December 1-15 2015 Astrology Forecast: Volatility and Opportunity!

Chaos3Volatility is at high intensity in December’s first half with four T-squares involving planets such as Mars, Uranus and Pluto! A Venus-Neptune trine offers easier spiritual connection and inspired creativity. And a Sagittarius New Moon radiates even more expansive power than usual due to its participation in two potent aspect patterns!

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T-square: Mercury-Jupiter-Chiron
T-square: Sun-Jupiter-Chiron

Dec 2015 Both Ju Ch T SqsWere you psychologically wounded by the dark side of your childhood religion? If so, two T-squares — Mercury-Jupiter-Chiron and Sun-Jupiter-Chiron — offer healing opportunities to overcome some of this shadow material. Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius can represent religion, as can Jupiter. Chiron and Jupiter’s placement in Virgo can represent healing.

T-squares excel at triggering things that need to be brought up for clearing. If you don’t already have effective psychological self-healing tools, then my free Healing Invocation and Simple Focus Healing Technique may help you.

These T-squares can also support you in bringing new joy and enthusiasm to your own work as a healer or mentor. Yet another archetypal possibility is to use the wisdom of a foreign land or culture to deepen your religious or philosophical understanding.

The Mercury-Jupiter-Chiron T-square began on 11/30, peaks on 12/2 and ends on 12/4. The Sun-Jupiter-Chiron T-square begins right on its heels on 12/5, peaks on 12/11 and ends on 12/15.

T-square: Mars-Pallas Athena-Uranus-Pluto
T-square: Mars-Pallas Athena-Uranus

12 9 15 T Sq Ma Pa Ur Pl V2I interpreted the Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-square in my forecast for the second half of November. But I didn’t include a fourth planet, Pallas Athena, who adds her own unique intensity to the mix! So here’s that T-square forecast, now revised to include her important influence!

One of 2015’s most volatile astrological events, a Mars-Pallas Athena-Uranus-Pluto T-square, peaks on 12/9. It started on 11/27 and ends on 12/15.

In addition to the peak of the T-square on 12/9, other times of high volatility (and extreme opportunity!) are:

  • when Mars squares Pluto (14°12′ Libra-Capricorn) on 12/6, and
  • when Mars opposes Uranus (16°39′ Libra-Aries) on 12/10.
  • The conjunction of Pallas Athena and Pluto (14°21′ Capricorn) on 12/11 will focus huge power into feminine assertiveness, and can help to transform how you use this potent force.

This unpredictable T-square can be as volatile as nitroglycerin! Stay as far away from potentially explosive situations (figuratively or literally) as you can. Unexpected outbursts of anger or violence are more likely under this tripwire energy.

But this same energy can also be used for good! Everything beneficial that Mars represents – including initiation, assertiveness, sexuality, exercise and fighting for a worthy cause – can take quantum leaps to the next level.

The presence of Pallas Athena empowers you to step into greater levels of feminine assertiveness, brilliant strategizing and practical creativity. If you’ve been leaning too much toward passive acquiescence, this intense stimulation of Pallas can help you get your Xena on!

With Mars in Libra, the themes of relationship and creativity are stimulated. And Pallas Athena’s placement in Capricorn can give you the take-charge energy you need to fuel some serious productivity!

Soldiering On Without Pluto

Pluto drops out of the Mars-Pallas Athena-Uranus-Pluto T-square on 12/15. But the other three planets soldier on with their own Mars-Pallas Athena-Uranus T-square through Christmas Eve.

The basic meaning of the original T-square continues. But Pluto’s absence means that the level of transformative power will drop down a notch or two. This could well be a relief! :-)


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Venus-Neptune Trine

You can enjoy an easy flow of creative inspiration around 12/11 as Venus trines Neptune (7°9′ Scorpio-Pisces). This aspect also offers smooth support for deepening your relationship with Spirit. Venus’ placement in Scorpio opens the door to uninhibited creativy and sacred sexuality.

12 11 15 New Moon No PlSagittarius New Moon

December’s New Moon aligns on 12/11 at 5:29 am EST (19°2′ Sagittarius). All Sagittarius New Moons are great for putting fresh energy into religion, philosophy, journeys and quests.

Foreign travel and explorations into other cultures can be juicy. And Sagittarius’ enthusiasm knows no bounds: it also represents expansion, celebration, euphoria and ecstasy!


T-square: Moon-Sun-Jupiter-Chiron

This is simply an amplification of the Sun-Jupiter-Chiron T-square already interpreted above. But because it’s woven into the energy of the New Moon, its influence will extend at least through Christmas Day. It’s the right triangle made from solid red lines.

Wedge: Moon-Sun-Mars-Uranus

The second aspect pattern involving the New Moon is a Wedge with the Moon, Sun, Mars and Uranus. It’s the triangle with two blue lines and one red line. I’ve already described the intensity of Mars and Uranus, the key players here, in my interpretation of the Mars-Pallas Athena-Uranus-Pluto T-square above.

Challenging planetary combinations won’t bother you as much if you keep them busy in their more life-affirming expressions. Plus, a Wedge is a more easy-going aspect pattern, with two soft aspects (a sextile and a trine) and only one hard aspect (an opposition).

So the Wedge tends to favor more harmonious manifestations. This won’t completely tame the hard-edged energy of the simultaneous Mars-Pallas Athena-Uranus-Pluto T-square, but it will help soften it a bit.

Some more pleasant Mars-Uranus uses, in addition to the ones described in the T-square interpretation above, include taking immediate action on your intuitive flashes and win-win sexual experimentation.

Sabian Symbol

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “In winter people are cutting ice from a frozen pond for summer use.” In the same spirit of squirrels gathering nuts for the winter, this symbol speaks to the wisdom of saving up enough during times of abundance to keep you going through leaner times.

There’s a lot to be said for living in the moment. But sometimes the best use of the current moment is to plan for the future!



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Whatever your Sun Sign, Benjamin’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you will be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

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