May 1-15 2015 Astrology Forecast: Interdependent Scorpio Full Moon

interdependenceThe theme of interdependence is highlighted by a Scorpio Full Moon. Also featured during the first half of May: a challenging Saturn-Uranus sesquiquadrate, hard Mars aspects to Saturn and Pluto, Law of Attraction opportunities with Mercury aspecting Saturn and Neptune, and more!

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5/1 (Fri)

You can bring increased power and positive transformation to your selfless service, as well as sacred sexuality, with Pluto sextile Vesta (15°29′ Capricorn-Pisces).

Fresh creativity and original thinking is inspired by a Mercury-Jupiter quintile (1°25′ Gemini-13°25′ Leo).

5/2 (Sat)

A Mercury-Chiron quintile (2°21′ Gemini-20°21′ Pisces) provides magical support for hands-on healing and sage advice.

5/3 (Sun)

Mental blocks and resistance to ideas can arise with Mercury opposing Saturn (3°3′ Gemini-Sagittarius). But this aspect can also support mental focus, discipline and productivity. Responsible perseverance can help convert Saturn from obstacle to ally!

5-3-15 full moonFull Moon

A Full Moon (13°22′ Scorpio) illuminates the sky at 11:42 PM US Eastern time. Scorpio Full Moons are ideal for adjustment or release in areas such as intimate relationships, occult practices and psychology. Additional themes include research, investigation, sacred sexuality and all types of transformational practices.


A very tight square from Jupiter strongly amplifies the power of this Full Moon, and also adds hope, joy and humor into the mix. A tight square from Juno expands the effects of this lunation to all committed partnerships.

A trine from Pluto to the Moon doubles down on all the effects described in the first paragraph of this interpretation, since Scorpio and Pluto carry the same archetypal meaning. And a loose sextile from Neptune adds a welcome measure of divine grace. This sextile also amplifies a constant flow of intuitive guidance to assist you in making the best of this New Moon’s energies.

Sabian Symbol

At first glance, this Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol – “Holly and mistletoe bring Christmas spirit to a home” — seems out of place in a May forecast. But a little Scorpionic detective work reveals its relevance.

As already noted, intimate relationships and committed partnership are significant themes in this lunation. This is also true for mistletoe, a parasitic plant that draws on the energy of its host tree for survival.

But mistletoe also gives back generously. According to Wikipedia, “Mistletoe was often considered a pest that kills trees and devalues natural habitats, but was recently recognized as an ecological keystone species, an organism that has a disproportionately pervasive influence over its community…areas with greater mistletoe densities support higher diversities of animals. Thus, rather than being a pest, mistletoe can have a positive effect on biodiversity, providing high quality food and habitat for a broad range of animals in forests and woodlands worldwide.”

The wide variety of holly species also give as good as they get. To quote Wikipedia again, “They are extremely important food for numerous species of birds, and also are eaten by other wild animals…During winter storms, birds often take refuge in hollies, which provide shelter, protection from predators (by the spiny leaves), and food.”

So this Sabian Symbol highlights a point that the natural world never forgets, but that we humans must be reminded of: we are interdependent with the world around us. To live in harmony with our planet (including our fellow humans), we must only take as much as we truly need, and give back generously to that which supports us. We must never forget that we humans are in committed partnership with planet Earth. Because of our inescapable interconnectedness, how we treat her is ultimately how we treat ourselves.

The true Christmas spirit is about peace on earth and generosity to our fellow beings. These are ideas that we would do well to live by every day of the year!

5/4 (Mon)

Saturn and Uranus are not natural bedfellows. Respectively, they represent conservatism and radicalism, tradition and rebellion, structure and chaos, playing by the rules and following your intuitive flashes.

As Saturn and Uranus connect with a sesquiquadrate, a 135° minor hard aspect (2°59′ Sagittarius-17°59′ Aries), observe how these contrasting impulses are arising within you. Can you harmonize them by letting your Uranian intuitive flashes set the agenda, then using Saturn’s love of structure to map out the implementation of your inspirations? Can you use Saturnian focus and discipline to structure a life that supports your optimal individuation, and your service to the collective with your special gifts?

You may feel larger than life with the Sun square Jupiter (13°35′ Taurus-Leo). With the Sun in Taurus, this dynamic aspect supports sensuality, “just being,” immersion in nature and an unhurried but unrelenting approach to accomplishment. Just be careful not to expand beyond your limits or bite off more than you can chew!

5/5 (Tue)

No major astrology events.

5/6 (Wed)

Sacred sexuality, personal transformation and immersion into the hidden mysteries of life can be enjoyed more easily – and with enhanced ease and relaxation – with the Sun trine Pluto (15°27′ Taurus-Capricorn).

5/7 (Thu)

Maternal love, material comforts and the nurturance of family relationships are supported as Venus transits Cancer today through 6/5.

Inspiration in your relationships, creativity and finances could flash in at any moment with Venus quintile Uranus (0°11′ Cancer-18°11′ Aries).

5/8 (Fri)

No major astrology events.

5/9 (Sat)

Some people experience mental confusion and fuzzy thinking with Mercury square Neptune (9°30′ Gemini-Pisces). But the more you’ve opened yourself to divine consciousness, the more this aspect brings the enhanced clarity of intuitive knowing.

5/10 (Sun)

It can be time for adjustments and reality checks in your relationships, creativity and finances with Venus quincunx Saturn (2°34′ Cancer-Sagittarius). Remember that anything worthwhile, including these important areas of life, requires ongoing attention and maintenance to thrive!

5/11 (Mon)

Mentoring and healing are harmoniously energized under a Sun-Chiron sextile (20°43′ Taurus-Pisces). With the Sun in Taurus, therapeutic massage and other forms of bodywork receive special support.

Learning, communication, playfulness and enjoying variety are supported by Mars’ transit of Gemini today through 6/24. Mars is the planet of action, so don’t just think about it – do it!

5/12 (Tue)

Enjoying the blissful “marriage of Heaven and Earth” — walking through daily life in a spiritually awakened state — is magically supported by the Taurean Sun quintile Neptune (21°33′ Taurus-9°33′ Pisces). Law of Attraction manifestation is also energized.

There’s no denying the volatility of a 135° sesquiquadrate between Mars and Pluto (0°23′ Gemini-15°23′ Capricorn). Mars-Pluto aspects have been linked to violence, impulsive behavior and out of control sexuality.

But when well-managed, these fiery planets can fuel powerful leadership, ecstatic sacred sexuality, striving for a worthy cause and enhanced athletic performance. With Mars in Gemini, you can learn more quickly and communicate with greater passion and persuasive power. This Mars-Pluto sesquiquadrate will want to express in your life somehow, so take it to the high side!

5/13 (Wed)

Focusing on mentoring and healing as part of your service to a higher cause is supported by a Chiron-Vesta conjunction (20°47′ Pisces).

5/14 (Thu)

No major astrology events.

5/15 (Fri)

Create a clear plan for what you want to accomplish, then start working your way through the steps. This will help transform a Mars-Saturn opposition (2°13′ Gemini-Sagittarius) from a frustrating roadblock to a brisk wind in your sails!

You can enjoy extra energy, inspiration and ingenuity under a Mars-Jupiter quintile (2°38′ Gemini-14°38′ Leo).

Void-of-Course Moons

It’s best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during void-of-course Moons. “Business as usual” is the optimal strategy. Void-of-course Moons occur when the Moon has made her last major Ptolemaic aspect, but has not yet moved into her next sign.

  • 5/2, 10:03:16 am – 9:47:07 pm (Scorpio)
  • 5/4, 9:49:17 pm – 5/5, 7:12:36 am (Sagittarius)
  • 5/7, 1:51:21 pm – 2:16:16 pm (Capricorn)
  • 5/9, 4:35:04 pm – 7:21:57 pm (Aquarius)
  • 5/11, 6:36:05 am – 10:53:13 pm (Pisces)
  • 5/13, 12:54:54 pm – 5/14, 1:13:24 am (Aries)
  • 5/15, 8:03:31 am – 5/16, 3:02:09 am (Taurus)

Whatever your Sun Sign, Benjamin’s forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies.

All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least several days before and after.

Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you will be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate sensitive points in your natal chart.

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