AstroShamanic Life Coaching

Coaching Climbing Image Woman2Make that amazing life you’ve been dreaming about a daily reality with support from AstroShamanic Life Coaching. My unique combination of helping modalities, refined through more than 7000 life-transforming AstroShaman client sessions, can help you thrive in every area of your life. And my unusual approach could help you do this faster than you might have thought possible!

Would you like to …

  • Enjoy a deeper heart connection with your significant other
  • Attract a special person into your life
  • Make more money by working fewer hours
  • Transition into a more fulfilling career
  • Enjoy the best possible health
  • Create better relationships with friends and family?

Would it make your life more wonderful to …

  • Connect more with like-minded groups of people
  • Nurture your creativity and artistry
  • Dive more deeply into personal growth or spirituality
  • Increase your soul-fulfilling service to others
  • Have more time to chill out, have fun and pursue your passions?

Whatever your priorities, AstroShamanic Life Coaching can empower them in extraordinary ways! I’ll support you with a rare combination of skills, tools and qualities, including:

Skills and Tools

  • A broad array of industry-standard life coaching tools and exercises to help you clarify and implement your life goals
  • A large toolbox of strategies and techniques that have helped my AstroShaman clients master their personal and professional challenges for 13+ years
  • A cornucopia of wisdom gained from 58+ years of my adventurous, happy and fulfilling life!

If you’re open to an outside-the-box life coaching experience, we can also include …

  • Channeled guidance from your higher self
  • Your most important astrological insights, including
    • essential information from your natal chart such as life purpose, ideal relationships and optimal career,
    • the best use of current opportunities and challenges catalyzed by moving planets, and
    • optimal timing for important actions
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Invocations for accelerated healing, awakening and other energetic shifts

Coaching Woo Woo Image Smaller“Woo Woo” = Time and Money Saved!

Why do I include these optional “woo woo” modalities in my life coaching, when most life coaches don’t? Because they’re so efficient and can save you so much time and money! 

Some clients will benefit tremendously from these potent metaphysical tools. Others may find them too radical a departure from the way life coaching is usually done, and prefer a more normal approach. I’m happy to serve you either way.

For many years, I’ve witnessed the extraordinary power of these woo woo modalities to catalyze rapid and lasting transformation. Here are just a few of their benefits:

Oracular Modalities

We could spend hours doing ego-directed processes to get clarity on your big questions. Or we might be able to get those essential answers in minutes by channeling your higher self! This magnificent divine part of you created your human self, always knows what actions will serve your highest good, and is delighted to share that information with you. If you can’t already channel your higher self, I’m happy to serve as its conduit until you open up your own direct line.

I can also help you understand an extraordinary coded guidebook, created by your soul to help you reap the maximum benefit, pleasure and fulfillment from every area of your life. I’m talking about your astrology chart. This supremely valuable inside information gives you a huge advantage in understanding and achieving your life goals! We’ll harvest the most helpful insights from your chart as appropriate.

Of course, we’ll always check in with your ego to make sure that each oracular insight feel right. If your human self approves, we’ll use that specific guidance to help you create a more wonderful life more quickly!

Healing Modalities

Life coaches don’t typically include healing modalities in their sessions. But why should you be slowed down by a psychological block or other nagging issue when we can call in divine power to quickly clear it away with Shamanic Healing … or with a simple do-it-yourself Healing Invocation?

Sometimes energy healing completely clears an issue on the spot. Sometimes it exposes deeper issues that will need further attention. Either way, you’re moving in the right direction by facing and clearing the impediments to your goals!

Life coaching doesn’t normally include channeling, astrology, Shamanic Healing and invocations. But if this outside-the-box approach gets you to your goals faster and more easily, why not take advantage of it?

Life is hard enough already. Why restrict your life coaching to ego-based approaches … when divine help is on call, 24/7, to fast-lane you into a more wonderful life?

If you try my revolutionary approach and it’s not your thing, no problem. We can continue our coaching in a more traditional way.

Included on my list of things I’m grateful for this year is the work I’ve done with you, Benjamin. I’m in a much better, stronger place than I was just a few months ago, and feel clearer than I’ve ever felt before. It’s great! Thank you for the work we’ve done together that helped bring me to this place.

With Heartfelt Gratitude,

Gretchen Abendschein
Coaching, Astrology & Shamanic Healing Client

Bb Headshot Bigger Aug 2018Qualities

I’ll support you with …

  • A wide-open heart full of compassion and divine love
  • Efficient use of our time to insure that you get the maximum benefit from every session
  • Energetic sensitivity that will help me tune in to your process
  • Highly developed intuition that will guide me to do what supports you best
  • Unquenchable optimism that lets me see the silver lining behind every dark cloud!

In short, I’m 100% in your corner. I’ll use every appropriate means to help you take your life to the next level of joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Are you ready to change your life for the better? If so, let AstroShamanic Life Coaching help you manifest the glorious, soul-fulfilling life you were born to live!

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More About Me

Since you’re considering me as your life coach, you might want to know more about my life journey. If so, read this brief bio:

My Life Story: Success from the Ashes of “Failure”

I recently worked with Benjamin as my life coach to assist me as I moved through a transition from a “job” to going into business for myself. Benjamin intuitively guided our sessions and listened to my goals so well!! I was amazed by the metamorphosis in my life, so quickly beyond what I could have imagined!! “Goal-oriented” and “results” are right in line with my personality and it was a great match. Even extremely sensitive subjects he handled with ease and I felt safe with talking to him. Wonderful!

Martha F, Dec 11, 2018 (5-star review)

Process, Packages and Investment

AstroShamanic Life Coaching is an investment that could pay you back many times over, based on the value of the dramatically improved quality of your life and the successful achievement of your goals.

We start with your complimentary 30-minute exploration and discovery call. We’ll explore why you’re interested in coaching, discuss what our sessions would be like, and decide if we both feel good about moving forward.

If we both agree to proceed, you’ll select and prepay one of the packages below. We’ll do your sessions via phone, Zoom or Skype, or in person in Asheville, NC.

You can schedule your sessions at any available time on my online booking calendar. Weekly sessions are common. It’s best not to let more than two weeks go by between sessions so that you maintain good momentum.

I’ll send you a follow-up email after each session with a summary of our conversation and suggested steps to move you forward in your goals. You’re always welcome to email and text between sessions.

50 minutes or 80 minutes? If you can afford it, 80-minute sessions are best. This longer session length will help us discover your essential issues more quickly and deal with them more thoroughly. 80-minute sessions could also help you achieve your goals more quickly. If money is a major concern, 50-minute sessions will give us enough time to do effective work.

Coaching Climbing ImageWhich package should you choose?

Speaking strictly in terms of value, you’re smart to invest in the biggest package that fits your budget. The more sessions you book, the lower the per-session investment becomes.

Booking more sessions also gives you more bang for your buck in another critical way. Change takes time. As your life coach, my job is to help you set important life goals … and achieve them. The bigger the goal, the longer it may take. You don’t want to jump ship before you reach port!

Booking more sessions also lets you build momentum. Once you’ve achieved one goal, the next one can seem easier to master. Success breeds success.

But that kind of success can be tricky to achieve with fewer sessions. It’s going to be a lot easier to achieve significant, lasting change with 18 sessions than with four!

It’s foolish to spend money needlessly. But with life coaching, you want to make sure your investment is sufficient. Don’t make a larger investment than you can afford. But, just as important, don’t cripple your chances of success by investing too little.

Single Session
  • 50 minutes: $155
  • 80 minutes: $222
Trial Run: 4 Sessions
  • 50 minutes: $532 ($133 each) – save $88
  • 80 minutes: $796 ($199 each) – save $92
In the Groove: 8 Sessions
  • 50 minutes: $976 ($122 each) – save $264
  • 80 minutes: $1512 ($188 each) – save $264
Sincerely Serious: 12 Sessions
  • 50 minutes: $1332 ($111 each) – save $528
  • 80 minutes: $2124 ($177 each) – save $540
Profoundly Committed: 18 Sessions
  • 50 minutes: $1782 ($99 each) – save $1008
  • 80 minutes: $2988 ($166 each) – save $1008

Need an installment plan? If you qualify, PayPal Credit gives you 6 months to pay, interest-free! Click the link or ask me for details.

I accept credit and debit cards, PayPal and cash. 

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Photo of Benjamin by Annie Katoski