February 1-15 2018 Astrology Forecast: Solar Eclipse in Aquarius!

Partial Solar EclipseAn Aquarius Solar Eclipse … which asks us to scrutinize our closest relationships … highlights the first half of February. A “Finger of God” could portend either shadow work or prosperity. And two outer planets tango with asteroid goddesses!

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2/1 (Thu) & 2/2 (Fri)

February opens with boatloads of creativity and inspiration, thanks to two magical aspects: a Sun-Uranus quintile (12°57 Aquarius-24°57′ Aries) on 2/1 and a Mercury-Jupiter quintile (3°25′ Aquarius-21°25′ Scorpio) on 2/2. Also watch for intuitive flashes and joy in the mix!

2/3 (Sat)

It may only be a minor hard aspect, but a Mars-Pluto semi-square (4°54′ Sagittarius-19°54′ Capricorn) can still be powerful and potentially dangerous. Anger and sexual desire can be inflamed, especially with Mars in no-limits Sagittarius. Try to avoid exposure to volatile people and situations.

Life-affirming possibilities for this aspect include sacred sexuality, inspired athletic performance, and transformational leadership. Your entrepreneurial spirit can rise to new heights, or you can do potent shadow work to heal your inner child.

2/4 (Sun) & 2/6 (Tue)

Relationships and creativity are fired up by a Venus-Jupiter square (21°34′ Aquarius-Scorpio) on 2/4 and a Venus-Uranus sextile (25°6′ Aquarius-Aries) on 2/6. With Venus in Aquarius, follow your intuitive flashes and try a fresh approach!

2/8 (Thu)

The boatloads of creativity and inspiration that heralded the start of February rise to another crescendo on 2/8, thanks to two more magical aspects: a Mercury-Uranus quintile (13°9′ Aquarius-25°9′ Aries) and a Sun-Mars quintile (20°19′ Aquarius-8°19′ Sagittarius). With the Sun and Mercury still in Aquarius, plus a Uranus aspect, intuitive flashes are still very much in the mix. Sagittarian Mars adds abundant energy to help you take action on your brainstorms!

2/10 (Sat)

You can enjoy plenty of vitality with the Sun square Jupiter (22°10′ Aquarius-Scorpio). With the Sun in Aquarius, you also have expansive support to be your authentic self, catch intuitive flashes, and serve others using the special gifts you most love to use.

2/12 (Mon)

Be especially careful to avoid accidents with Mars sesquare Uranus (10°16′ Sagittarius-25°16′ Aries). Just as with the Mars-Pluto semi-square on 2/3, this is a time to avoid volatile people and situations. Take this aspect to the high side with sexual experimentation, a change in your workout routine, or taking immediate action on your intuitive flashes.

2/13 (Tue)

2018 02 17 Yod Ve Ce Sa V2Yod Begins: Venus-Ceres-Saturn

The only aspect pattern in the first half of February begins today: a Yod featuring Venus, Ceres and Saturn. It starts today (2/13), peaks on 2/17 and ends on 2/20.

This “Finger of God” aspect pattern could stimulate relationship dynamics that trigger old emotional wounds. If so, my free Healing Invocation can help clear challenging emotions quickly and efficiently. This Yod could also indicate your hard work being rewarded with financial abundance!

Your heart could open to support a higher cause as Neptune, the planet of compassion, squares Vesta, the planet of selfless service (13°12′ Pisces-Sagittarius). Let the effortless flow of your inner wisdom guide your charitable endeavors.

You can be inspired to take your committed partnerships to the next level with Uranus sextile Juno (25°18′ Aries-Aquarius). With Juno in Aquarius, make sure that your partnerships also support your authentic individual expression!

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2/14 (Wed)

Authentic communication is beautifully supported on Valentine’s Day with Mercury quintile Mars (23°40′ Aquarius-11°40′ Sagittarius).

2/15 (Thu)

2018 02 15 Solar EclipseAquarius Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse lines up at 4:05 PM EST (27°7′ Aquarius). This is a partial eclipse – the lunar nodes are 12° from the luminaries – and will be visible only in Antarctica and southern South America. Its effects will last 6 to 12 months.

Like any Aquarius New Moon, this is a potent opportunity to shine forth as your authentic human self, honor your intuitive flashes, and serve others in the special ways that make you the happiest!


The Aquarian themes just mentioned are reemphasized by Uranus’ tight sextile to the Sun and Moon. The luminaries’ conjunctions to Venus, Juno and Mercury put a strong focus on relationships. Venus rules relationships, Juno stands for committed partnerships, and Mercury represents communication. All this suggests that you take an innovative approach so that you can communicate more effectively with those you’re close to.

More on this solar eclipse after this …

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Chiron semi-sextile contributes healing energy, but it may need to stir things up first by triggering an old wound. (As I mentioned above, my free Healing Invocation can help clear challenging emotions and physical sensations.) A square from Scorpionic Jupiter amps up personal transformation opportunities. This square can also spur an authentic quest to learn more about the meaning of life, and support jubilant celebration!

Sabian Symbol

This eclipse’s Sabian symbol is, “A tree felled and sawed to ensure a supply of wood for the winter.” Given the strong relational emphasis of this eclipse, I see this symbol about being more than just the warmth of a fire. It’s also about the warmth of heart-centered human connection.

Regularly stoke the fires of closeness, concern and compassion with those you love. Then, when winter comes – the potentially distancing challenges that can befall any relationship – you’ll be able to keep the life-giving fire of connection alive!

Eclipse Special 45 PctTwo powerful eclipses happen in early 2018: a Super Blue Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on January 31, and an Aquarius Solar Eclipse on February 15. Each of these eclipses can powerfully affect you for the next 6 to 12 months.

Let me help you harness these potent eclipse energies so they’ll make your life more wonderful!

2018 01 31 Lunar EclipseJanuary 31 Super Blue Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

The “Super Blue Blood Moon” on January 31 is a rare celestial event we haven’t seen since 1866. It’s simultaneously a supermoon, Blue Moon, and total lunar eclipse! It’s great for adjustment and release in many areas, including leadership and “strutting your stuff.”

The Moon is about 3° from the North Node, a close and powerful conjunction. An incredibly close conjunction to Ceres supports the release of prosperity obstacles and old emotional pain. This healing theme is augmented by a sesquare from Chiron, the wounded healer.

The Moon’s opposition to Venus and Juno highlights committed partnerships and other important relationships. And a tight Neptune quincunx invites you to make adjustments to support your creative inspiration, as well as your ever-deepening spiritual awakening.

2018 02 15 Solar Eclipse

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February 15 Solar Eclipse

I just interpreted this eclipse in the forecast above.

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  • 22° to 29° fixed
  • 0° to 2° mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces)

What are “Sensitive Points”?

Sensitive natal points include:

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All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least a week before and after.

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