Invocations for Healing & Awakening

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Ask and Receive

Revised and extensively expanded 10/27/16

What if you could shift into a blissful state of harmony, flow and ease … just by using a simple eight-word invocation? And what if you could…

  • take care of all your responsibilities more responsibly … and more joyfully?
  • be consistently guided by your intuition, instead of having to figure everything out?
  • enjoy bliss and ecstasy in everything you do?

Or, in more spiritual language, what if you could…

  • experience divine light blissfully saturating your physical body?
  • integrate your spiritual and physical bodies into one harmonious being?
  • dramatically accelerate the pace of your spiritual awakening?

A Time of Unprecedented Spiritual Opportunity

We’re blessed to be alive during an extraordinary time. The veils between the physical and spiritual worlds are thinning rapidly. Access to ecstatic spiritual energies has never been easier. States of higher consciousness that once required years of rigorous spiritual practice can now be accessed quickly and consistently … by anyone!

Simple and Powerful

In 2011, Spirit gave me a simple, powerful invocation technique. Since then, these invocations have allowed thousands of people to experience the benefits described above. You may find it hard to believe that something so easy could work so well. But you don’t have to believe anything … you can prove it to yourself, for free!

If you want these invocations to work for you with maximum effectiveness, you need to understand the basic concepts and principles they’re based on. So let’s take a moment to explore those.

Let the Expert Handle It

Your ego just isn’t as good at flowing divine energy as your higher self. Your ego’s job is taking care of business on the physical plane. But your higher self works with divine energy effortlessly and expertly.

When doing spiritual practice, the ego may want to specify everything, including the color of the subtle energy, the being that’s sending it down, and what level the “juice” is coming from. But why not trust your higher self to manage all that? After all, it can continuously fine-tune all these variables for you!

Imagine that you’ve hired the world’s finest gourmet chef to cook an exquisite meal. Would you hover over her in the kitchen, telling her what ingredients to use and how to prepare them? I hope not!

In the same way, your higher self is the energy work expert. Your active participation is only required when you’re speaking your invocation. Once you make your request, your best strategy is to chill out and let your higher self bring you what you asked for on a silver platter.

Focus on the Breath

I find it best to focus on the breath, since the mind needs something to do. Notice where you feel the breath most easily in your body. Rest your attention there. Let the breath breathe itself, easily and naturally. It doesn’t matter if it’s fast or slow, shallow or deep … just let it do whatever it’s doing.

Once you’re aware of the breath, play the “minimum effort game.” Drop to zero effort … just be … and see if you still feel the breath. If not, add just a smidgen of effort, like the touch of a feather. See if it’s enough to feel the breath. Add more “smidgens” as needed.

Once you find your minimum effort level, you’ll settle into it automatically. Keep your attention on your breath the best you can, no matter what happens. You’ll have plenty of peripheral awareness, and won’t miss a thing!

No Helping!

Resting in passive breath awareness is all you should be doing. Please do not use effort or willpower to try to make an invocation happen. If you do, your higher self will notice that your ego is trying to make the invocation happen. It will then be required by the law of free will to stop helping you, or significantly reduce its assistance. (However, it will resume the maximum flow that serves your highest good once you become passive again.)

Your ego can’t do these invocations anywhere near as well as your higher self. You could practice for a hundred lifetimes and still be riding with training wheels compared to the effortless expertise your highest self already has.

Some spiritual practices require the ego to direct energy. This is not one of them. When doing these invocations, you’ll get vastly better results if you avoid using effort or willpower. Just relax and let your higher self do everything for you.

Please don’t visualize or imagine these invocations working to try to make them happen. That’s just another form of effort that will gum up the works. If you spontaneously see colors or visions, that’s fine. Treat these as distractions, as described in the next section.


Once you’ve spoken your invocation, treat anything other than passive breath awareness as a distraction. Don’t fight or try to change a distraction, since it will only feed on this energy to make itself stronger. Instead, redirect your attention to your breath. Do this gently, persistently, and as often as necessary.

There’s no way to mess this up. It doesn’t matter how many times you get distracted, or how long the distractions last. Just follow this simple guideline: each time you notice you’re distracted, return to your passive breath awareness … gently and persistently. Your best effort automatically earns an A+ and a gold star!

By the way, distractions include any thought at all, even if the thought seems helpful! Any mental activity creates static, which runs interference with divine energy. You’re choosing the breath because, as a non-mental focus, it lets divine energy enter freely.

If you’re fully immersed in the feeling of a breath, there won’t be any mental chatter. You only have one point of awareness available (unless you’re really advanced!). It will either be focused on a thought or on your breath. So keep choosing your breath.

Sometimes a distraction will persist in the background even after you refocus on the breath. That’s fine. There’s plenty of room for both of you. Just stay with the breath and let the distraction hang around as long as it wants to.

Stating the Invocation

You can ask for whatever shifts of energy and consciousness you want. However, this article will focus on invocations that involve healing and awakening, especially my Embodied Awakening Invocation Cycle. Say each invocation aloud if possible, or silently if necessary.

There’s no need to say an invocation more than once during each session. They’re not mantras. Spirit heard you the first time!

Suggested Invocations

My clients and I have found the following invocations helpful. I invite you to try any that interest you, especially the…

Embodied Awakening Invocation Cycle

The Embodied Awakening Invocation Cycle brings divine energy into your physical body, awakens you to the absolute peace of your spiritual consciousness, and integrates this exquisite peacefulness into your everyday life. Yum!

1. Maximum Light and Divine Consciousness Invocation

“Spirit-that-I-am, please saturate me with maximum light and divine consciousness that serves highest good, starting now, thank you, this or something better.”

(“Highest good” is shorthand for, “my highest good, and the highest good of all those affected by this.”) Rest in passive breath awareness as described above. Once you start feeling peaceful, do the …

2. Absolute Peace Invocation.

“Spirit-that-I-am, please make me one with the absolute peace that I am, to the greatest extent that serves highest good, starting now, thank you, this or something better.”

For this invocation, shift your awareness from the breath to the feeling of peacefulness.

Rest in the simple awareness of the peacefulness you’re already feeling. Play the “minimum effort game” again, dropping your effort level to zero. Do you still fell the peacefulness? If not, add the absolute minimum effort needed to feel the peacefulness again.

As you do this, you’ll start feeling light or floaty. Eventually, you’ll feel like a cloud or a ball of light. You’ll experience yourself as pure energy, without any specific shape or form. You’ll feel exquisitely peaceful. And this part of you won’t have any mental chatter or challenging emotions,

Once you’re having this experience, congratulations! You’ve awakened to the divine part of you that created your human self. I believe this part to be unborn, undying, immortal and eternal. When your human body eventually dies, you’ll shift your awareness back to this part of you and move on to the next step in your soul journey.

As you rest in your peaceful light body, you’ll notice that there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do. But it feels amazing! Notice what feels more real at this moment: your peaceful light body or your physical body. Once the light body feels more real, consider the following questions:

  • What if your true identity is this peaceful ball of energy, instead of your physical body?
  • What if your physical body is like a rental car that you use for a few decades?
  • What if that human being you thought you were is really just an instrument … the tool you created for your experience on Earth?
  • And what if … incredible as it might seem … your human part could enjoy the same exquisite peacefulness as your divine part? What if this soul-deep ecstasy, and this absence of mental chatter and challenging emotion, could be your new normal?

That’s what the next invocation, the Integration Invocation, sets up. It invites your higher self to become your physical body’s consciousness … its operating system. If your ego has been driving the car until now, so to speak, it has to be willing to slide over to the passenger seat and let the divine drive.

If giving up this level of control seems scary, rest assured that it’s completely reversible. If your ego doesn’t like this new arrangement, it can resume control of the body anytime. Your higher self will give you back the wheel the moment you ask for it. You’re at no risk whatsoever.

The benefits of letting your higher self drive are pretty amazing. I wouldn’t give them up for all the money in the world! I mentioned these benefits at the beginning of this article, and paraphrase them here. You’ll…

  • enjoy more harmony, flow, ease and grace on a daily basis
  • take care of all your responsibilities more responsibly … and more joyfully!
  • know what to do intuitively, instead of having to figure everything out, and will
  • enjoy more bliss and ecstasy in everything you do

These are just the base-level benefits, and the ones that can be put into words. The bliss, ecstasy, peace, power and unconditional love of the states beyond the mental level truly defy description. But you’ll know them when you feel them … and become them!

You may have heard the phrase, “it doesn’t get any better than this.” After you experience a few of these ecstatic divine states, your new motto will be, “it always gets better than this!”

If your ego’s willing to take this new consciousness for a test drive, proceed with the…

3. Embodied Awakening Invocation

“Spirit-that-I-am, please integrate my physical and spiritual bodies to the greatest extent that serves highest good, thank you, this or something better.”

Return to passive breath awareness. Notice where you’re feeling the breath most easily in your body. Use the minimum effort needed to stay aware of your breath, starting with zero effort as described above.

Once it feels as if your physical and spiritual bodies may have merged, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have full awareness of my physical body?
  • Do I still have full awareness of my peaceful light body?
  • Can I feel both bodies at the same time?
  • Are my physical and spiritual bodies so integrated that it’s hard to tell them apart?
  • Do I feel significantly increased vitality in my physical body, and is this “smooth electricity” completely comfortable?
  • Am I free of mental chatter and challenging emotions?
  • Do I feel deeply peaceful?
  • Is this new consciousness maintaining itself effortlessly?

You’ve achieved embodied awakening once the following experiences are present:

  • “smooth electricity” throughout your body
  • no mental chatter or challenging emotions
  • deep peacefulness
  • the state maintains itself

If you haven’t experienced this yet, it may seem unbelievable that anyone could achieve such a state so quickly and easily. But I’ve personally led thousands of people through this process, including many who had never even meditated before! Almost everyone achieved embodied awakening, in an average time of 20 minutes.

I didn’t do it for them either. My role was strictly limited. I told them what words to say, and acted as their empathic tour guide and color commentator. They achieved embodied awakening because they called it in from their own higher self and passively received it. I’ve also received many emails over the years from people who discovered this invocation cycle here on and successfully did it on their own.

Once you’ve achieved embodied awakening, let yourself luxuriate in the exquisite feeling of it for a few breaths. Then ask yourself which you prefer: the way you feel right now, or the way you usually feel every day. If you prefer the feeling of embodied awakening, would you like it to be your “new normal” from now on? (Remember that you can fulfill all your responsibilities more responsibly, and more joyfully, in this state.)

If you said yes … like everyone I’ve ever asked … then it’s time for the fourth and final invocation in this cycle.

4. Consistency Invocation

“Spirit-that-I-am, please place my main awareness in my peaceful light body from now on, while maintaining optimal physical functionality, to the greatest extent that serves highest good, thank you, this or something better.”

Rest in passive breath awareness, using minimum effort. You may feel an immediate energy shift in your body. You may feel unusual energetic phenomena, especially in your brain, as your higher self upgrades you. It’s doing this so you can hold embodied awakening more consistently. Just rest in passive breath awareness and trust that your higher self knows what it’s doing. (It does!)

Keep focusing on passive breath awareness until the energetic phenomena have stabilized. Then open your eyes and look around the space you’re in. Is your embodied awakening holding steady, on its own, as you visually engage with the physical world?

It can be fun at this point to swing one of your arms quickly in a wide arc. Do you feel the tingly energy arm moving in sync with the physical arm? Once you feel that, it can be easier to feel the same tingly energy throughout your body. This is the “smooth electricity” mentioned above.

This completes the Standard Invocation Cycle. Now you can enjoy the benefits of embodied awakening in everything you do!

Suggested Daily Maintenance For Your Embodied Awakening

What if it only took a few minutes a day to maintain this euphoric state of embodied awakening? Lots of people do this by using EAR, the eight-word Embodied Awakening Refresher:

“Maximum embodied awakening that serves highest good, please.”

I recommend using EAR first thing each morning, as soon as you think about it. Whether you’re laying in bed, sitting on the toilet, or whatever, it’s the perfect moment! Just say “Maximum embodied awakening that serves highest good, please” and rest in passive breath awareness. This sweet state can return amazingly fast — in as little as five or 10 seconds! — if you’re giving the breath your full attention.

Once you’ve refreshed your embodied awakening, you can go on about your business. Or you can soak in bliss for a while, or do the Healing Invocation (more on that in a moment).

I also suggest that you do EAR as you’re going to bed. Transitioning into sleep in this awakened state can help you sleep better and have sweeter dreams.

Don’t just use EAR first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It’s on tap 24/7, always eager to serve you whenever you want to refresh or deepen your embodied awakening.

What if other people can hear you and you don’t want to say EAR out loud? No problem; just do it mentally. Spirit will hear you just fine. You could do EAR mentally and rest in passive breath awareness in plain view of anyone, and they’d never know what you were up to. You can truly do EAR anywhere, anytime, anyplace to refresh your embodied awakening.

The Great Onion of Consciousness

The Great Onion of Consciousness is a helpful metaphor for understanding how awakening works. At its core is your inherent divinity: absolute bliss, ease and peace. This is your natural state, which you started from long before this lifetime and will eventually return to. I think that you’re God – just like everything else! God entertains itself by pretending to be different things and people.

Around this God-core are darker layers that dim your awareness of your natural divine radiance. Each layer is formed by an unhealed trauma or pain, from this lifetime or some other. Your current awareness is just beyond the outermost layer, looking in toward the core.

Each time you experience a challenging emotion, it’s the outermost layer of this onion saying, “Please peel me now!” If you do, you’ll be done with that layer of pain once and for all. If you don’t, it’ll keep bothering you until you do heal it. If you die without healing it, it might even follow you into your next lifetime and pester you there until you do finally deal with it.

Once I understood this, I’ve made a habit of peeling my layers as soon as they show themselves. Why prolong the suffering? And it’s reassuring to know that if a trauma is too painful to heal all at once, Spirit will divide it into manageable layers. None of my invocations will ever overwhelm you!

I offer two powerful techniques for peeling your onion. They’re also free. You can learn all about them in my post, “Your Negative Reactions: Golden Opportunities for Clearing and Awakening.” But first, here are some more helpful invocations, starting with one of those healing invocations:

Healing Invocation

“Spirit-that-I-am, please saturate me with the maximum healing that serves highest good, starting now, thank you.”

Shortcut: “Maximum healing that serves highest good, please.”

You can invoke the Healing Invocation any time. It’s especially helpful if you’re feeling challenging emotions. Here, once again, is a link to a more detailed post on the Healing Invocation.

Flowing Light to Others Invocation

“Spirit-that-I-am, please flow the energy through me to serve [name of person or situation’s] highest good, starting now, thank you, this or something better.”

This works best when you don’t visualize or send energy. Let your body be the passive pipeline through which Spirit flows the energy you invoked. You can also be the conduit through which Spirit flows energy to multiple beings or situations at the same time. With this invocation, your experience is, “I conduit!” ;-)

The two invocations above, Healing Invocation and Flowing Light to Others Invocation, are the two I find most helpful, along with EAR. But you can also enjoy playing with the following invocations. Most of these tend to create experiences that arise spontaneously from the three invocations above. But if any of them give you unique and wonderful effects, by all means add them to your repertoire!

Spiritual Awakening Invocation

“Spirit-that-I-am, please grant me the maximum spiritual awakening that serves highest good, starting now, thank you, this or something better.”

Peace of Mind Invocation

“Spirit, please lift me beyond the mental realm, to the level of intuitive clarity, to the greatest extent that serves the highest good, starting now, thank you, this or something better.”

This invocation can help eliminate mind chatter and merge your awareness with your intuitive wisdom. This helps you simply know what to do, with no need for logical processing. This invocation can eliminate mental chatter so you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Light Body Awareness Invocation

“Spirit-that-I-am, please grant me the maximum light body awareness that serves highest good, starting now, thank you, this or something better.”

Bliss Invocation

“Spirit-that-I-am, please saturate me with the maximum bliss that serves highest good, starting now, thank you.”

Soak in bliss often. It not only feels great, but automatically promotes healing!

Light Body Expansion Invocation

“Spirit-that-I-am, please expand my light body to the hugest size that serves highest good, starting now, thank you, this or something better.”

You’re actually the entire universe and all the dimensions of consciousness. There’s no limit to how much of your divine magnificence you can ultimately become aware of!

Invocation Construction Kit

You can whip up new invocations on the spot to serve the needs of the moment. Ask for whatever shift of energy or consciousness you desire. I’ll give you the formula first, then add some commentary.

The Formula

  1. State what you want as simply as possible.
  2. Add, “…to the greatest extent that serves highest good, please.”
  3. Close with, “starting now, thank you, this or something better.”


  1. State what you want as simply as possible. Some examples from the invocations above are, “Saturate me with bliss,” “Make me one with my higher self,” and “Integrate my light body and physical body.” Keep it simple. Use the minimum number of words that express your meaning.
  2. Add “to the greatest extent that serves highest good”. This says to Spirit, “Give me just as much as I can handle, but don’t overwhelm me!” Although your ego must initiate the energy flow, this phrase gives Spirit final control over the process. It also eliminates worry: if you’ve inadvertently asked for something inappropriate, and the greatest amount that serves your highest need is zero, then nothing will happen.
  3. Close with, “starting now, thank you, this or something better.” “Starting now” lets Spirit know when to carry out your request, and it’s polite to say “thank you.” Gratitude increases abundance. “This or something better” opens the door for Spirit to bless you with something that blissfully exceeds your expectations!
Invocation Construction Kit Shortcut

You can also use this formula as a shortcut:

Maximum [fill in the blank] that serves highest good, please.


I think most of us are God playing hide-and-seek with itself. Before incarnating, we chose to give ourselves amnesia so that we’d think we were only human beings. This was necessary so that we’d have the earthly experience we signed up for. If we knew that we were the entire universe and all the dimensions of consciousness, the 3D game we set up for ourselves wouldn’t have worked.

If you’re now in a state of embodied awakening, you know what you are: pure peaceful awareness. Ally ally in come free! Now, having allowed your awakening at just the right moment, your ego has a new job: to test it. If it can, it will slip you back into amnesia without you even knowing it happened!

Your ego can do this through pain, pleasure, or distraction. It can exploit any psychological weakness. And chances are that it will, methodically exposing all the weak links in the chain, until nothing can budge you from your awakened state.

I had several bouts of spiritual amnesia after my initial big awakening. But each time I eventually realized that I had fallen spiritually asleep. And each time, I was able to regain my awakening by using EAR, the Embodied Awakening Refresher: “Maximum embodied awakening that serves highest good please.” And, of course, resting in passive breath awareness afterward.

It’ll be a lot harder for your ego to slip you back into amnesia if you’re diligent with EAR. As noted above, I invite you to use it first thing in the morning, last thing at night and as needed throughout each day.

Don’t ever settle for less than the harmony, ease and flow of embodied awakening. But if you get lazy and stop refreshing your awakening, your ego can easily put you back to sleep. Bliss or suffering: it’s always your choice!

Reawakening: Fallback Strategies

Based on the feedback I’ve gotten over the years, EAR is all most people need to refresh their awakening. But I’ve had occasional reports of someone who hit a really thick patch of heavy energy, and wasn’t able to rekindle their awakening with EAR.

If this happens to you, here are three fallback strategies. I recommend you do them in this order. If one of them rekindles your embodied awakening, you obviously don’t need to do any more of them.

  1. Do the Embodied Awakening Invocation Cycle by yourself as described in this article.
  2. Follow a recording of me leading the Embodied Awakening Invocation Cycle. There’s one at the end of this post you can stream or download. The Invocation Section of, which includes this article, also has posts linking to two other recordings of me leading the cycle. Members of my donation-based EASE Program (Embodied Awakening Support Experience) can access dozens of recordings of me leading the cycle.
  3. Do a one-on-one Shamanic Healing session with me, if you feel called to work with me. This is just as effective via phone or Skpe as it is in person. So far I’ve been able to help everyone who’s worked with me for this purpose to rekindle their embodied awakening.

Please note that working with me personally to rekindle your awakening is the option of last resort. Do everything you can on your own first. I’m happy to help you, but my ultimate goal is for you to be able to heal and awaken yourself!

Better Than This

This invocation system is the most effective tool I know for quickly and efficiently moving into a state of embodied awakening on your own. If there’s something that does it better, I haven’t found it yet. I’ll keep sharing this unless I become aware of something that does the job better. (If you know of something that does, please give me a heads-up!)

If these invocations are the best tools you currently have to maintain embodied awakening, I recommend that you keep using them as long as they are. If you find something that works better for you, then drop these invocations like a hot potato and start using the new approach. Remember, it always gets better than this!

At the same time, even if you love these invocations, I suggest that you keep doing any spiritual practices that continue to reap benefits for you. I also encourage you to periodically evaluate your practices, and release any that aren’t giving you enough benefit to justify the time and energy they take. Who knows, someday you may even reach a state where your awakening is so deep and abiding that you don’t need any techniques at all!

Free Invocation Cycle MP3

The graphic below this paragraph links to a free 61-minute MP3 of me leading the invocation cycle. The first 44 minutes are the invocation cycle; the remaining 17 minutes are daily maintenance instructions. Hit the play button (the triangle) to stream the audio, or click the down-pointing arrow to download. I posted this MP3 on 3/30/2016.

Invocation Cycle  Invocation Cycle MP3

EASE Logo Color Splash 2 LineEASE Into Your Awakening

It can be easy to lose momentum and drift off track over time when you do practices such as these invocations on your own. That’s why I created EASE — the Embodied Awakening Support Experience. EASE can help you maximize the long-term effectiveness of these invocations in your life.

EASE offers weekly events via phone or web to help you…

  • Enjoy more harmony, grace and flow in your life,
  • Eliminate suffering,
  • Increase your intuition and synchronicity,
  • Stop mental chatter and challenging emotions,
  • Live each day in a peaceful awakened state,
  • Enjoy support from kindred spirits on your journey,
  • And much more.

Online recording library lets you experience the life-transforming power of EASE anytime!

You don’t have to participate in EASE to benefit from Heal and Awaken Invocations. But many subscribers find EASE to be an extremely helpful support system on their spiritual path.

It’s important to me that anyone be able to participate in EASE, whatever their financial situation. So it’s a love offering program.  Pay as little or as much as you wish, however often you choose.

Learn more about how EASE can help you.


I Invoke Your Feedback!

Based on the feedback I’ve received, these invocations work well for most people. Chances are that they’ll also work for you! I love feedback, and would be grateful to receive your email telling me what you experienced.

The personality asks, and Spirit delivers. The possibilities are truly infinite!

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    Bejamin…you seem like a fabulous loveing soul and i love reading everything you have to offer its always inspiring and uplifting :-) im on my spiritual path right now newly in recovery of alcoholism and drug addiction. .and am happy to say im doing great and am haveing to weed out all negative things and relationships, and so when i read your emails its awesome and positive and i love it and i love those little affirmations they are great. Much love and light to you..melissa:-)

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    April 22…shamanic healing invocations assisting me to my highest good. Thank you . Bliss meter at 10.

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    Dear Benjamin,

    thank you for the invocations. Since you’ve asked for feedback, I am more than pleased to confirm that they work magnificently. Depending on the level of focus and openness though, it works better when one has time to relax. It is amazing indeed. Thank you to your guidance / whoever you got this from and you for sharing it. Keep up the good work. Namaste.

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    So, there I was looking for a recording invocation Mp3 from you to follow and listen to so as to do all my meditation/awakening work easily and effortlessly and what do I find on your website: A brand new/updated Mp3!!!

    I do have a few thoughts I would like to submit to you for your feed-back (I know what you’ll say: “That’s your Ego getting in the way.”).

    sending my feed-back by email.

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    • Benjamin says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Freda. The invocation should only be spoken once — your higher self heard you the first time! ;-) Then let go of the invocation, and all other words and thoughts, and focus completely on the breath. I hope this helps!

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  18. Ali says:

    Benjamin, you are such a gentle soul and you have been blessed with an amazing gift! Thank you so much for sharing these innovations in such detail. These invocations are powerful, healing and transformative! I am amazed at the delicious level of peace I was able to achieve this morning. My body, mind & spirit are humming with good vibes and I feel open to taking on the days “challenges” ( I know they are lessons)
    Thank you for being such a Blessing!
    Peace be with you

  19. Mig says:

    Hello and blessings!

    I’ve been doing these invocations for over a year now and had downloaded them to my phone. This morning one of them had “disappeared” so I came back here to download it again, only to find some new ones. I downloaded these new ones and tried one today and found it definitely more powerful. Yikes! Not sure what path you are on Benjamin, but it is getting deeper, wider, higher… Thank you for your work and thank you for sharing. I’ll just keep breathing ;)


  20. Jo says:

    [email protected]
    Many thanks to you, Benjamin I just finished listening to your invocation on healing. Feeling very expansive, light and loving. Thanks for your loving sacred teachings and support Must get to work now but reluctant to interrupt this wonderful feeling while at the same time wanting to see if I can maintain this flow at work. Jo ?

  21. Laura says:

    Ah! Just read your meditation technique. Transcendental Meditation, plus intention setting! Lovely.

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