Whose Consciousness Is This, Anyway?

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Group Consciousness“I am pure consciousness” is a core teaching of many spiritual paths. What’s less commonly taught is, “I am also other people’s awareness!” My perspective on reality has been shifted by these innerworldly experiences.

My first experiences of shared consciousness were in ayahuasca ceremonies. I remember one in particular, perhaps two or three years ago. I was placed in other people’s bodies (whom I didn’t know) for several minutes at a time. The merging was so complete that I forgot I’d ever been anyone else!

After each merging, ayahuasca would pull me back into Benjamin consciousness and encourage me to stay awake as pure awareness during the next merging. I failed several times, but finally was able to maintain my observer consciousness during the blending.

Within the last year or so, I’ve started experiencing group consciousness in ceremony. I’ll be aware of sharing awareness with dozens of other beings, some physically present in the room and some not, whom I perceive to be members of my “soul pod.” Sometimes I merge with the consciousness of the group, and sometimes perceive myself as individual awareness.

In more recent ceremonies, I’ve been sharing consciousness with some of the other journeyers in the room. All the people involved are aware of what’s happening. The power to serve in the inner dimensions is powerfully enhanced by these mergings.

As usually happens for me, spiritual experiences that I initially have in ceremony become commonplace without ayahuasca. For example, I’m now part of a weekly group that practices Mutual Awakening. (No mind-altering substances are ingested.)

One person reports their experience in the moment as the others give that person their complete attention. The observers stay open to having the reporter’s experience themselves. The group gradually has an ecstatic experience of merging into a single consciousness beyond the mental plane.

This has gone even deeper with my shamanic apprentice. We’ve been routinely sharing consciousness during our weekly training sessions. But now we’re starting to have the kinesthetic experience of being in each other’s bodies as we eye-gaze!

These experiences have shown me that the idea of being a separate being is an illusion. Sharing consciousness with others has given me the firsthand experience of union.

As I once wrote in a song lyric, “We are all just God playing with ourselves.” Oneness is our truest essence. The divine beingness that we are entertains itself by pretending to be separate entities. As you awaken, you get to enjoy progressively deeper levels of reunification with your “other selves.”

There are no strangers … only other parts of yourself that you haven’t yet reunited with!

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