Meet My Twin Flame!

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Benjamin Maekisala Parkway2The whole “twin flame” thing wasn’t on my radar … until I unexpectedly met mine! She and I have been living together here in Asheville for about two and half months. I introduced her in my October 1 newsletter as Melissa, but she now goes by her spiritual name, Maeikisala.

Some twin flame relationships can be challenging. But Maeikisala (pronounced muh-KEE-suh-luh) and I have been enjoying a smooth flow so far. We’ve both experienced some strong emotional triggers, but then again we’ve been asking for it! This is because we’re doing lots of intense ceremonial work together, and emotional clearing comes with the territory.

However, we each recognize that the other is catalyst, not cause. When one of us is clearing an old wound, the other steps in to hold space … or to facilitate a healing process when appropriate.

How Do I Love Thee…

There’s so much I appreciate about my beloved. We both have strong libidos, and enjoy plenty of ecstatic sacred sex. We enjoy a profound heart connection that seems to get deeper by the day. Our communication is excellent, and our house frequently rings with laughter.

Bb Mb Ceremony Pic

In sacred ceremony, photographed by the light of a single candle

Spirituality is central to our connection. As lightworkers, we see ever-deepening spiritual awakening and intuitively guided service to the blossoming Golden Age as our central life purpose. We blend easily as a single spiritual consciousness, which transcends and includes our individual egos. And we love sitting at our altar to see what magical experiences Spirit will spontaneously unveil for us that day!

Maeikisala feels called to support me however she can. I’m tremendously grateful that she chooses to take care of household chores such as cooking, cleaning and laundry … and that it gives her genuine joy to do them. I give back in part by acting as her shamanic mentor, helping her develop greater expertise in working with subtle energies.

Maeikisala was already a skilled lightworker when I met her, and she’s a very quick study! Some of her abilities transcend mine, such as her ultra-detailed inner sight, and I’m more than happy to put on my student hat when she has something to teach me. She regularly co-facilitates my EASE events and Shamanic Awakening Ceremonies, and partners with me in my private Shamanic Healing client work.

From Polyamory to Monogamy

Our relationship began in a polyamorous container. Maeikisala gave her blessing for me to continue connecting sexually with the lover I’d been seeing for about a year. But things changed once I realized that Maeikisala and I were twin flames, and would be doing shamanic facilitation together.

This facilitation requires a very delicate and finely tuned energetic container, which would be disrupted by sexual connection with any third person. I surprised Maeikisala when, on my own initiative, I chose to be monogamous with her. My previous lover and I were able to harmoniously transform our sexual relationship to a platonic friendship.

Maeikisala, our three cats and I have created a very happy household. I feel extraordinarily blessed to have partnered with my twin flame, and am excited to share my joy with you. If it serves highest good, I wish a relationship for you even more wonderful than ours!

P.S. You can learn more about Maeikisala and me on my Nov. 1, 2017 “This Week in Astrology” podcast. We discuss our relationship in a special segment, and also dive into the synastry (relationship astrology) of our relationship.

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  1. janis says:

    Thank you for sharing your joy. Blessings in the days ahead to you both!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Congratulations on your Joyful and soul evolving union!


  3. Spiritsong says:

    My love for you both is so deep and my heart dances with joy at this blessed Union! One of the greatest gifts to me is the blessing of Maiekisala as a soul sister! May your Light grow ever more radiant together… may your love together bring healing to all who are graced by the gifts that you share with the world!

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