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Shamanic Healing Services

Multidimensional healing and embodied awakening, customized for your highest good.

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Shamanic Healing Sessions

Shamanic Healing works by eliminating or harmonizing the challenging spiritual energies at the root of a problem. Once this is done, harmony is naturally restored at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Sessions typically last between 90 minutes and two hours.

$180; sliding scale to $100 available, satisfaction guaranteed!

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Benjamin is the real deal! His shamanic healing is like an energetic power-wash for the soul. During the healing I felt held with such gentle support and loving kindness by Benjamin and his partner, Maeikisala … The healing was profound and magical, and I’ve been left with a deep sense of abiding peace in the days since. Thank you, Benjamin!

     — Gretchen A,  August 8, 2018 (long-distance client)

AstroShaman Shamanic Healing sessions have helped clients gain relief from …

  • Agitation
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Apathy
  • Depression
  • Fear
  • Indecision
  • Lack of Purpose
  • Physical issues of all kinds
  • PTSD
  • Stress
  • Traumas from this life and past lives
  • Worry

A Shamanic Healing session might include …

  • Depossession,
  • Extraction,
  • Chakra Clearing,
  • Soul Retrieval,
  • Space Clearing,
  • Land Clearing,
  • And More!

Shamanic Healing uses spiritually based therapeutic technologies, proven and refined over thousands of years. Clients usually feel immediate and significant relief from their symptoms by the end of an AstroShaman Shamanic Healing session. But the client must address the core issues that attracted the symptoms to prevent similar challenges from recurring.

Shamanism can clear negative energies and alert you to important personal growth areas. But it’s your responsibility to learn and integrate the life lessons the challenges came to teach you. Once you’ve learned a lesson, the symptoms have served their purpose and will no longer bother you. If you haven’t learned, they’ll keep returning until you master the situation.

To help you accelerate this mastery, we’ll give you fast, simple and effective invocations for Healing and Embodied Awakening at the end of your session. You can use these anytime to clear challenging energies and enjoy ever-increasing wholeness, peacefulness, power and divine love. We want your life motto to be the same as ours: “It always gets better than this!”

The Great Onion of Consciousness

The Great Onion of Consciousness is a helpful metaphor for understanding how Shamanic Healing works. At the core of the onion is absolute bliss, ease and peace. This is your natural state.

Around this luminous core are dark layers that dim your awareness of your natural divine ecstasy. Each layer is formed by an unhealed trauma or pain from the past. Your current awareness is just beyond the outermost layer, looking in toward the core.

Each time you experience a challenging emotion or physical sensation, it’s the outermost layer of this onion saying, “Please peel me!” If you do, you’ll be done with that layer of pain forever. If you don’t, as noted above, it will keep bothering you until you do heal it.

If a trauma is too painful to heal all at once, your higher self will divide it into manageable layers. You’ll never feel overwhelmed if you’re doing a responsibly managed process such as our Shamanic Healing sessions, or using a self-regulating tool such as our Healing Invocation.

My twin flame and co-shaman Maeikisala will assist in your Shamanic Healing session at no extra charge, if you give your permission and if she’s available. I will record the session, and will email you the MP3 afterward.

More About AstroShaman Shamanic Healing Sessions

During our Shamanic Healing sessions, we act as conduits for divine energy. We connect with your higher self and follow its guidance. Some ceremonies are low-key, with most of the work done quietly and subtly. Others can be quite dramatic! Sessions are equally effective whether they’re done long-distance by phone, Zoom or Skype, or in person in Asheville, NC.

Even when we ask for the healing of a particular issue, we always include a “karma-free safety clause:” let this take place only if it serves the highest good. Some challenges are chosen by the soul for an entire lifetime to facilitate soul growth. Other difficult conditions can be healed.

Because of this, we can’t guarantee any particular outcome. But we do guarantee your satisfaction: if you don’t feel that your session was helpful, it’s free.

Our clients have been very pleased with the results of their AstroShaman Shamanic Healing sessions. Read their testimonials!

What Happens in a Shamanic Healing Session?

We conduct our Shamanic Healing sessions at our shamanic mesa, which is based on ancient healing technologies. It consists of a cloth on the floor supporting a powerful energy grid of stones and crystals. The mesa also includes rattles, tobacco, elixirs, musical instruments and other sacred items. Our divine allies fine-tune the frequency of each item to optimally support you during your session.

We activate the mesa by calling the directions in Q’echua, the ancient power language of the Incas. We then energize the mesa by calling in angels, deities, ascended masters and other benevolent beings from many spiritual traditions who actually do the healing.

What happens after that varies from session to session, and is guided by your higher self for your highest good. But Maeikisala and I usually do a great deal of drumming, rattling and singing, and use focused conversation to guide you to your best possible outcome.

What is Benjamin’s Shamanic Background?

Benjamin has done energy healing for over 30 years, and has been a professional Shamanic Healer since 2012. He was called to this work by ayahuasca, the living spirit of a powerful sacred plant medicine. For thousands of years, ayahuasca has been used for healing and spiritual awakening by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon.

Benjamin has traveled to the Peruvian jungle four times to participate in deep-immersion ceremonial work with ayahuasca. As of August 2018, he has done plant spirit ceremonies with ayahuasca and other plant spirit teachers over 175 times.

This profound work turbocharged Benjamin’s healing and awakening process, and has been central to the development of his shamanic healing abilities. As a result, he can now easily and reliably access the spiritual dimensions to assist his clients.

Benjamin began his healing plant spirit work in 2006 by attending several San Pedro ceremonies. He spent seven years cultivating the healing power of the Pachakuti Mesa, based on indigenous Peruvian healing traditions, and has studied Sandra Ingerman-style Core Shamanism. Benjamin is a Shamanic Minister and Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator ordained and certified by the Venus Rising Association for Transformation.

After all that, Benjamin embarked on an intensive multi-year personal apprenticeship with two powerful shamanic teachers. Benjamin and Maeikisala received training as a twin flame team from these teachers during the apprenticeship’s final stage. Benjamin and Maeikisala are now taught from within by their divine allies.

Benjamin Maeikisala Aug 2018 SmallMaeikisala is Benjamin’s life partner, twin flame and co-shaman. She regularly co-facilitates individual and group shamanic work with him. Maeikisala works closely with Amma the hugging saint and the Sisterhood of the Rose. She also works with other divine beings including Isis, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. Maeikisala will support you with her keen intuitive guidance. Her feminine shamanic presence balances the mesa’s yin and yang polarities. She loves being of service and helping others awaken to their divine selves.

$180; sliding scale to $100 available, satisfaction guaranteed!

Need an installment plan? If you qualify, PayPal Credit gives you 6 months to pay, interest-free! Click the link or ask me for details.

About Sliding Scale
My sliding scale allows me to serve those who can’t otherwise afford my sessions.  ♥  I usually take no money or financial information in advance. At the end of your session, I’ll ask if it was helpful. If not, it’s free! If the session was helpful, you choose how much to pay within the sliding scale. You can choose the normal fee (full rate), the low end of the scale, or any amount in between.  ♥  Advance payment is required for gift certificates. If you purchase a gift certificate and your recipient isn’t satisfied, you’re entitled to a refund.

I can feel the love and light radiating from me, and my friends are even saying that ‘something is different.’ You rock, Benjamin!
Marcie McGrath, Asheville, NC

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