Divine Saturation Snap Meditation

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AuraWhat if there was a way that you could:

  • Live your life in a state of everyday bliss and equanimity,
  • Automatically channel energy to others for their highest good, and
  • Receive powerful protection from any negative energies you encounter?

This may sound too good to be true. But I know people who do this every day. They do it with an extremely simple, virtually effortless meditation technique. And it’s free!

This article will give you all the information you need to achieve these benefits for yourself!

Ideal For Sensitive Souls

This technique is called the Divine Saturation Snap Meditation. It’s especially helpful if you’re sensitive to the subtle energies around you. It can also help you quickly charge yourself up with divine light. (It’s a “snap meditation” because it works fast!)

I’ve given this technique to hundreds of my astrology clients. Many of them have given me glowing reports of its effectiveness.

The Divine Saturation Snap Meditation is great for people who tend to easily absorb the energies in their environment. (This is often due to their charts showing sensitive points in Pisces, strong aspects from Neptune, or a loaded 12th House.) Energetically speaking, they’re like sponges. If dry, they tend to soak up any energy in their vicinity, positive or negative. But if they’re already saturated, it’s a different story!

I recommend doing the Divine Saturation Snap Meditation as soon as possible after you wake up. This way, you can begin enjoying its benefits right away each day. It’s also great right before you go to sleep. Once you get the hang of it, you can do it whenever you wish. Any time is a good time for an Instant Divine Light Recharge!

Not To Worry

Before I give you the specific steps, it’s important for you to know which things you don’t have to worry about:

  • Mental chatter. Not a problem, as long as you can still carry out the Divine Saturation Snap Meditation’s simple visualization. If you get distracted, just continue once you catch yourself.
  • Turbulent emotions. This technique is effective no matter how agitated you feel.
  • Restless body. Fidget all you like. You can visualize while you squirm!
  • External distractions. It doesn’t matter how much chaos is going on around you, as long as you can visualize. Bring on the sirens, ring tones and jackhammers!
  • Anything else. Conjure up anything else you think might be a problem. It isn’t going to interfere with your ability to do the Divine Saturation Snap Meditation, as long as you can hold a mental image in the midst of it.

Finally, keep in mind that all you have to do is visualize. Your Higher Self takes care of everything else. You don’t have to worry about the color of the light flowing in. Don’t concern yourself with what level or dimension the light comes from, or its vibrational frequency. (These things may be constantly changing anyway.) There is literally no way you can screw this up. It’s being done for you, so just visualize and enjoy!

How To Do the Divine Saturation Snap Meditation

Okay, enough preamble. Let’s cover the Divine Saturation Snap Meditation step by step:

  1. Sit or stand comfortably, at least at first. But you’ll soon discover that your body posture doesn’t matter.
  2. Sincerely pray to (or invoke) Spirit, or whatever name you use for the divine. Pray, “I now ask that, with each inhalation, I be saturated with the energy that serves the highest good.” Or invoke, “With each breath, I am now saturated with the energy that serves the highest good.” (Or words to that effect.)
  3. As you inhale, imagine a stream of light flowing in the top of your head and into your heart chakra. (Your heart chakra is in the middle of your chest, where you feel emotions.)
  4. Hold your breath for just a moment and imagine the divine energy saturating your heart. If you like, you can imagine Dow Scrubbing Bubbles scouring out all the icky stuff in there.
  5. As you exhale, visualize this divine energy flowing out into every cell of your body. It will automatically fine-tune its vibration on the fly so that each cell gets exactly what it needs.
  6. Repeat Steps 3 thru 5 until saturated!

Saturate That Aura!

Once your physical body is saturated, you’ll be feeling wonderful. You might even be experiencing bliss, ecstasy or rapture. You may just want to lay down and bliss out. (Eventually, you’ll get used to doing your daily activities in this delightful state of consciousness.)

But don’t stop! Keep breathing and visualizing until you feel that your aura has also been saturated. (The aura is the cocoon of subtle energy surrounding your physical body.) Many negative energies that have attached to you will be cleared out by the light you’re bringing in.

A Walking Blessing (and Protected Too!)

Do you call it good once your aura is fully saturated? Not a chance, my euphoric friend! If you continue breathing and visualizing, something extraordinary happens. You become a walking blessing! This wonderful energy radiates from you as if you’re a brightly shining sun. This energy automatically flows to every being you encounter, human or non-human, giving it exactly the energy that serves its highest good.

At this point, you have also achieved a wonderful side effect: divine protection. Your light-saturated aura now acts as a potent natural filter. It neutralizes any unpleasant energies in your environment, or reduces their impact. This is a beautiful example of cause and effect. By radiating high-vibration energy into the world, you receive more uplifting energy back from it!

No Shielding Needed

Many sensitive people use psychic shields, armoring or mirrors to protect themselves from astral “ooga-boogas.” And such techniques can be effective. But they can also have an unfortunate side effect. They can block good energy from coming in. They can also stop your divine energy from flowing out to help others.

These fear-based techniques can have an isolating effect. However, we now are in a time of coming together. The Divine Saturation Snap Meditation provides abundant protection as you radiate light to other beings.

In Conclusion

Remember that if you feel your divine light dimming, the Divine Saturation Snap Meditation makes it quick and easy to recharge it. You’re breathing anyway, right? Just start doing this visualization wherever you are.

Please feel free to create variations on the Divine Saturation Snap Meditation. The best technique is the one that works best for you. If you ever find a technique that works better, do that one instead. We’re all evolving beings, and need different techniques at different times.

I would love to hear from you with any feedback or suggestions. I hope that you find the Divine Saturation Snap Meditation to be helpful!

Here are four variations on this technique!

Revised 3/6/13. Originally published in the August 2007 newsletter.

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