sexuality and inspired athleticism.

3/8 (Fri)

After being close enough to receive same-day aspects from Venus and Mercury this week, Saturn and Pluto finally make an exact sextile today. This aspect has been active by orb since mid-November, and will remain strong thru April.
Saturn creates structure and organization, while Pluto empowers what’s helpful now and destroys or transform everything else. So this is a good time for releasing everything that does not support your evolution and awakening: possessions, relationships, ways of thinking, etc. And it’s a good time to put more energy into whatever is propelling you forward!

This energy is made even stronger because these two planets are in  mutual reception  (in each other’s signs): Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is in Scorpio, while Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, is in Capricorn.

In other news, Mercury continues to mirror Venus’s recent aspects in reverse order by conjoining Chiron in Pisces. Mentoring is powerfully supported, as is healing – especially hands-on energy work.

3/9 (Sat)

Continuing to trace Venus’ steps, Piscean Mercury squares Jupiter. This can provide abundant mental stimulation, so relax into your breath if your thoughts go too heavily into overdrive. Also be mindful not to become excessively loquacious.

3/10 (Sun)

Energy is available for sacred sexuality as  Venus (The Lover) in Pisces squares Vesta . Be sure to focus the intensity of the square into passion rather than conflict.

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