Summer Forecast Videos: 3 Eclipses + Solstice!

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Summer 2018 Videos ImageHow can you enjoy the most wonderful possible benefits from the Summer Solstice chart and the 3 upcoming eclipses in July and August? Find out by watching my two new forecast videos on this page!

The Summer Solstice chart’s influence will last for 3 months, and the eclipse effects could last for a year! As always, I accentuate the positive, make the technical stuff easy to understand, and entertain you with lots of graphics.

Here are highlights of the videos:

Summer Solstice Chart (about 9 minutes)

The Summer Solstice chart is multi-layered, with 7 aspect patterns! Key themes include family, home, security and emotions.

Thanks to a Grand Trine, heart-directed assertiveness is supported by an easy flow of good fortune and divine inspiration. T-squares put your important relationships under a magnifying glass, and energize themes of wounding and healing. A Thor’s Hammer can help you share your wisdom with the world, and two-planet conjunctions offer several additional opportunities!

3 Eclipses in July and August (about 17 minutes)

Three powerful eclipses happen this summer! The July 12 Solar Eclipse offers profound transformation, with Pluto making a super-tight opposition to the Sun and Moon.

The July 27 Total Lunar Eclipse is also a powerhouse, with the luminaries closely conjunct the lunar nodes and tightly squaring paradigm-shifting Uranus.

Finally, the August 11 Solar Eclipse places the Sun and Moon at the tip of a potent “Finger of God” aspect pattern — with the “gods of change” Neptune and Pluto on the back end.

All three of these eclipses can powerfully affect you for the next 6 to 12 months!

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