Your Negative Reactions: Golden Opportunities for Clearing and Awakening!

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Angry man. Your Negative Reactions: Golden Opportunities for Clearing and Awakening!

Revised and significantly expanded 10/31/2016

We all routinely experience situations that catalyze challenging states within us. These negative emotions are so common that we have a huge number of words to describe them. These include aggravation, anger, annoyance, anxiety, consternation, depression, displeasure, distress, exasperation, frustration, fury, hatred, impatience, indignation, irritation, outrage, peevishness, petulance, pique, rage, resentment, strain, stress, unhappiness, vexation and worry.

The good news is that each and every negative state offers you a golden opportunity for healing and awakening!

Don’t Blame, Thank!

Many people blame the catalyzing person or situation when they feel negative emotions: “They made me feel this way!” But by projecting responsibility for our emotions outside ourselves, we also give away our power to positively transform them. When you point a finger at someone else, three of your fingers point back at you! Each of us is solely responsible for how we feel.

Rather than cast blame elsewhere, be as thankful as you can when a person or situation stimulates a negative emotion within you. You’ve been given a precious gift: the awareness of a wounded place that still needs healing. If you’d been entirely whole and healthy in that area, that negative emotion would never have come up.

The Healing Invocation

Here’s a client-tested invocation which lets you use negative emotions to help you heal and awaken:

1. Be as thankful as you can to the person or situation that catalyzed your negative reaction, since they helped you feel where you need healing. You can send gratitude to this “adversarial ally” mentally or verbally. If you can’t be thankful, that’s okay too.

2. Say, “Spirit-That-I-Am, please saturate me with your healing, loving light. Please clear from me all energy that does not serve highest good, starting now, thank you, this or something better.” Or use the shortcut version, “Maximum healing that serves highest good, please.”

3. Relax and allow Spirit to do all the healing work. Don’t try to help in any way. Focus on your breath as it calmly and naturally breathes itself. If distractions arise, simply return your attention to your breath. Your peripheral awareness will let you experience what’s happening energetically.

The Healing Process: Common Experiences

As Spirit clears the negative energy, you may experience uncomfortable emotions, thoughts and/or physical sensations. The healing may begin with a “jackhammer phase,” where the energy vibrates more intensely. It’s doing this to break through the protective shell surrounding the heavy energy.

If your body wants to shake, vibrate or tremble, let it. You might feel the need to cry, moan or wail during a healing process. The human body is much smarter than many people realize. It knows exactly what it needs to do to clear heavy energy with maximum effectiveness. Let it rip!

Then again, don’t be a drama queen on purpose. Just don’t resist clearing phenomena if they arise on their own. Healing cycles can also be calm and silent.

Once the healing energy breaks through the heavy energy’s armoring, its intensity will calm down. You may feel the healing energy saturating the areas that need it most. Soon after that, you may feel heavy energy flowing out your hands and/or feet, or leaving through your chakras. The feeling can range from a molasses-in-January ooze to a clear, strong current. Let the heavy energy leave any way it wants! Alternatively, you may feel heavy energy staying right where it is as it transmutes to light.

You have nothing to fear from this process. Your higher self will be paying very close attention, and will make sure the intensity is manageable. Thousands of people have used this healing invocation, and I’ve never had anyone report feeling overwhelmed. If a major trauma needs to clear, your higher self will divide it into smaller parts and clear it a bit at a time.

Your Sweet Reward

Once enough heavy energy clears, you’ll start to feel more calm and relaxed. Those who are energetically sensitive may experience euphoria, bliss and expanded consciousness. If you allow a healing cycle to run its full course, you’ll feel much better as it wraps up. In fact, you should feel significantly better than you did before you got triggered!

This is because nature abhors a vacuum. As dense energy is released, high-vibration spiritual energy automatically flows in to take its place. And the more you clear away the heavy energies you’ve attracted, the more you naturally become aware of the ever-present peace and blissfulness that were hidden within you!

Proactive Healing

I suggested above that you use the Healing Invocation when a challenging emotion arises. But you can do a Healing Invocation anytime, even if you’re feeling 100% wonderful! Your higher self always has the next layer of heavy energy queued up to be cleared. Proactively doing Healing Invocations will clear the heavy energy faster and significantly accelerate your awakening process. No limit!

More Healing Resources

If you haven’t already read the 10/27/2016 revision and extensive expansion of my free Invocations for Healing & Awakening article, I strongly recommend that you do so now. This Healing Invocation works much more easily when you’re in a state of embodied awakening. That article will show you how easily you can achieve that extraordinary state of harmony, flow, ease and grace. Read the article now.

You may also benefit from another free self-healing technique I offer, Simple Focus Healing.

My post on global shadow work resources can direct you to more great ways to accelerate your healing and awakening.

Finally, I’d love to receive your feedback on how these invocations work for you!

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It can be easy to lose momentum and drift off track when you do practices such as these invocations on your own. That’s why I created EASE — Embodied Awakening Support Experience. It can be very helpful in maximizing the power of these invocations.

EASE offers you weekly events via phone or web to help you…

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  • Enjoy support from kindred spirits on your journey,
  • And much more.

Online recording library lets you experience the life-transforming power of EASE anytime!

You don’t have to participate in EASE to benefit from Heal and Awaken Invocations. But many subscribers find EASE to be a helpful support system on their spiritual path.

It’s important to me that anyone be able to participate in EASE, whatever their financial situation. So it’s a love offering program.  Pay as little or as much as you wish, however often you choose.

Learn more about how EASE can help you.

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  1. Sherry Triana says:

    Thank u for providing the steps to assist me with healing toxic emotions around the murder of my cousin this weekend. My overwhelment was replaced w hope. Eternally grateful.

  2. Marylyn says:

    Thank you benjamin for allowing me to take the tools I already have within me and bringing me to a heightened sense of awareness. Benjamin gave me the confidence that was necessary for me to handle life’s challenges with greater ease.”

  3. Becky says:

    Thank you, Benjamin. I have downloaded the Invocation for Healing and Awakening. This experience for using the invocations has opened my awareness for maintaining my light body throughout the day and with easy methods for maintaining this wonderful peaceful state in my conscious awareness for continuous healing. I am forever grateful to you. Namaste.

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