June 1-15 2018 Astrology Forecast: Relationships, Relationships, Relationships

Couple At Sunset

Relationships are a major theme in the first half of June as Venus aspects five slower planets and Pluto squares Juno. We also have a New Moon in Gemini, four new aspect patterns, and much more!

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6/1 (Fri)

2018 06 16 Gt Pa Ju NeGrand Trine Begins: Pallas-Jupiter-Neptune

Heart-directed assertiveness is supported by an easy flow of good fortune and divine inspiration … thanks to a Pallas-Jupiter-Neptune Grand Trine. This harmonious aspect pattern begins today (6/1), peaks on 6/16 and ends on 6/30.

This aspect pattern gives a specific focus to the year-long Jupiter-Neptune trine that was exact on 5/25. You can also can use this Grand Trine to:

  • Implement a compassionate strategy to transform your spirituality or inspired creativity, or
  • Use the divine flow to bring healing to your family wounds with a specific healing strategy.

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2018 06 01 Gt Ve Ju Ne 2018 06 01 Kite Ve Ju Ne Pl2018 06 01 T Sq Pa Sa ChThree Aspect Patterns Peak

Jupiter and Neptune are also involved in two important aspect patterns peaking today: a Venus-Jupiter-Neptune Grand Trine  and a Venus-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto Kite. Both end on 6/9. Click the links for detailed interpretations of these flowing configurations.

The final aspect pattern peaking today is a T-square featuring Cancerian Pallas, Saturn and Chiron. This supports a strategic, disciplined approach to healing old emotional wounds. It started on 5/18, peaks today on 6/1 and ends on 6/11. You may find my simple, free Healing Invocation helpful in doing your shadow work.

Thinking and speaking are smoothly energized by a Mercury-Mars trine (5°31′ Gemini-Aquarius).

Astrology’s two ancient benefics create a harmonious blend as Venus trines Jupiter (15°31′ Cancer-Scorpio). This provides smooth support for relationships, creativity and finances. Family relationships receive special support.

This trine is part of the Grand Trine and Kite that peak today.

6/2 (Sat)

Creative inspiration and easy connection with your higher self are smoothly supported by a Venus-Neptune trine (16°25′ Cancer-Pisces). This aspect is also part of the Grand Trine and Kite that peaked yesterday.

6/3 (Sun)

Abundance and shadow work may seem like an odd combination. But astrology actually has two planets that embody both meanings, and they form an aspect today: a Pluto-Ceres quincunx (20°52′ Capricorn-Leo).

Whether you want to accumulate more wealth or process challenging emotions, this aspect invites you to make the appropriate adjustments. For wealth accumulation, see my Law of Attraction post. For shadow work, check out my Healing Invocation.

6/4 (Mon)

2018 06 04 T Sq Ve Jun PlT-square Peaks: Venus-Juno-Pluto

The primary meaning of this Venus-Juno-Pluto T-square is clear: transformation in your relationships, especially committed partnerships. Cancerian Venus represents heartfelt connections. Juno stands for committed partnerships. Pluto empowers that which serves your highest good, and invites you to release or transform anything that doesn’t.

This challenging aspect pattern started on 5/29, peaks today on 6/4 and ends on 6/14. While it’s in effect, pay attention to your important relationships. Which ones are wonderful, and ready for deeper honesty, authenticity and connection? Conversely, are there any that are hopelessly toxic or negative, where you’d be wise to minimize contact or bow out?

This T-square also offers you the opportunity to transform your artistic expression through intensive collaboration. Imagine your joy as the unique synergy between you and your co-creator gives birth to new creations … which neither of you could have manifested on your own!

6/5 (Tue)

Learning and communication are powerfully amplified by a Sun-Mercury conjunction in Gemini (15°20′ Gemini).

Today’s Venus-Pluto opposition (20°50′ Cancer-Capricorn) is part of the Venus-Juno-Pluto T-square that peaked yesterday and continues through 6/14. To understand this aspect in its larger context, please see that interpretation.

6/6 (Wed) & 6/7 (Thu)

Neptune receives back-to-back squares from personal planets on consecutive days: a Mercury-Neptune square on 6/6, and a Sun-Neptune square on 6/7. The coordinates for both aspects are 16°27′ Gemini-Pisces.

For some, these aspects could generate mental confusion. They could also create a “rose-colored glasses” effect where someone only sees what they want to see.

But these aspects can also manifest in more life-affirming ways. They can help you receive more divine inspiration, which you can experience as a waterfall of energy and information flowing down to support you. You can also enjoy extra juju for spiritual awakening. Finally, you can consciously harness Neptune to visualize what you desire.

6/8 (Fri)

2018 06 16 Kite Pa Ju Ne PlKite Begins: Pallas-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto

Everything represented by Pallas Athena – feminine assertiveness, strategy, and practical creativity – is powerfully and harmoniously amplified by a Pallas-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto Kite. It begins today (6/8), peaks on 6/16 and ends on 6/30.

Pallas, the focal point of this flowing aspect pattern, also uplevels the energy of the Venus-Jupiter-Neptune Grand Trine  that underpins this Kite.

Intuitive flashes on how to best serve a higher cause can come easily as Uranus trines Vesta (1°9′ Taurus-Capricorn). This aspect can also create harmonious support for sex magic: using sexual energy to empower any kind of Law of Attraction manifestation. This aspect remains in orb through 7/23.

6/10 (Sun)

Expect a status check on your committed partnerships as Pluto squares Juno (20°44′ Capricorn-Aries). You can enjoy an even deeper level of soul connection in relationships where harmony already prevails. In sexually intimate committed partnerships, you can begin practicing soul-blended sacred sex, or take your tantric ecstasy to the next level.

The square will catalyze challenge in many committed partnerships. This is a wonderful healing opportunity, and if skillfully managed can permanently peel a layer of heavy energy from the relationship. If things get intense, a communication facilitation process such as Nonviolent Communication, and my Healing Invocation for self-directed healing work, may prove helpful.

This Pluto-Juno square is in orb through 7/1.

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6/12 (Tue)

2018 06 17 T Sq Ve Ma UrT-square begins: Venus-Mars-Uranus

The stage is set for breakthroughs in your creativity and relationships, thanks to a Venus-Mars-Uranus T-square. This aspect pattern begins today (6/12), peaks on 6/17 and ends on 6/23.

These quantum leaps may begin as challenges to the existing order … which, handled with good mindfulness and strategy, can help you take things to the next level. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the potential breakthrough!

6/13 (Wed)

2018 06 13 New MoonGemini New Moon

A New Moon lines up at 3:43 PM EDT (22°44′ Gemini). Any Gemini New Moon is great for new beginnings in learning, communication, and playfulness. It also supports variety and playing the trickster!


A potential challenge of Gemini is that it can be scattered and lack a specific focus. This pretty well sums up the seven planets aspecting this New Moon. There’s a lot of variety, but no central theme.

Two personal planets aspect this New Moon. Cancerian Mercury makes a loose conjunction to the luminaries, adding some heart-centered energy to Gemini’s intellectual prowess. The most exact aspect is a tight sesquare from Aquarian Mars. This energizes boldness and innovation in your new initiatives.

Two outer planets are in the mix as well. A Pluto quincunx offers wealth and power when you adjust or release whatever’s out of alignment. A Neptune square could bring confusion, but can also support inspired creativity, creative visualization and spiritual awakening.

Finally, three asteroid goddesses are in the mix. A tight sextile from Juno can harmoniously energize committed partnerships. A Ceres sextile can energize abundance and ease shadow work. And a loose Vesta opposition can energize service to a higher cause.

Sabian Symbol

This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is, “Three fledglings in a nest high up in a tree.” A fledgling is a young bird that has just grown the feathers it needs to fly.

The fledglings in this image are still in the nest, but not for long. Fledglings are more often found outside the nest on the ground. Under the watchful eye of a parent, they’ll be flitting and fluttering about as they learn to fly.

In what area of life are you a “fledgling”? Is there something it’s now time for you to do … but you’re resisting it because your initial efforts might be clumsy or awkward?

For me, this image has special resonance. I twice started writing novels, but abandoned both of them as unfinished manuscripts. I’m now early in the first draft of a third book, and am determined that this one will be published.

For me, the three fledglings represent the first two failed attempts, along with this third chance to succeed. Do you also have some goal you’ve fallen short of in the past, but which you now might be able to achieve? If so, is now the time to test your wings?

Gave me direction and renewed energy

Benjamin picked up on what was going on in my life. The focus of the session was insightful and gave me direction and renewed energy.

Benjamin is intuitive and energetic and hit all the points where I was looking for answers. His knowledge is expressed with ease and humor and I found myself wishing there was more time. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for answers to best project yourself thru the coming year!

— Teresa M, April 29, 2018 (5-star review)

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— Ariel Derrick., April 30, 2018 (5-star review)

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It’s easier for you to receive brilliant ideas and intuitive flashes with Mercury (human mind) sextile Uranus (divine mind) (1°22′ Cancer-Taurus).

6/14 (Thu)

Today’s Venus-Uranus square (1°26′ Leo-Taurus) is part of the Venus-Mars-Uranus T-square that started on 6/12. Please see that interpretation to understand this square in its larger context.

6/15 (Fri)

2018 06 18 Th Su Ju ChThor’s Hammer Begins: Sun-Jupiter-Chiron

Are you ready to share your wisdom with the world? This Sun-Jupiter-Chiron Thor’s Hammer can help you.

The Sun is in Gemini, the sign of the teacher. Chiron is the mentor, energized in fiery Aries. These two back-end planets energize Scorpionic Jupiter … the guru, professor or philosopher in the sign of transformation!

This Sun-Chiron-Jupiter Thor’s Hammer begins today (6/15), peaks on 6/19 and ends on 6/25.

Relationship healing and creative mentoring are smoothly supported by a Venus-Chiron trine (2° 15′ Leo-Aries).

Others may try to control or influence your thoughts and self-expression as Mercury opposes Saturn (6°41′ Cancer-Capricorn). With Mercury in Cancer, family members may be involved.

Are you going to let others tell you what you can think and say? Or is it time to stand as your own authority and speak from your heart?

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