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Law Of One SmallerMost people haven’t heard of the Law of One. It was channeled about 35 years ago from a being called Ra, who is apparently several billion years ahead of humanity in evolution.

I can’t prove that the Law of One information is true. But in my 40+ years of metaphysical study, it’s the best explanation of “life, the universe and everything” I’ve found. (It’s all free online if you’d like to check it out.)

Harvest Time

According to this material, humanity is near the end of a 75,000-year cycle. It’s harvest time! Those who polarize adequately on one of two paths – service-to-other or service-to-self – will move to the next level.

Those who don’t polarize will repeat the grade. This could mean another 75,000 years at third density, the human level of consciousness. (There are seven densities in our universe, and we humans aren’t even halfway through the evolutionary cycle!)

If you’re on the path of service-to-other, like me and Maeikisala, the harvest requirements aren’t actually that stringent. You only have to be 51% service-to-other – a tiny bit more concerned about others than about yourself. That still leaves up to 49% of your time and energy for fulfilling your own needs and desires. This is more than enough, in my experience, to live an exuberantly joyful life. I was raised to “look out for number one,” but helping others is now my greatest joy.

The service-to-self path is another story. You have to be at least 95% self-centered, and must completely close down your heart chakra. It’s all about domination and control. You can’t care about anyone or anything except yourself.

4th Density

I love how Ra describes the “graduation ceremony” after you drop your physical body. In your light body, you walk up stairs made of light. With every step up, the divine light gets brighter and more intense. At some point, the light is so bright and intense that you literally cannot go even one step higher.

The level of consciousness you attain while you’re human determines how high up the staircase you can walk after death. If you get to a certain level, you graduate from being human. If not, you reincarnate and keep trying.

Fortunately, the game is rigged so that no one loses. Every soul eventually moves to the next level, and ultimately completes the entire evolutionary journey.

I’m excited to move on to fourth density. It will be much more peaceful than here, since each planetary population will be exclusively service-to-other or service-to-self. We’ll master unconditional love, and will even form a planetary consciousness that includes and transcends our separate selves. Sounds like a good time to me!


Again, I can’t prove any of this. But even if it’s all poppycock, it’s nice to have another reason to treat others well. Ra encourages us not to take any of this information as gospel, and to use our own discernment regarding what to believe.

These teachings aren’t for everyone. Ra’s idiosyncratic way of speaking can be hard to understand. It can take some effort to work your way through material that’s sometimes dense and awkwardly phrased. But I’ve found it to be immensely rewarding, and am grateful for the enhanced understanding of life purpose that the Law of One teachings have given me.

Happy polarizing. Maybe we’ll run into each other in fourth density next lifetime!


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    Many blessings to you! You bring so much wisdom and insight in your readings. You are right on and it’s truly so helpful.

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    thank you for your uplifting message!

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    Interesting last part, surely the population that’s only service to self can’t last more than a generation?

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