Inner Guidance Writing: Intuition At Your Fingertips!

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Girl journaling in field - Inner Guidance Writing You could call it “inner guidance writing.” Or perhaps you prefer a term like “divine transcription,” “higher self journaling,” or “morning pages plus.”*

This technique is similar in spirit to automatic writing, but no disincarnate entity is required. The idea is to channel the specific information you need from your Higher Self.

Preparing For Your Session

To do this, sit someplace where you won’t be disturbed. Get out your writing tools, whether that’s a pen and paper, computer, iPad, or whatever. If you prefer, you can dictate into a voice recorder for transcription later. Or you can use a speech-to-text program such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking (to which I have become happily addicted!). Do what works for you. I’ll just say “write” to describe whatever you’re doing.

You should also have a timer with an alarm. Fifteen minutes is good for starters. Choose shorter or longer times as you see fit.

Begin with a sincere prayer, asking Spirit to give you the information you most need right now. Then start writing!

No Stopping!

The idea is to write continuously until the alarm goes off. This means that there may be times when you’re writing “I don’t know what to write” over and over, but that’s fine. (If you find yourself repeatedly writing “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” you’ve probably seen The Shining too many times!) Continuous writing helps create a receptive flow. It invites Spirit to join you.

Keep It Confidential

I strongly suggest that you keep these writings completely private. If necessary, keep them under lock and key, or password-protect the computer file they’re in. This means that not even your partner or your best friend gets to read them.

Why? Because, if you have even the most microscopic worry about someone else’s opinion, you’ll start to censor yourself. Your internal editor might be so subtle that you don’t even notice. But it will be there nonetheless.

So keep your Inner Guidance Writing to yourself. This opens the door for you to write whatever comes out. Spirit may guide you to do some emotional purging. You may need to furiously scribble out some bottled-up anger.

Or you might receive a life-changing message from an angel. You wouldn’t want it ridiculed by someone who isn’t conscious enough to understand it.

Bottom line, it’s better to keep your Inner Guidance Writings to yourself. The only exception would be if Spirit specifically instructs you to share a certain passage with someone.

Stupid First, Brilliant Second

There’s another reason to keep it private. You must feel free to write down really stupid things. This process works best when absolutely anything that comes into your head goes down on the page.

It’s amazing how often that idiotic thing you cringed while writing is immediately followed by a stunningly brilliant insight. Had you not written the stupid thought down, the brilliant one might never have come through. Censor nothing!

Inner Guidance Writing on a Specific Topic

This anything-goes, stream-of-consciousness approach is a wonderful foundation technique. But you can also experiment beyond it. Is there a particular life issue you’d like clarity on? Then begin your writing with an open-ended topic sentence. An example: “What I need to do about my relationship right now is….” Or, “The type of spiritual path I should be following now is….”

Practice Makes the Master

As Don Miguel Ruiz says in The Four Agreements, practice makes the master. The longer and more consistently you do Inner Guidance Writing, the more easily you’ll be able to receive “inside information.” So make it easy to be consistent. Keep your sessions short enough that you can routinely make time for them.

I hope that you find Inner Guidance Writing helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them below, or contact me.

*I can’t claim Inner Guidance Writing as a completely original idea. My thinking was inspired by several sources. These include Julia Cameron’s “morning pages” (see The Artist’s Way), Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations With God series, and Stephen King’s excellent book On Writing.

Revised 3/18/13. Originally published in the March 2007 newsletter. Photo Credit: JohnONolan via Compfight cc

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