Variations on the Divine Saturation Snap Meditation

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Divine Saturation AuraBliss and energetic protection are the two benefits most commonly reported by those who have used my Divine Saturation Snap Meditation. It’s a simple and surprisingly effective one-breath technique that I’ve shared with many of my astrology clients.

Since introducing it, I’ve created a number of helpful variations. In this article, I share the most helpful of these.

Please read my original Divine Saturation Snap Meditation post. Even if you’ve read it before. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Finished reading the original post? Really? No kidding, you really need to read it before going forward. Otherwise, you truly won’t understand the rest of this post. So here’s another chance. Go ahead, I’ll wait again.

Okay, I’m going to trust that you’ve done your homework. We’ll begin with:

Variation One: The Energy Flush

  1. Mentally scan your body. Take note of any areas where the energy feels blocked. This can manifest in many ways, including pain, soreness, stiffness, heaviness, and numbness.
  2. Choose a particular area to work on. This can be physical or an area of subtle energy, such as a chakra or acupuncture point.
  3. Request or invoke the energy that serves your highest good in this area. This phrasing is sufficient, since Spirit knows what you need better than you do! However, if you just can’t resist being more specific, you can ask for a particular outcome. This could be pain relief or resumption of a strong, clear energy flow.If you do this, be sure to end your request with the Karma-Free Safety Clause: “This, or something better, now manifests for the highest good of all concerned.” If you’re asking for something that does not serve highest good, you’re specifically telling Spirit to either not give it to you, or provide a superior replacement.
  4. Inhale the energy through the top of your head, directly into the part of the body you’re focusing on.
  5. scrubbing bubblesHold your breath for a moment. Visualize the blocked energy being released. (I like to imagine Scrubbing Bubbles, from the Dow bathroom cleaner commercials, enthusiastically scouring away on my behalf.)
  6. Exhale loudly and forcefully. Imagine the liberated dark energy being flushed out your hands and feet. Also imagine it being blown out with your breath. You can exhale more quietly if necessary. But there’s something so satisfying about an outbreath exhaled with full shamanic intensity!
  7. Repeat Steps 4-6 as needed.

Variation Two: Grounding Yourself

Are you feeling too spacey or “floaty?” Do the original Divine Saturation Snap Meditation, but with one key difference. Start by asking Mother Earth to fill you with the energy of groundedness and stability. In the original meditation, you inhale energy from Spirit down into your heart chakra. But in this variation, breathe grounding earth energy up through the soles of your feet. Send it into your root chakra at the base of your spine. (You can also breathe earth energy up into the sexual, solar plexus and heart chakras.) Repeat until you feel firmly grounded. You should feel firmly anchored in your physical body.

If possible, do this is with your naked feet on grass, dirt or rock. However good concentration can get you excellent results at the top of a skyscraper, or even flying at high altitude in a plane.

Variation Three: Balancing Between Heaven and Earth

This combines the original Divine Saturation Snap Meditation with Variation Two. On your first breath, use the original technique to inhale spiritual energy through the top of your head into your heart chakra. On the next breath, breathe grounding earth energy up through your feet into your root (or other lower) chakra. Continue alternating in this manner until you feel balanced between heaven and earth.

Strict alternation is not mandatory. Feel free to take as many breaths in a row as you wish from either direction.

I hope that you find some or all of these variations helpful. Please feel free to share your personal stories about how any of these techniques have helped you by replying to this post below. I’d also love to read your replies about any helpful variations you’ve created on your own.

To inspire you, here’s how one reader put a useful twist on the Divine Saturation Snap Meditation:

Reader Variation #1: Doing the Divine Saturation Snap Meditation For Someone Else

I received this email on March 6, 2009.

Dear Benjamin, I shared your Snap Meditation with my friend last week and it has been very helpful to her. This morning she wrote this. Thanks, Lois.

S. came home last night in a nasty mood over the economy….ranting and raving, venting – on and on. He was well beyond reasoning. Fortunately, because I did the Snap Meditation earlier in the day, his energy didn’t penetrate my aura at all! And I didn’t even have to put forth effort to avoid the onslaught of negativity spewing from him. After reading a magazine for a while, I just quietly got up and went to bed unannounced.

Upon waking, I could still see the tension on his face and in his body while he slept. I thought about getting up and getting away from him…..but then decided to try something. I began to give him a nice relaxing body scratch in hopes that it would help him relax… wasn’t working, his face and body were still tense and unresponsive to my touch.

So….I did part one of the Snap Meditation on him….bringing in the Light to his sacred heart space and moving it out through his body. Then I brought in the whirlwind vortex – the blackness that the whirlwind brought out was solid (not flakes like mine)….I brought Archangel Michael’s violet flame up around him to burn this black negative energy into ashes.

Then the whirlwind moved it up and out of his bodies — and….the marsh behind his home came in and offered to take it and transform it! I then did Part 2 of the Snap Meditation and moved the Light out from his body into his aura….at that same time he gave a big sigh….and all the tension disappeared from his face. I said, “Do you feel better now?”…..he said “Yes,” smiled….put his arm around me. THEN I told him what I’d done. He said “Thanks, I needed that!!!” For the rest of the morning, he was his joking, sage self.

Is that the coolest or what!!!!

Love you!!!! N.”

 Revised 3/6/13. Originally published in the March 2008 newsletter.

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